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Summer Season Continues

The Summer broomball season returns from the holiday break this Tuesday from 7:15pm. Check the schedule to see what time your team plays. See you on the ice!


Scratch Matches Tonight

Hi all, there will be some scratch matches played tonight at the IceArena starting at 7:30pm. Cost is $20. Please contact Graham Elix for more information.

Normal rounds will resume next week. Please check the schedule to see what time your team plays.


Happy Holidays! - No Broomball tonight

A reminder that there will be no broomball tonight. As it is the holiday season, we will be taking a short break from the summer broomball season.

There will be no regular season games until we return on the 12th January 2016, however there will be a scratch games night on the 5th January 2016. Please see the schedule for more details.

BASA wishes everyone a fun, safe and relaxing holiday period. See you on the ice in the new year!

More News below

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Summer Season Begins!

The BASA Summer 2015/16 season starts tomorrow night at 7:15pm. We welcome a new Team "Beers" this season to make 7 teams. This means there will be byes. This first week, Beers have the bye so we will have to wait another week to see them in action.

The season schedule is now available on the website, so please check it to see what time your team plays.

See you on the ice!


Compolsory Team & Player Registration

Player and Team registration for the Summer 2015/16 Season is now open. Every captain must register their Team or it will not be included in the competition.

Registration closes on 25th October at 5pm.

Player registration must also be completed before the first game.

To register a team, the captain first needs to register here then log in and click on the team registration link. The competition coordinator will then approve the registration.

Players also need to use the above link to register.

The member portal can then be accessed by going to


Broomball Training Tuesaday

There will be 2 hours of Broomball Training this Tuesday at the IceArena starting at 7:15pm.

There are a few new players coming out for a try so if you have any spare equipment, please bring it out.

Please spread the word so we can get as many out as possible.


No Broomball Tonight

For those that have not heard, there is no Broomball tonight (13/10). There were plans for some training/scratch matches, however this has been cancelled.


BASA Winter Season Premiers 2015

The Grand Finals were fiercely contested last week.

In the B Grade we had the Assassins facing off with the Hammer. In a tough match neither team could find the back of the net. The game went to overtime ending in the same scoreline. It came down to a penalty shootout, with the Hammer managing to take out the B Grade Prize. Well done to the Hammer.

The A Grade saw the Invaders take on reigning premiers the Camels. In a fierce match, the Camels again proved too strong, finding the net on several occassions to score a convincing win and retain the A Grade Champions title. Congratulations Camels! Congratulations also to Johan Einarson for winning the Bob Mac medal for best on ice.

So with anothers season run and won, we take a ahort break before the Summer 2015/2016 Season commences on 27th October.

Compolsory Team and Player registrations will be open soon - more info to follow soon.

There may be a scratch match/training next week (20/10), so stay tuned.


BASA Winter Season Grand Finals

It's Grand Final day!

After two very close semi-finals matches last week, where both matches couldn't be decided in normal time, we have come down to 4 teams.

The Arctic Assassins will face off against the Hammer to decide the B Grade Champion, while the Camels face the Foreign Invaders to decide the A Grade's top prize.

A reminder also that the Presentation night and AGM will follow the conclusion of the A grade final at the Wheatsheaf Hotel.

So bring your friends and family out to see a top quality night of Broomball Finals at the IceArena from 7:15pm tonight.

Good luck to all finalists!


BASA Winter Season Presentation Night & AGM

A reminder that the Winter season presentation night & AGM will be held after the conclusion of the A grade grand final at 9:00pm on Tuesday 6th October at the Wheatsheaf Hotel Thebarton.

Nominations for committee positions can be forwarded to the BASA secretary, or will be taken from the floor on the night.


Finals Begin

The elimination finals round is on tomorrow night starting at 7:15pm with the A and B grade minor premiers facing off. Following this, we will have the two elimination finals - A grade: Foreign Invaders v Legion of Broom @ 8:00pm and B grade: Hammer v Sled Dogs @ 8:45pm. Good luck to all teams!

As usual, match fees can be paid either via direct deposit or to the treasurer on the night.

A reminder that player season fees need to be paid before the finals!


Winter Season Schedule Available

The first 3 rounds of the Winter 2015 schedule are now available on the website.

Please check the schedule to see what time your team plays and if you have duty.


Winter 2015 Season Begins!

Broomballers, the 2015 Winter Broomball season begins this Tuesday night 16 June with the first game at 7:15pm.

Please check the schedule to see what time your team plays and if you have scorebox/ref duty.

See you on the ice.


Finals Time

That's right folks, it's finals time! The elimination finals round is on tonight starting at 7:15pm with a slight change to the schedule: The first game will now be played as a scratch match due to lack of players for the scheduled Camels v Invaders match - All are welcome to play.

Following this, we will have the two elimination finals - A grade: Slipstreamers v Hammer @ 8:00pm and B grade: Assassins v Sled Dogs. Good luck to all teams!

Match fees can be paid either via direct deposit or to the treasurer on the night ($135 per team).

A reminder that player season fees need to be paid before the finals!


Nationals Update

An update regarding accommodation deals for the 2015 nationals can be found here

Training times have also been released here

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See the BASA Archives for more/older information.

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Adelaide League
Adelaide League - Summer 2015/2016
Schedule Round 12, 09-February-16
Mixed A
Arctic Assassins
© The Hammer
vForeign Invaders
® The Hammer
Mixed A
The Hammer
© Legion of Broom
® Legion of Broom
Mixed A
vSled Dogs
Mixed A
© Camels
vLegion of Broom
® Camels
Results Round 7 08-Dec-15
Game 1:
Mixed A
Sled Dogs 1 Legion of Broom 3
Game 2:
Mixed A
Camels 1 Foreign Invaders 0
Game 3:
Mixed A
The Hammer 1 Beers 2
Game 4:
Mixed A
Beers 0 Foreign Invaders 5
Mixed Division Minor Round Standings
Round 7 - 08-Dec-15
W L D + - P +/-
Camels 5 0 1 22 6 11 16 78.57
Legion of Broom 3 2 1 14 10 7 4 58.33
Foreign Invaders 3 2 0 14 7 6 7 66.67
Arctic Assassins 2 2 2 9 10 6 -1 47.37
Beers 2 3 1 11 17 5 -6 39.29
The Hammer 1 2 2 7 14 4 -7 33.33
Sled Dogs 0 5 1 4 17 1 -13 19.05
Southern Broomball Club
Southern Broomball Club - Winter 2010
Minor Round Standings - Rnd 8, 27-May-10
White Knights 17 11 7 79 68 41 11 53.74
Pirates 16 6 7 73 36 39 37 66.97
Sesame Street 7 11 6 28 51 20 -23 35.44
Red Hawks 6 4 1 36 22 13 14 62.07
Smashers 4 18 5 29 68 13 -39 29.90
Results Round 8, 27-May-10
Game 1: White Knights - 3 Red Hawks - 2
Game 2: Red Hawks - 4 Smashers - 1
Game 3: Smashers - 0 White Knights - 5
Game 4: White Knights - 6 Red Hawks - 2
Game 5: Red Hawks - 3 Smashers - 2
Game 6: Smashers - 0 White Knights - 10
Game 7: White Knights - 4 Red Hawks - 3
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