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Broomball in Darwin

Get away from the winter chills and join us in Darwin for some broomball in the top end.

We are still looking for those interested to join those who have booked and paid for their trip and make the weekend one where we have a lot of fun and play tourist all at the same time.

We shall play a modified game similar to the fast 4 we have run at Thebarton in the past so long runs up and down the ice is unknown.

Interested or know those who may be - let me know ASAP.



The season continues

The season is again in full swing post Nationals. There are a few events coming up that all should consider. The first is the Darwin Cup to be held the weekend of July 19th - 21st. To those giving thought to attending I do need confirmation so costings can be assessed. Each team will get a visit from me tonight seeking those going.


The second is the Mixed nationals later in the year -17th - 21st October in Canberra. BASA will need as many as possible to attend so we can have 2 teams vie for the title of best in the country. More details will be forthcoming very soon but do not be shy and speak up so we know you will be part of the team..


This current season will climax with the finals series soon and the program of games will be posted very soon here on the web site so return regularly to get the latest news...



Nationals Training wk 4 (16/4)

Broomball Nationals training tomorrow night will be a similar structure to the last week.
7:30pm-8:15pm Men have the whole ice to do as they please (drills/game plays/scratchie)
8:00pm-8:15pm Women's Whiteboard Session (please be ready to go as we will be going straight on the ice after)
8:15pm -8:40pm(ish) the Women will take one end of the ice for drills etc and the men can take the other half of the ice, I suggest maybe practice 1 on 1s with Steve in goals.
8:40pm-9:00pm the Women finish with a scratchie against what ever guys are happy to stick around for a last little run. We'll try fit in 2x10min halves for the girls.
As usual if you can bring a red, light and dark jersey, cyas there!

More News below

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All those playing Nationals need to attend, all other members are encouraged and welcomed to attend so we have another team to play against.
7.00pm Women's whiteboard training
7.30 - 9.00 pm Ice time (including some scratch matches)

Please bring red, white and blue (non-nationals players) jerseys.


There is NO Broomball Tuesday 12/3 due to rink maintenance. Round 1 will continue on Tuesday 19/3.


The 2019 Summer Broomball season is set to kick off from 7:15pm next Tuesday 22nd January.  The schedule is now available on the website - please check your teams game & duty times.

Remember the BASA no pay - no play policy is being enforced this season - make sure you have registered to your team via the members portal AND paid all your outstanding fees or made arrangements with the treasurer.

There are again 7 teams entered so there will be 3 games per week and teams will have byes.

The season is two rotations, with a large break between rotations to allow for some rink upgrades that are scheduled to occur and Men's/Women's Competition + Training in the lead up to the 2019 Australian Championships. Details to follow.

Remember to sign up to the BASA Sharks team online if you would like to go to Nationals this year. You will need your BASA login for this. More info on the event can be found here

Good luck to all teams and players this season!

See you on the ice!


It's that time of the season again - Finals Time!

Mixed Finals

The Camels are again this season's Mixed A Grade Minor Premiers, having not lost a game all season. Who will Stop the Camels? The B grade minor premiers are the Foreign Invaders. Well done to both teams! Can they carry this form into the Finals? We will begin to find out next Tuesday (4th Dec) from 7:15pm as the Mixed competition finals series kicks off from 7:15pm @ the IceArenA! Check the schedule to see what time you play!

Some notes for the finals series:

  • Alan Jabs will ref all games in the first round along side a ref supplied by the listed duty team.
  • Scorebox duties is as per the duty team - please ensure you provide people from your team to fill these duties or contact the RIC if there are any issues.
  • Games are 20 min halves with one minute at half time. Each team gets one time out available. (one minute from the time you call it).
  • A draw at full time sees 3 plus a goalie for five mins sudden death.
  • If still a draw then a shoot out consisting of three persons.
  • If still a draw the shoot out continues through the team roster.
  • 'Highest finishing team in the minor rounds' gets to choose if they shoot first or second and if they want to start with a male or female first. Players alternate gender based on that decision. (both teams follow the decision)
  • ** If a game is finished before the allotted time (doesn't take the full hour allotted) then after discussion with both captains to ensure all team members are present we may commence the next game early, so have you players ready to go before the posted time. (if we are running late then please complete a basic warm up off ice so we can get started and not run too late - a short on ice warm up will still be allowed, but be ready to go) 

Good luck to all Mixed teams competing in the finals! Commiserations to the Wolverines, who unfortunately miss out this season and get that big 'ol spoon thingo to stir the pot with and mix up a winning formula for next season!

Men's Contact Grand Final

The Men's contact Grand Final was fiercely contested on Tuesday night, with "Those Guys" facing off against "The Foreign Legion".  Those guys gained an early ascendancy and controlled much of the game, but due to the solid defence of the Foreign Legion, were unable to find the back of the net with the game seemingly destined for overtime.  That was until a piercing shot from Mark Crowther broke down the defences in the second half.  Late in the second period, the Foreign Legion managed to score a great goal from a breakaway through Kyle Matthews, levelling it up.  Those guys pounded the opposition defence as the Foreign Legion suffered a late penalty, but were unable to take advantage of it as the final hooter sounded.  This put the game into a four on four overtime period, with the Foreign Legion down to three due to the penalty.  The three Legionaries defended gallantly until an unfortunate mix up between the goal keeper and defence of the Foreign Legion saw Brad Mackintosh swoop in and steal the decider from under the goal keepers nose.  A disappointing end to what what a thrilling battle of the top two Men's sides. One can't but feel it is a little unfair for a team that couldn't be bothered to pick a team name to take out the crown, but their on ice performances throughout the season silenced these notions making them deserved winners.  

A great effort by all three teams this season and hopefully all involved enjoyed the experience and skills gained through this format and will be keen for another Men's Contact competition in the near future.

Women's Competition

The Women's competition has been completed for this season, with only two teams there is no need for a Grand Final to decide the winner.  The Champions this season are the Snow Maidens - Well done to the Maidens! Also well done to all the Beavers who battled hard against them all season. We hope all involved enjoyed the competition and gained valuable experience that can be taken into next year's National Championships where we are hoping to have multiple Women's teams.  We are also hopeful that you will be keen for another Women's competition in the future as we want to grow this area of our sport and encourage more female participation.

Good luck to all in the Mixed Finals!


After a couple of weeks break for the World Championships, the regular season resumes tonight from 7:15pm.


A Round Robin competition is being organised for the Worlds break (23rd Oct - 6th Nov).  More details will follow soon.


The 2017/18 Summer season Grand Finals were held last week to decide the A and B grade champions.  The final results were:

A Grade: Camels 4 def Beers 3
Bob Mac (Best on Ice): Jack McKay (Beers)

B Grade: Hammer 3 def Assassins 1

Congratulations to the Camels for taking out the A grade premiership again! Also congratulations to the Hammer for winning the B grade premiership.

Team registration is now open for the Winter 2018 season - Team managers, please register ASAP.

With the 2018 National Championships fast approaching, members are reminded that we are holding training in the lead up to the event in June.  All are welcome to attend and those that are going to nationals should be attending.  Please bring a light and dark jersey (sharks jersey if you have one).  The training schedule is as follows:

  • Tuesday 22nd 7.30-9.30pm
  • Sunday 27th 4.00-6.00pm
  • Tuesday 29th 7.30-9.30pm
  • Sunday 3rd 5.00-6.30pm

If you want to go to nationals and haven't signed up for the Sharks squad via the web yet, please do so ASAP - see the BASA members section.  Teams will be selected shortly so make your self known by registering.


A reminder that nationals training is on tonight 22/5 7:30 - 9:30 @ the IceArenA. All are welcome! Those going to Nationals need to attend. Cost is $5 which is excellent value!


Hi BASA Members, a reminder that the 2017/2018 summer season presentation night and AGM is to be held next Friday 11th May at the Ramsgate Hotel, Henley Beach from 6:30pm.

The AGM notice and nomination form can be found here. Nominations must be received by the 5:00pm on the 10th May.


We are finally at the end of the minor rounds for the Summer season!

Congratulations to the Camels who are once again the A grade minor premiers! Congratulations also to The Hammer, who are the B grade minor premiers.

Thanks for your patience with all the ice rink maintenance that has happened and interrupted our season. As a result the next 3 weeks will consist of the final series and then straight into Nationals training.

The Finals format will be the same as last season with the Top 4 teams in A-Grade and Bottom 4 into B-grade.  The first round of finals is as follows:

B grade:

  • 7th v 8th (B grade Elimination Final)
  • 5th v 6th (B grade Qualifying Final - winner goes straight to the B grade grand final)

A grade:

  • 1st v 2nd (A grade Qualifying Final - winner goes straight to the A grade grand final)
  • 3rd v 4th (A grade Elimination Final)

Overtime will consist of one 5 minute period, golden goal with 4 players per side (including goal tender). You must maintain the gender requirements during this period. 

If it is still tied at the end of the 5 minute period we move to a shootout. Shootouts will be 3 people from each team alternating genders. Then if it is still tied you continue shooting from the remainder of your roster continuing the alternating genders until a result is obtained.

The schedule is now available on the website. Good luck to all teams in the finals!


Hi Broomballers,

The 2018 Australian National Broomball Championships are fast approaching (6-10 June).  Those wishing to compete at this year's nationals are required to submit an SA Sharks Nomination form. Please complete this asap so that teams can be finalised. BASA encorages all members to consider going to nationals.  It is a great way to improve your skill and gain experience competing at a higher level.  You also get to meet other like-minded broomballers and represent your state at a national tournament!

The SA Sharks nomination form can be found via the BASA members area here or from the 2018 nationals information page in the Sharks area (requires login).  Please note that an upfront $60 registration fee is required to be paid on sign up.

Further information about nationals can be found on the nationals information page and the host ACTBA's website and event facebook page.


We've had confirmation that the ice repairs are complete and the rink is ready to go. Games will resume this Tuesday, 27th March with Round 17.

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Adelaide League
Adelaide League - Summer 2019
Schedule Round 14, 18-Jun-19
Mixed A
Foreign Invaders
© The Hammer
® The Hammer
Mixed A
The Hammer
© Wolverines
® Wolverines
Mixed A
© Beers
vLegion of Broom
® Beers
Mixed A
Arctic Assassins
Adelaide League
Results Round 13 11-Jun-19
Game 1:
Mixed A
The Hammer 1 Foreign Invaders 0
Game 2:
Mixed A
Camels 3 Wolverines 1
Game 3:
Mixed A
Arctic Assassins 0 Beers 2
Game 4:
Mixed A
Legion of Broom 0 Bye 0
Mixed Division Minor Round Standings
Round 13 - 11-Jun-19
W L D + - P +/-
Camels 10 1 0 36 11 20 25 76.60
Legion of Broom 6 1 4 29 8 16 21 78.38
The Hammer 4 3 4 31 23 12 8 57.41
Arctic Assassins 4 6 2 17 27 10 -10 38.64
Wolverines 3 6 2 17 36 8 -19 32.08
Beers 1 6 4 12 24 6 -12 33.33
Foreign Invaders 1 6 4 2 15 6 -13 11.76
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