We strive to make the time you spend here as safe and enjoyable as possible. We respect the time and commitment you invest in your highly skilled sport.

Our centre is used by many different people, currently the following sports associations, etc. are using the facility:

As well as these sporting Associations, we have our public sessions. These sessions are financially vital for our existence and give exposure to your sport. It is from these sessions that the general skating patrons take an interest in ice sports and this will no doubt assist all ice sports increase their numbers.

It is because we have so many different people using the centre that we must set rules and guidelines that must be followed. As a professional business we must ensure all patrons are treated fairly with safety being a priority.

  1. This centre is totally smoke free - so no smoking anywhere in the Centre.
  2. It is centre policy that there is no liquor in any of the general public areas, i.e: skate side, grandstands, front lobby or car park.
  3. There is to be no liquor in the upstairs change rooms. Clubs that rent the downstairs change rooms are responsible for making certain that liquor remains in the change room or else they will lose the privilege of having their .Beer Fridge., and possibly the right to rent their change room.
  4. It is illegal for underage persons to be consuming liquor as well as an offence for someone to provide them with the liquor. If someone is caught providing alcohol to minors they will not only be suspended from this centre but may also be face legal action.
  5. Associations & Clubs please note - we will allow a period of 45 minutes after the finishing time of evening practices or games for participants to shower, dress and socialise. We feel this is a fair allotment of time and we cannot afford to have staff waiting around for participants past this allowed time. BE AWARE if clubs/associations break this rule, they will be automatically charged for another 1/2 hr of ice time, no questions asked, so keep an eye on your watches.
  6. Please remember, if staying for the public session after your ice time, you must pay. Don.t abuse the system. Please be warned that we consider this shoplifting and whoever we catch will be suspended from the Centre.
  7. Some participants have left the change rooms in a mess several times. Please see to it that the participants tidy up before they go. Also note that thechangerooms are checked periodically and the cost for any damage will be passed on to those concerned. If the changerooms are left dirty your club/association will be charged a "$30.00 cleaning fee" so if the changeroom is a mess before you take possession you must notify the D.M.
  8. Whilst in the Centre, out front, in change room, players benches or in the car park please assist up in keeping the place clean by using the bins!!!!
  9. The small ice is hired as a separate identity in attempts to keep all ice time costs from going up. SO IF YOU DO NOT HIRE IT . DON.T USE IT! Please respect other sports or public who have rented this small ice. If Duty Manager authorises, participants may use it to warm-up. NO PUCKS, BALLS ETC. ALLOWED. There are to be NO SLAPSHOTS and NO SHOOTING DRILLS on the small ice. Only when an accredited coach is supervising a session are pucks allowed.
  10. The small ice is not a play area and, as per saftety and insurance liability issues, there are to be no spectators, skaters or persons on the small ice during games. Small ice, if not separately hired, can be used for warm-ups but only if players are wearing full equipment and NO pucks or balls are used. The small ice may be used for spectating or other ice sports ONLY when the safety net is in place.
  11. To those teams with their own change room: we will not unlock the door for you as we don.t know who should or should not be let in. So don.t leave things in there which you.ll need between practices or games. Also organise keys for your managers and coaches.
  12. Keys at front office are available to be signed out by coaches, trainers or managers in order to lock male or female (ie: upstairs change rooms) during games or practices. Be aware - "He/she who signs it out is responsible for its return or pays to change the locks and keys".
  13. Please use change rooms as it is not appropriate to change in the coffee shop area unless the partitions are up.
  14. Despite having change room keys, it is not advisable to leave valuables in the change rooms.
  15. In recent times we have had to replace broken plexiglass at the ends of rink and in front of grandstand. We do realise there is a wear and tear factor but we feel in some instances they have been cracked or broken by unnecessary swinging of sticks or jumping into rink plexi. We are endeavouring to keep the price of ice time as reasonable as possible but if replacing the plexi glass continues at this rate, we cannot absorb the cost as the price ranges from $200.00 - $300.00 per sheet. Therefore, we ask association, club and junior representatives to help with this concern. The rink management will be individually charging obvious offenders and will expect payment before this person can re-enter the centre.
  16. The windows in the coffee shop are not hardened plexi glass so if broken by ice sports who have neglected to close large ice gates or who are using balls or pucks on small ice when not authorized, their ice sport will be charged for replacing the glass window.
  17. The DJ/Scorekeeper's room does have access to a lot of expensive hi-fi equipment. So please note - OFFICIALS ONLY. It is not a social or meeting place.
  18. Do not go on the ice outside of your practice, training or game times. Other people have the use of the ice at those times.
  19. On Saturdays and Sundays, participants will be admitted 60 minutes prior to the booked ice time.
  20. On Saturday nights, we would appreciate your co-operation by clearing the coffee shop as soon as possible in order for us to organise the 7.30 pm public session.
  21. Power Play Sports is the pro shop lessee of the Centre and reserves the right for the selling of sport equipment in this facility. Therefore, it is illegal for all other parties to promote, sell or buy sporting goods in the Centre or on the premises (this includes the car park). Any offenders will be suspended from the Centre. Please support Power Play Sports and our Centre.

Thank you and we appreciate your support and co-operation.

General Manager
Ice ArenA