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Summer 2017/18 Mixed Schedule

The schedule for the 2017/18 Summer Mixed Competition is now available. Games commence this Tuesday 17/10 from 7:15pm. We continue to have 8 teams in the competition, so there will be 4 games per night.

Please check the schedule to see what time your team plays and when your scorebox/ref duties are.

Reminder: Winter Season Presentation Tonight!

A reminder that tonight (Friday 29th September) is the Winter 2017 Presentation Night at 6:30pm for a 7:00pm start at The Hilton Hotel, 264 South Rd, corner of Sir Donald Bradman Drive, Hilton.

Dinner and drinks will be available for purchased from the venue at own cost.

The night will include the presentation of the following awards:
  • Medal ceremony for the A Grade and B Grade Grand Finals
  • Team MVP
  • Best Goal Tender
  • Best Defender
  • Male MVP
  • Female MVP
  • Highest Male Point Scorer
  • Highest Female Point Scorer
  • Golden Whistle
  • Best Rookie Male
  • Best Rookie Female

We hope to see you all there!

Men's & Women's Competition

Starting this Tuesday (19/9) we are changing the competition up a little and running a 4 week Men's Contact & Women's Competions, aimed at better preparing our SA Sharks Teams for Nationals.

The following are the Team rosters for the four Men's teams (selected by BASA committee):
Morning WoodNo Glove No LoveSlippery ShaftsDump n Chase
Jack McKayHarry EinarsonAdam CommonJohann Einarson
Adam CollinsAndrew MasonMark CrowtherMatt Pryor
John ThomasCasper FertierTim BoothVince Manno
Ben ZiesingCraig BarrettKim ShapleyDennis Russell
Wayne RichieAlan JabsGraham ElixKim Thorpe
Michael WorkmanChris PinderRod NancarrowGerry McCaffery
Dean TerryTom MildrenTom StevensRob Wheelwright
Brad MackintoshMatt SmithBrayden GreensladeBen Finocchiano
Phil HancockNathan WeddingIan TonkinAndrew Snow
Glen BroadTobi StricklandJustin FarrellDamian Mortimer
Keith ThomasBen TansellHarry MacrisHarry Perks
Haydn LawsonStephen KennedyJackson Renshaw
Mat IrvineWarren Einarson
Malcolm Potter
Goal Keepers for both games to stay at one end: Steve Ballestrin and Volker Stroeher

The Women's Team rosters are:
Sweaty CoconutsIce Beavers
Sal NewenhamNat Stevens
Alessia MassonBronwen Mayo
Nuala O'NeillBrydie Wilkin
Lucy TonkinLydia Fay
Kris MackintoshSophie Common
Maureen BusuttilAlli Mildren
Shanni MullerTrish McHendrie
Christine FilsellHarmonie Wong
Kate MorleyAbi Mortimer
Arwen AndersonCourtney Aird
New Girl (Ian Tonkin)Volker'daughter
Matt LovellDylan Lovell
Goal Keepers to stay at one end: Rob Wheelwright and Tobi Strickland

There will be a briefing about the contact game & checking rules provided by Alan Jabs at 7:30pm this Tuesday 19th Sep before the first Men's Game. All players are encouraged to attend.

The schedule is now available so please check it for game & duty times.

Good luck to all, and above all -have FUN!

More News below

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The Winter 2017 Mixed season has been run and won, with the Camels taking out the A Grade Grand Final, for the 13th season in a row (wow!), with victory over the Legion of Broom in a close, hard fought game.

The Winner of the Bob McElhinney Medal for Best on Ice was Maureen Busuttil - Congratulations!

The B Grade Grand Final was a very close affair, with a battle between the Arctic Assassins and the Beers that went into overtime. With the sides all tied up at the end of overtime, the game was forced into a shootout of epic proportions. Both sides struggled to score in the pressure cooker situation, but the The Arctic Assassins finally emerged victorious with a sudden death goal scored by Casper Fertier.

Congratulations to our Champions the Camels and Arctic Assassins, and well done to all teams for a fantastic season. A special thanks to all teams for managing to get all players registered before finals! Let's aim to get everyone registered before the start of the next season.

A big thanks also to all those that refereed and sat in the time box this season - the games wouldn't happen without you!

We've taken a week off, but Broomball will return this Tuesday, 19th September from 7:15pm with a change up format of Men's contact and Women's league games. More info has been emailed out and will be posted here and in the schedule shortly. If you would like to be a part of this and have not already put your name down, please contact the BASA secretary asap. Stay tuned for more info...


The winter season presentation night will be held on Friday, 29th September at the Hilton Hotel, 264 South Rd, Hilton at 6:30pm for a 7:00pm start.

Meals will be available for purchase on the night. It promises to be a great night!


The Winter season Grand Finals are on tomorrow night (5/9) from 7:15pm at the IceArenA. Please come along to support the teams as they do battle to see who will be crowned the champions! All are welcome.


The finals for the Winter 2017 Mixed season begin tonight, 22/8 from 7:15pm. Finals games will be 20 minute halves with overtime and a shoot-out if required.

A reminder that all players must be registered and paid BASA season fees before they can play in the finals.

Please check the schedule to see what time you play. The referee duties are also available on the schedule.

Committee members are asked to please help out with the scorebox.

Good luck to all teams in the finals!!!


Hi Broomballers, this season we have a change of format for the finals. Finals will run over 3 weeks with Semi-Finals, Preliminary Finals and Grand Finals rounds. Teams will be split into two grades: Top 4 - A Grade and bottom 4 - B grade.

Please check the match schedule for the format. After this weeks results, the schedule will be released.


After a short break due to rink maintenance, Broomball returns tonight (25/7) with round 11 of the Winter Mixed season.


*** URGENT *** - Please be advised that Broomball is CANCELLED again tonight 18/7 due to some technical issues with the rink.

Maintenance works will be carried out and at this stage we hope to be back on the ice next week.

We will keep you posted regarding the schedule for next week once we know more.

Please spread the word. Apologies for the late notice.


Hi BASA members, please be advised that Broomball is CANCELLED tomorrow night 11/7 due to some technical issues with the rink.

Maintenance works will be carried out and at this stage we will be back on the ice next week. The IceArena apologises for this unforseen interruption.

We will keep you posted regarding the schedule for next week once we know more.

Please spread the word.


A reminder that the 2017 Winter Mixed Competition begins tomorrow night (Tuesday 2/5) at 7:15pm. Please check the schedule to see what time your team plays and when your team duty is.

This season there are a few changes in place:

  1. All players must register and pay their season fees before they take to the ice to ensure they are covered by insurance. Fees are $50 for the season ($10 new players). The registration process contains payment details. Registration is via the BASA members portal:
  2. Referee & scorebox duties have changed: Each team will now only be required to supply one referee and one score box person per game as duties will be shared.
    • Game 1 teams have duty for Game 2;
    • Game 2 teams have duty for Game 1;
    • Game 3 teams have duty for Game 4;
    • Game 4 teams have duty for Game 3;
    This means teams will have duties each week but only need half the amount of people. Teams are able to work it out between themselves if they need help.
  3. Some minor changes have been made to the BASA By-Laws, including the introduction of a permit system for finals.

Note that we will be introducing 2 of each gender on the ice at all times from next season Summer 2017/18, so start recruiting now!

See you on the ice! Don't forget to register!


The 2017 Winter Mixed Broomball season begins next Tuesday 2nd May at 7:15pm. We still do not have all teams registered, so Team captains, please register your team ASAP via the online system (or let the committee know if you do not intend to enter your team this season).

A reminder that all players need to register to play/goal keep for their team and are required to pay their BASA season fees ($50 [$10 new players]) BEFORE their first game.

The schedule will be available on the website soon, so please check back to see what time your team plays and if you have team duty.

See you on the ice!


The SA Sharks Team lists are now available in the members section of the Nationals web portal. Login with your BASA login credentials to view it.

The schedule is also available on the Nationals portal.

Go Sharks!


Nationals training Tuesday 21st and 28th March 7pm till 9pm. All men's and women's teams.
Please bring a white and dark (can be sharks) jersey to play in.

Please also bring a good attitude to learn and practice. No matter your experience level everyone needs to train.

Payments for uniform are now due. Please make sure you are up to date.

See you on the ice!

Kate Irvine

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Adelaide League
Adelaide League - Spring 2017
Schedule Round 2, 24-October-17
Mixed A
The Hammer
© FYB/Arctic Assassins
vLegion of Broom
® FYB/Arctic Assassins
Mixed A
Arctic Assassins
© The Hammer/Legion of Broom
® The Hammer/Legion of Broo
Mixed A
Foreign Invaders
© Camels/Beers
® Camels/Beers
Mixed A
© Foreign Invaders/Wolverines
® Foreign Invaders/Wolverin
Results Round 1 17-Oct-17
Game 1:
Mixed A
The Hammer 0 Camels 0
Game 2:
Mixed A
Foreign Invaders 0 Legion of Broom 0
Game 3:
Mixed A
Arctic Assassins 1 Beers 1
Game 4:
Mixed A
Wolverines 2 FYB 1
Mixed Division Minor Round Standings
Round 1 - 17-Oct-17
W L D + - P +/-
Wolverines 1 0 0 2 1 2 1 66.67
Beers 0 0 1 1 1 1 0 50.00
Arctic Assassins 0 0 1 1 1 1 0 50.00
The Hammer 0 0 1 0 0 1 0 0.00
Legion of Broom 0 0 1 0 0 1 0 0.00
Foreign Invaders 0 0 1 0 0 1 0 0.00
Camels 0 0 1 0 0 1 0 0.00
FYB 0 1 0 1 2 0 -1 33.33
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