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No Sunday Broomball This Week

Please note that there will be no Broomball for the next two Sundays (18/9 & 25/9) as the ice is booked out. Sunday Broomball will recommence on the 2nd October.


New Sunday Broomball Competition

Since the closure of the Noarlunga ice rink the Noarlunga players have been looking to establish a Sunday afternoon Broomball session at the Ice Arena at Thebarton. If you haven't played at Noarlunga before, essentially it is a mixed non-contact competition, the teams are made up on the night (dependant on numbers), the games are self-refereed and the format is very similar to the fast four competition which we all enjoyed playing earlier in the year while the large ice was being repaired.

BASA have now successfully secured a 4:15pm -6:15pm time slot on Sunday afternoons and are happy to announce that the Broomball Sunday sessions will be kicking off this Sunday 21st August.

It is a great format of the game for new players to try the sport for the first time, to spend more time on the ice and improve their skills in a fast moving game. For the more experienced players it’s a great opportunity to practice and hone the skills, especially in the lead up to events like the National and World Championships. If you liked the fast four competition you will love this! Once we know that this will be supported by all members we will formalise a structured competition, after Worlds.

Cost is likely to be $10 - $15 depending on numbers.

We'll look at any specific rule requirements and restrictions over the coming weeks for playability and safety and review along the journey as necessary.

BASA encourages all to attend this Sunday @ 4:15pm @ the IceArena.


Return to Main Ice: Winter Season Begins!

The 2016 Winter Mixed Broomball season begins this Tuesday night, 10th May at 7:15pm. As we have 7 teams again, the first bye goes to The Hammer. With the start of the new season, we see a return to the newly upgraded main ice sheet. We also welcome a new look team, the Wolverines, to the competition.

Please check the schedule to see what time your team plays and if you have any ref/scorebox duties.

Team captains, please ensure all your players have registered to your team before their first game.

Good luck to all Broomballers for the new season!

See you on the ice!

More News below

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Winter 2016 Season Registration Open - Please Register Teams ASAP

Registrations for the 2016 Winter Mixed Broomball competition are now open. BASA would appreciate if team registrations could please be completed by Friday 6th May so we can get the schedule out for the start date on Tuesday 10th May. We apologise for the short time frame.

This season we have a much improved online registration & members portal system. Team captains can register a team in the new season by logging into the Members Section (also see link above) (sign up if you have't already). A link is provided for existing team captains to register an existing team to a season. New teams (A new team is a team with a different name) can be created by following the create new team link. Follow the prompts to complete the short registration process.

Registrations will be considered and approved by the competition coordinator and committee. And you will receive a confirmation email once approved.

We will be accepting 7 team registrations for this season, so there will be byes.

Once your team is registered and approved, team members can register to the team in the new season by following the player registration link in the members section. Player registrations will need to be approved by Team Captains. All players (including captains) must complete this player registration before their first game of the season.

Please contact the BASA webmaster/committee if you have any issues with the registration system and we will address them asap. BASA asks for your patience and understanding as we bring this new system online. Once fully operational, it will vastly improve the operation of our Broomball league.

Thanks, BASA Committee


Womens and Mens Matches on Small Ice This Week

The large ice will not be ready tonight so we will remain on the small ice this week.

The format for Tonight is as follows:

  • 8.15pm – Women's match
  • 8.45pm – Men's Match
  • 9.15pm – Women's Match
  • 9.45pm – Men's Match

Kate and Christine have the Women's teams sorted and they will organise this.

As far as the Men's go we will organise teams on the night so please bring out a assortment of playing tops.

To avoid any confusion we will run with the same FastFour playing rules as the previous small ice games for both Men's and Women's. We need some volunteers to ref and time keep.


2016 Broomball Nationals Update

The 2016 Broomball Nationals have been moved and rescheduled due to the unfortunate situation at the Adelaide ice rink. The following is the official announcement from Broomball Australia.

To all,

We have today announced that the 2016 Broomball Australia Nationals will be held at the Erina rink, Central Coast, NSW over the June Long Weekend. (Jun 10 - 13).

Knowing that the time is short I urge all to contact their respective local committees immediately if you are planning to attend so teams can be organised and you can fix travel and accommodation.

It has been unfortunate that we were not able to hold the event in Adelaide this year but as we are all well aware with no ice we have no broomball.

Over the last few weeks Saxon, Bryce and myself have been looking at alternate dates and locations and to Saxon and Bryce I offer my thanks for the huge efforts in getting this up and running. Now we need everyone to support this as if it was in Adelaide so it can be the success it deserves to be.

I know we shall get your support and I look forward to seeing all of you in Gosford over the June long weekend.

As I do not have everybody's email address please feel free to forward this on to those I have missed as well as posting on Facebook and website accounts to get the message out there to all...

Kind regards,

Alan Jabs
Broomball Australia

Please spread the word and contact a committee member if you are interested in attending Nationals.


BASA Fast4 Competition Begins!

The new Fast4 competition starts tomorrow night from 8:15pm on the small ice at the IceArena. Please check the schedule to see what time you play.

Modified rules have been developed and distributed to all team captains. They are also are available here. Please remember to play within the spirit of the rules and this new format while we continue to keep our local league going during this difficult time.

Good luck to all teams! See you on the ice!


Broomball Update and Scratch Matches Tonight!

Broomball Night

Tonight (Tuesday 15th March) starting at 8.15PM we have the opportunity to run a night of Broomball on the small ice, we have booked the ice for 2 hours and ask for those that want to play to bring a few different coloured tops. We will run the games with 4 per team + goal keeper. Time of games will depend on how many turn up. We would think that the team you are in would play at least twice on the night. The main reason for this is to see how a Broomball competition could work on the small ice.

Ice Rink

Two working groups have been formed as of last Tuesday night, one group is looking at opportunities to secure funding to get the large ice running again, the second group is looking at options for a temporary rink. We have another meeting with the SAISF on Tuesday night and will be updated on the two groups progress and we hope to have some positive news to share.

Broomball Summer Season

The committee have met and have discussed many options regarding the current summer season. The committee have decided that the summer season has been completed as of the last game that we played. There was only 1 more Tuesday night of games to go before finals started.

With no possibility playing a finals series the final ladder positions as they are will represent the end of the season standings.

The committee feel that this is the best result given the circumstances we find ourselves in. We understand that it is not ideal and that some member’s may not agree but we consider this our best option.

Broomball Presentation Night

We are aiming to hold a presentation night on the 22nd of March at the Wheatsheaf Hotel where we will present all trophies and enjoy pizza and drinks. Please note that this is to be confirmed.

Could I ask that all captains please do a team write up including your team MVP. Nat Olsen is putting together a great newsletter and we want ALL TEAMS to have a write up in the newsletter.

Broomball Competition

Starting on the 29th of March we will be starting a Broomball competition on the small ice. Fast Five Broomball will have modified rules due to the small ice and we will be running this competition until we can get back onto the large ice. Rules and a schedule will be sent out after this Tuesday night once we have assessed Tuesday nights games. The committee would hope that all existing teams take part in the Fast Five Broomball competition and we also would like to encourage new players to come out as this format may be better suited for the new inexperienced player. If your team feels that they can field 2 teams in this comp please do so. Registration will open soon.

The situation we find ourselves in has never been experienced before and therefore we do not have any history to look back on. The committee would like to highlight that it is important that we all continue to play and promote Broomball. I do know that we will get back to a full ice competition eventually and we do not want to loose any members during this period, We need to come back bigger and better.

The committee would also like to thank those that have expressed their support for the committee in these challenging time, it is a welcome change.

If you have any questions related to any of this news, please contact the committee.



Hi Broomballers,
Some sad news unfortunately. We have received communication from the rink regarding the large ice and the repairs that are taking place.

The repairs to the leaking pipes have been completed. Two pressure tests have occurred and both have failed! It is clear from these tests that there are more leaks under the main ice but their location, number and size cannot be determined. The significant age of the pipe system and the fact that the pipes are imbedded in concrete means that further attempts to find and fix leaks are not feasible.

This has massive implications for us!

  1. the pipes under the main ice surface are now deemed unfixable
  2. The Department of the Environment will not permit any refrigerant gas to be introduced into the main ice pipe system.
  3. We are therefore not able to create ice on the main surface.

The only way forward is to install a new refrigeration system for the main ice, so sadly we have to inform you that there will be no main ice for at least two months and possibly longer.

This impacts on all sports as well as the Broomball nationals.

We have contacted the other state broomball associations and they understand the situation. We have taken the step to put nationals on hold at this stage. We will be working with the other associations to try and resolve the issues associated with this postponement.

Our president will be meeting with the SAISF board early next week to discuss our options regarding the local league and Nationals. The committee will then meet directly after to discuss, and we will consult with teams via the team captains.

At this stage Broomball has been postponed indefinitely.

The committee will have a hectic couple of weeks and we ask for your support and confidence that we will be working hard to ensure that Broomball will be as strong as it is now when it returns.

The committee is aware of all the implications associated with this and we will be looking to continue playing in some form so we ask for your patience while we work through this. We will organise a presentation night and advise the timing shortly.

If you require any clarification on this matter please contact the committee via email.

BASA Committee



Hi Broomballers,
we have been advised that the large ice will be closed for another week. The repairs are going well but unfortunately they have discovered some further leaking pipes that need repair.

While undertaking this work, staff at the rink are taking the opportunity to repair some of the boards and repaint the rink.

At this stage they are looking to open the ice on Monday the 7th March. We will confirm this closer to the date.

We will push the season back a further week.

Please spread the word to all broomballers. We will keep you posted.

BASA Committee



Hello all, as you know the ice surface has not been great of late. This is a result of broken pipes under the ice surface.

Over the last few weeks the SAISF and the owner of the centre have been negotiating the repair of the pipes and the replacement of lost gas.

This has now been resolved and the repairs will be carried out immediately. This will mean that the rink will be closed for approx. 1 week and therefore Broomball for Tuesday 23rd Feb has been cancelled.

We will simply push the season back 1 week. We will advise if there are further delays.

Please spread the word to all broomballers. We will keep you posted.


Summer Season Continues

The Summer broomball season returns from the holiday break this Tuesday from 7:15pm. Check the schedule to see what time your team plays. See you on the ice!


Scratch Matches Tonight

Hi all, there will be some scratch matches played tonight at the IceArena starting at 7:30pm. Cost is $20. Please contact Graham Elix for more information.

Normal rounds will resume next week. Please check the schedule to see what time your team plays.


Happy Holidays! - No Broomball tonight

A reminder that there will be no broomball tonight. As it is the holiday season, we will be taking a short break from the summer broomball season.

There will be no regular season games until we return on the 12th January 2016, however there will be a scratch games night on the 5th January 2016. Please see the schedule for more details.

BASA wishes everyone a fun, safe and relaxing holiday period. See you on the ice in the new year!


Summer Season Begins!

The BASA Summer 2015/16 season starts tomorrow night at 7:15pm. We welcome a new Team "Beers" this season to make 7 teams. This means there will be byes. This first week, Beers have the bye so we will have to wait another week to see them in action.

The season schedule is now available on the website, so please check it to see what time your team plays.

See you on the ice!

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Adelaide League
Adelaide League - Winter 2016
Schedule Round 21, 27-September-16
Mixed A
The Hammer
Mixed A
Arctic Assassins
© Beers
® Beers
Mixed A
Foreign Invaders
© Camels
® Camels
Mixed A
Legion of Broom
© Foreign Invaders
® Foreign Invaders
Results Round 20 20-Sep-16
Game 1:
Mixed A
Arctic Assassins 0 Bye 0
Game 2:
Mixed A
Foreign Invaders 3 The Hammer 0
Game 3:
Mixed A
Legion of Broom 2 Wolverines 0
Game 4:
Mixed A
Camels 4 Beers 1
Mixed Division Minor Round Standings
Round 20 - 20-Sep-16
W L D + - P +/-
Camels 14 2 0 73 13 28 60 84.88
Legion of Broom 10 3 3 39 14 23 25 73.58
Foreign Invaders 8 6 2 27 25 18 2 51.92
Arctic Assassins 5 8 3 19 30 13 -11 38.78
Wolverines 5 10 2 16 39 12 -23 29.09
Beers 5 10 1 23 39 11 -16 37.10
The Hammer 3 11 3 16 53 9 -37 23.19
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