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BASA News January 2022

Hi all and welcome to the New Year.
This week, Tuesday January 11th, we have a Come & Try Broomball session. Invite your friends & family to come along to our free event.
7:00 - 7:30pm: Intro and organising gear
7:30 - 8:15pm: Come & try session
8:15 - 9:00pm: Drop in game
Registration essential for gear:
Our Upcoming season will commence on Tuesday 18th January. We are running a 6-team competition consisting of 3 rounds. This means that no teams will have a Bye. The schedule will be out soon and available via the website and Facebook page. If you haven't registered yet, please do so via the members area on the website.

Refereeing- the duty system will remain at this stage. There will be a compulsory referee information/training session this season if covid permits and we are encouraging all teams to send a minimum of 2 referees but it is open to everyone. Just a reminder to everyone that we play this sport at a level for everyone to enjoy and we urge you all to keep that in mind when you take the ice. There is no room for unsportsmanlike behaviour or needless aggression.
If you have any questions or want to try your hand at â€‹Umpiring, please contact Alan Jabs RIC.

Financial commitment- please ensure you are up to date with all your financial obligations and the recent men's and women's comp fees. If you have any questions or are unsure if you owe money, please contact Jen Farmer our treasurer.

Covid 19 reminders and precautions please make sure you wear masks to and from the rink and change rooms. This is also inside the box. Please make use of the QR code upon entry to the ice arena or manually sign in. There will be 2 change rooms available to us each Tuesday so please be on time and change over quickly to avoid capacity limits and assist with social distancing requirements.

Please avoid coming to Broomball if you are unwell.

40-year celebrations -BASA turns 40 this year. What an achievement. We will be holding celebrations this year. If you have any past photos or memorabilia, please get in contact with us! We will have a celebration at some point this year and look forward to displaying our rich history with you.

Nationals 2022. At this stage Nationals is still going ahead. 21st to 24th April in Penrith NSW. Please register your interest to Christine asap. Including any uniform requirements.
Lastly, I just want to remind everyone to enjoy themselves this season. It is a privilege that we are able to continue playing the sport we love and see each other each week. Broomball is more than just a weekly sport, we are a family albeit a weird one. Looking forward to seeing you all on the ice.
Kate Irvine
BASA President

Come & Try Broomball

Invite your friends & family to come along and give Broomball a go next week at our free Come & Try event.

7:00 - 7:30pm: Intro and organising gear
7:30 - 8:15pm: Come & try session
8:15 - 9:00pm: Drop in game
Free Event.
Registration essential for gear:

Happy New Year

Happy New Year. Hope you all have enjoyed the holiday season and are ready for some more Broomball.

More News below

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Join us next week for some Christmas fun!!


Join us tomorrow for our second week of the Summer Men's and Women's Games.
7:00pm: Organising teams and equipment
7:30pm: Men's game
8:15pm: Women's game
After games: Head to The Mile End Hotel for social drinks


Join us tomorrow for the first week of our Summer Men’s & Women’s games. Join us from 7pm to organise teams.


Join us tomorrow night at The Mile End Hotel from 7pm for our Mixed Winter 2021 season presentations and BASA AGM.


Join us tomorrow night for the grand finals of the Mixed Winter 2021 season. Good luck to all those who are playing.


Refs: Dean & Alan
Timebox: Committee

Refs: Adam & Jackson
Timebox: Committee


  1. Join us tonight for the second week of the Mixed Winter 2021 finals.


7:30pm: Foreign Invaders

8:15pm: Beers


Tomorrow is the first day of finals. The BASA executive will be at the rink from 6.30pm to speak to all members regarding their current outstanding amounts. Players that are unregistered or don't speak to the executive regarding outstanding fees will not be permitted to participate in finals matches. Please allow some time to come and see us if you have any questions about your membership.

Also don't forget to bring a can or bottle of your choice to donate towards our Quiz night.

7:30pm: Legion of Broom
8:15pm: Foreign Invaders
9:00pm: Camels


We are collecting donations ready for our Quiz night. Bring a can or bottle of any size this Tuesday (Nov 2nd) to the timebox.


Join us tomorrow for a BASA Skills & Drills night. $20 per session.
Message us on Facebook or contact Christine to book your spot.
7:30pm: Beginners session
8:30pm: Intermediate/Advanced session
∗Limited spots available∗


The 2021 Mixed Winter Season schedule is up.

Click the link below to see it.

Please remember to register and pay your season fee.


Next week is the last week of the men's comp. The format is round robin with games 30 mins long so in reality each team will play 60 mins on the night...

To facilitate this the following will apply.


29th June 6:45pm White v Green Ref x 2 Team RED
  7:15pm Red v White Ref x 2 Team Green
  7:45pm Green v Red Ref x 2 Team WHITE



Goalkeepers - Robbie in all 3 games..

                    Game 1    Team RED to supply a keeper

                    Game 2    Team GREEN to supply a keeper

                    Game 3    Team WHITE to supply a keeper


Again note that the games are 30 mins so all teams and referees be ready to hit the ice.

To facilitate finishing on time assume that we shall play a 30 min period along the same line for a regular 20 min period.

Change over between games needs to be done as quick as possible..


This will be a 7-week competition starting on Tuesday. This will cost each player $110, which will be invoiced by BASA.

Please see the schedule below:

18th May



Chunky Monkeys v Half Baked




White v Green

25th May



Red v White




Half Baked v Chunky Monkeys

1st June



Chunky Monkeys v Half Baked




Green v Red

8th June



Green v White




Half Baked v Chunky Monkeys

15th June



Chunky Monkeys v Half Baked




White v Red

22nd June



Red v Green




Half Baked v Chunky Monkeys

29th June


Mens Finals Round Robin

White v Green



Red v White



Green v Red


Referees and Goal Keepers will be allocated by the Committee. Please let Christine or Alan know if you can please help.                                                            

Mens Teams:




Harry Einarson

Adam Collins

Ben Ziesing

Tobias Strickland

Matt Barrett

Damian Mortimer

Rod Nancarrow

Dylan Hunt

Harry Macris

Warren Einarson

Kyle Matthews

Andrew Masson

Adam Common

Jackson Rehshaw

Josh Reynolds

Tom Nancarrow

Harry Perks

Kim Shapley

Brad Mackintosh

Max (New Invader)

Michael Workman

Alan Jabs

Allistair (New Invader)

Matt Pryor

Steve Ballestrin

Luca Obbiettivo

Matt Smith

Casper Fertier

Gerry McCaffery

Scott Lush

Mitchell Geraghty

Mark Crowther

Nathan Wedding


Simon Dawson



John Thomas



Womens Teams:

Chunky Monkeys (Red)

Half Baked (White)

Kate Irvine

Sal Newenham

Leilani Arens

Maureen Busuttil

Amy Holman

Tash McMahon

Abi Mortimer

Jen Farmer

Karri Thomas

Sophie Common

Shelly Fiegert

Brydie Wilkin

Jaz Broadbent

Trish McHendrie


Please let me know if you have not been added to a team and would like to play.

Christine Filsell

BASA Secretary

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See the BASA Archives for more/older information.

COVID-19 Updates

Broomball To Return

After a few weeks break due to the recent covid19 outbreak, Broomball will return tonight with some training sessions (see the main news announcement for more details). The recent government announcements allowing sport to resume from this Thursday means we will also resume our Winter Competition from next Tuesday (10/08/21).

Practice Social Distancing, Hand Hygiene and Respiratory Etiquette. Download the COVIDSafe app.

Stay Safe. Stay Healthy.

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