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  1. Join us tonight for the second week of the Mixed Winter 2021 finals.


7:30pm: Foreign Invaders

8:15pm: Beers



Tomorrow is the first day of finals. The BASA executive will be at the rink from 6.30pm to speak to all members regarding their current outstanding amounts. Players that are unregistered or don't speak to the executive regarding outstanding fees will not be permitted to participate in finals matches. Please allow some time to come and see us if you have any questions about your membership.

Also don't forget to bring a can or bottle of your choice to donate towards our Quiz night.

7:30pm: Legion of Broom
8:15pm: Foreign Invaders
9:00pm: Camels



We are collecting donations ready for our Quiz night. Bring a can or bottle of any size this Tuesday (Nov 2nd) to the timebox.



Join us tomorrow for a BASA Skills & Drills night. $20 per session.
Message us on Facebook or contact Christine to book your spot.
7:30pm: Beginners session
8:30pm: Intermediate/Advanced session
∗Limited spots available∗


The 2021 Mixed Winter Season schedule is up.

Click the link below to see it.

Please remember to register and pay your season fee.



Next week is the last week of the men's comp. The format is round robin with games 30 mins long so in reality each team will play 60 mins on the night...

To facilitate this the following will apply.


29th June 6:45pm White v Green Ref x 2 Team RED
  7:15pm Red v White Ref x 2 Team Green
  7:45pm Green v Red Ref x 2 Team WHITE



Goalkeepers - Robbie in all 3 games..

                    Game 1    Team RED to supply a keeper

                    Game 2    Team GREEN to supply a keeper

                    Game 3    Team WHITE to supply a keeper


Again note that the games are 30 mins so all teams and referees be ready to hit the ice.

To facilitate finishing on time assume that we shall play a 30 min period along the same line for a regular 20 min period.

Change over between games needs to be done as quick as possible..



This will be a 7-week competition starting on Tuesday. This will cost each player $110, which will be invoiced by BASA.

Please see the schedule below:

18th May



Chunky Monkeys v Half Baked




White v Green

25th May



Red v White




Half Baked v Chunky Monkeys

1st June



Chunky Monkeys v Half Baked




Green v Red

8th June



Green v White




Half Baked v Chunky Monkeys

15th June



Chunky Monkeys v Half Baked




White v Red

22nd June



Red v Green




Half Baked v Chunky Monkeys

29th June


Mens Finals Round Robin

White v Green



Red v White



Green v Red


Referees and Goal Keepers will be allocated by the Committee. Please let Christine or Alan know if you can please help.                                                            

Mens Teams:




Harry Einarson

Adam Collins

Ben Ziesing

Tobias Strickland

Matt Barrett

Damian Mortimer

Rod Nancarrow

Dylan Hunt

Harry Macris

Warren Einarson

Kyle Matthews

Andrew Masson

Adam Common

Jackson Rehshaw

Josh Reynolds

Tom Nancarrow

Harry Perks

Kim Shapley

Brad Mackintosh

Max (New Invader)

Michael Workman

Alan Jabs

Allistair (New Invader)

Matt Pryor

Steve Ballestrin

Luca Obbiettivo

Matt Smith

Casper Fertier

Gerry McCaffery

Scott Lush

Mitchell Geraghty

Mark Crowther

Nathan Wedding


Simon Dawson



John Thomas



Womens Teams:

Chunky Monkeys (Red)

Half Baked (White)

Kate Irvine

Sal Newenham

Leilani Arens

Maureen Busuttil

Amy Holman

Tash McMahon

Abi Mortimer

Jen Farmer

Karri Thomas

Sophie Common

Shelly Fiegert

Brydie Wilkin

Jaz Broadbent

Trish McHendrie


Please let me know if you have not been added to a team and would like to play.

Christine Filsell

BASA Secretary



As you may or may not know, there has been a temporary booking discrepancy at the rink, and we are having to readjust our bookings temporarily.


We have decided that it is best that we take a 2-week break so that the executive can address this and be ready to have Broomball games for its members. 


We will have a Men’s and Women’s competition starting on May 18th from 6.45pm – 8.15pm. 

We will have a Women’s game each week, and the Men’s will have 3 teams with a team having a Bye each week and competing for the Zamboni Cup. 

These games will also give us an opportunity to train new referees. Please let me or Alan Jabs know if you would like to have a go. 


If you would like to play, please let me know ASAP so that we can organise teams. Cost will be per player, no greater than $20 per game, but to be confirmed once we have numbers. 


Christine Filsell

BASA Secretary



Join us for a 9-course tapas style Spanish themed dinner at Maureen's house (Broadview - address given upon purchase of ticket)
$50 per person (limited tickets available) with money raised to assist development of new players.
BYO Drinks.
Tickets available through Christine.



Hi Broomballers, due to ongoing building works, the changeroom allocations have been amended. Changerooms 5 and 6 (far side of rink) are the only rooms available for use by Broomball players at this time. The schedule has been updated to reflect this change, so please check to see which room your team has been allocated.



Attention Broomballers: A pair of Hagan Broomball shoes size 10 were lost from changeroom 1 tonight during the first game. Please check your gear bags! If you know the whereabouts of these, please contact BASA via email or in person.


Thank you for your cooperation.

UPDATE: Shoes have been found, thank you.



Hi guys.. Broomball is back!
With the current COVID restrictions being lifted on the 1st of December, the committee have moved to have a week of scratch matches and the chance for any new player to test their ice legs, so we are looking to have a number of scratch matches THIS TUESDAY. All going well, Summer season will start on the 8th December, but we will keep you updated.
Starting from 7.30pm, until 9.00pm, come along and dust the cobwebs off.
Cost will be $20 cash to be paid on the night. No I Owe Yous. Please have correct money to avoid money handling and cross contamination with COVID. 
Teams will be created on the night. Please bring a Red (nationals top) and a White top and also a Dark colour top.
For ease of access, Females in Change Room 5 (corner room at bottom of grandstand stairs) and Males in Change Room 6 (under grandstand).
From the Ice Arena:
The following needs to be observed:


  • Access to the building must be via the rear doors located on Kintore Street and not via the main arena front doors.
  • Change Room 5 & Change Room 6 are the only rooms available to be used with the bathroom in change room 6 being shared access & is currently unisex.
  • The following areas are out of bounds Café Area, Small Ice Entry Area, Zamboni Bay, Dj Booth and all Change rooms dwellings and bathrooms located on the Northern side of the Arena are STRICKTLY out of bounds to any and all attendees due to ongoing renovations.
    • Scoring will be conducted from the grandstand (until DJ box repairs are completed)
  • EVERYONE will sign in and out via the hard sheet COVID registers located at the Kintore St access point.
Please let me know if you have any questions.
Christine Filsell
BASA Secretary


The SA government has just announced that as of midnight tonight all community sport is cancelled.
This means that there will be no Broomball until further notice.
Please follow the new guidelines and keep safe.
We will keep you up to date as we find out more.
Christine Filsell
BASA Secretary


The schedule for the Summer 2020/21 Mixed Broomball competition is now out. Games start this Tuesday 17th November from 7:30pm. Please check the schedule for game times and duties. See you on the ice!



Team nominations for the Summer 2020/21 Mixed Broomball competition are now open in the members portal. Games start Tuesday 17th November,  so please get your team registrations together asap. The schedule will be released as soon as all nominations are finalised.


Player registrations will be available once team nominations are approved.



The winter finals begin tomorrow night. Please check the schedule for matches and duties.

  1. Finals Games have one time out per team (1 minute from the time it is called)
  2. If into O/T 5 mins sudden death 3 + goalie (gender to be equal 2 ladies, 2 men)
  3. If still a draw then a shoot out - 3 from each team, Highest ranked team decides who shoots first and the gender balance. (must be at least one girl in the three)
  4. Still a draw then we go to the next three maintaining the same gender pattern from the first three (ie male, female, male or female, male, female) - If still a tie, this is repeated through the whole team until a clear winner is reached.


The Annual General Meeting of the Broomball Association of South Australia is to be held at the Mile End Hotel, Mile End on Tuesday 10th November at 7pm.

This will include trophy presentations for Spring 2019/20 and Winter 2020.



After a lengthy break due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Broomball competition returns to Adelaide with the start of the Winter season.

Please ensure you have registered and paid season fees before your first game, including familiarising yourself with the BASA and IceArenA COVID-19 policies.

Please check the schedule to see when you play and your team's duty times.

Change rooms have also been allocated in the schedule in accordance with our COVID-19 policies.

Change rooms are located as follows:

  • 1 & 2 - Downstairs opposite the small ice rink.
  • 5 - Far corner behind main ice rink (next to grandstand).
  • 6 - Below main ice rink grandstand.

Referees may use which ever changeroom they need.

Note that change room 6 will not be available at the start of Game 1.

See you on the ice!



Registration is now open for the 2020 Winter Mixed Competition. Captains, please register your team ASAP to allow players to register in time for next week. Please contact me if you have any issues registering your team.

Tom Stevens
BASA Statistics & Information Management Officer



This is the post you have all been waiting for... Broomball is back!!!
The IceArena is opening tomorrow, and we will start playing on Tuesday.
Due to the short notice this week we will start with a one-and-a-half-hour session of scratch matches from 7.30-9.00pm. This will be $20 per player, cash on the night, please bring a light and dark jersey.
Our Winter Competition will begin from 14th July. Please let your team captain know if you are playing as we need teams nominated by Thursday 9th July so that we can create the schedule. Captains - please nominate your teams online.
We look forward to seeing you there!
Christine Filsell
BASA Secretary


Hi All,
As most of you have seen, indoor sporting venues have been forced to close. From today under government direction we find all ice rinks shut.
This means all Broomball is suspended immediately. We will resume once the IceArenA can open it's doors again, and we will keep you informed.
In regards to fees, the committee will discuss with regards to the payments of the last 3 games of Mens and Womens that have been cancelled, and let members know once we have an outcome.
Please stay safe, be smart, practice social distancing, isolate and be clean. But ensure you stay connected, and do not be alone during this time. Everyone is only a message or call away. Happy to have a cider through face time!
Thank you for your continued support of Broomball in SA, and we will see each other out on the ice soon!
Please reach out if you have any questions.
Kate Irvine and Christine Filsell
BASA President and Secretary


Due to the recent Covid-19 updates, Broomball Nationals have been cancelled.


Local Broomball is still going ahead, but we will be following Health SA updates and keep members informed. No one will be able to borrow the loan gear unless they bring wipes to clean it before and after use.


We are also implementing the following:


Local level Broomball

Broomball Australia recommends all members (players, team staff, spectators) of broomball associations and leagues implement (at a minimum) the below set of actions for upcoming training sessions and matches:

  • Replace handshaking at the start and conclusion of games with (for example) simply tapping sticks on the ground, fist pump with gloves on.
  • Use labelled water bottles. These must be strictly single person use. Avoid use of communal water bottles.
  • Mouth-guards should be washed after each game, followed by cleaning of hands.
  • Continue to cover nose and mouth with tissue or flexed elbow when coughing or sneezing.
  • Keep 1.5m distance from anyone that is coughing or sneezing.
  • Use alcohol-based hand wash where available
  • All players and officials should wash their hands with soap and water and dry with paper towel prior to and after games.
  • Gloves should be worn when attending to players with injuries – especially against blood exposure but also to prevent contact with mouth-guards.
  • Keep your kit together to stop cross contamination with garments and other pieces of protective gear (ie don’t share gloves, jerseys, elbow or knee guards and in particular helmets.

Any member with flu-like symptoms should self-exclude from playing, training and spectating at the first sign of the symptoms and seek medical advice.

Further advice on the Coronavirus COVID-19 can be found from the following recommended sources:

All members of the broomball community should note that this is an evolving situation and advice could change at any time. Broomball Australia will endeavour to update the broomball community as it is relevant.



The Men's and Women's Competition starts tonight from 7:30pm. Please check the schedule to see what time you play. Teams are listed below.

Mens 1 (Blue) Those Guys (Red) Mens 3 (Yellow) White Walkers (White) Ice Beavers (Red) Snow Maidens (White)
Ben Z Casper F Alan J Gerry M Kate I Sal N
Graham E Mitchell G Dean T Keith T Nat S Abi M
Kim S Steve B Justin F Wayne R Tash M Leilani A
Josh R Marty W Liam M Stephen K Sophie C Kris M
Andrew M Harry E Matt P Simon D Zoe P Beth P
Luca O Adam C Matt S Tom S Ashley R Kiana W
Harry M Joh E Jack M Michael W Maureen B Harmonie W
Adam C Tom N Nathan W Arne M Monique M Trish M
Harry P Warren E Rob W Kyle M Brydie W Jen F
Jackson R Rod N Tobi S   Millie P Tania N
  Brad M        


Time to sign up for the SA team for Nationals!!!, click the link below and fill out the registration through the member portal... SA needs you!!!


This is also where you order uniforms.




Where: Penrith Ice Palace, 7-10 Pattys Place, Jamisontown NSW 2750

When: 22-25 April

Divisions: Men's Contact Elite & Intermediate (18+ only), Women's Elite & Intermediate

Wed 22nd: 6:00 - 10:30 & 15:45 - 22:15

Thu 23rd: 6:00 - 10:30 & 15:45 - 22:15

Fri 24th: 7:00 - 18:00

Sat 25th: 14:45 - 18:45 (Finals)

Sat 25th: 19:00 - Presentation Dinner

Aiming for 2 men's and 2 women's teams


Preferred Accommodation: Grey Gums Hotel, Quality Inn Penrith, Mulgoa Road SOUTH PENRITH NSW 2774 - this is walking distance to the rink, and Hooters is next door!


If you are interested in a Coaching or Manager role, please speak to one of the Board Members.

If you are willing to Referee, please speak to Alan Jabs.

To ensure you are tournament ready, we recommend that you participate in all upcoming games and skill sessions, including whiteboard sessions that BASA is hosting in the lead up to the National Tournament.



To all,


Broomball is back for 2020.


The mixed season is fast coming to and end and with the 2020 Broomball Australia Nationals in April the mixed season will give way to the Men's and Women's competition up till the Nationals. Mixed will return there after through the rest of the year.

Teams and Captains note your game times and team duty responsibilities to ensure you are ready to play at the posted time and have referees and scorebox persons ready to take charge of the game.

Note that there is supposed to be a maximum of three persons only in the score box so kindly respect this rink policy.


We also have the 2020 IFBA World Broomball Championships in early November, so the chance to play broomball at the highest levels available is certainly on the cards this year.

If you have an interest in attending either let the comittee know soon so you can be included in any information that is distributed. 



Registration for the SA Sharks 2019 Mixed Nationals squad is now up and running. Please register your interest in attending Mixed nationals via this page, which can be found by logging in to the members area and selecting SA Sharks Nomination. More information on the mixed national championships can be found at



Registration for the Spring 2019/20 competition is now open via the members portal of the BASA website. Team managers, please register your team by selecting the Spring 2019/20 Mixed Competition as soon as possible so we can generate the schedule. 
Your players will need to register to the team once the team is approved and before they take to the ice. Player jersey numbers are mandatory and will be enforced at registration time this season, so please sort this out with your players before they register. Duplicate numbers are not permitted.
The season will commence on Tuesday 30th July from 7:30pm.
Don't forget the Presentation & AGM tomorrow night at the Hilton Hotel Mile End at 6:30pm!
Any issues with registration, please don't hesitate to contact me via email.


Finals series begin next week with games as follows...
B Grade - 5 v 6
A Grade #2 - 3 v 4
A Grade #1 - 1 v 2
Preliminary Final
B Grade - 7 v Loser of Semi
A Grade - Winner #2 v Loser #1
Grand Final
B Grade - Winner of Semi v Winner of Prelim
A Grade - Winner of #1 v Winner of Prelim


Hey Broomballers,

Our end of season presentation/AGM will be Friday 12th of July at the Hilton Hotel, Mile End at 6:30pm.

You'll have access to their bar and bistro menu which you can order from as you please and pay as you go.

Hope to see as many people out as we can, as always there will be a raffle so please bring some cash to support BASA.

Cheers 😁



Broomball Nationals training tomorrow night will be a similar structure to the last week.
7:30pm-8:15pm Men have the whole ice to do as they please (drills/game plays/scratchie)
8:00pm-8:15pm Women's Whiteboard Session (please be ready to go as we will be going straight on the ice after)
8:15pm -8:40pm(ish) the Women will take one end of the ice for drills etc and the men can take the other half of the ice, I suggest maybe practice 1 on 1s with Steve in goals.
8:40pm-9:00pm the Women finish with a scratchie against what ever guys are happy to stick around for a last little run. We'll try fit in 2x10min halves for the girls.
As usual if you can bring a red, light and dark jersey, cyas there!


Broomball Nationals training tomorrow night will be a slightly different structure to the last few weeks.

7:30pm-8:15pm Men have the whole ice to do as they please (drills/game plays/scratchie) 

8:00pm-8:15pm Women's Whiteboard Session (please be ready to go as we will be going straight on the ice after)

8:15pm -8:40pm(ish) the Women will take one end of the ice for drills etc and the men can take the other half of the ice, I suggest maybe practice 1 on 1s with Steve in goals.

8:40pm-9:00pm the Women finish with a scratchie against what ever guys are happy to stick around for a last little run. We'll try fit in 2x10min halves for the girls.

As usual if you can bring a red, light and dark jersey, cyas there!


It is often said and monitored that the rink policy is to have no more than three in the score box at any one time.

That it is nice and warm in there and at times a great place to chat with friends is not what the score box is all about.

Certainly broomball is a social sport and that is encouraged but with all the expensive equipment that is also there the policy was developed to limit persons but still have access to manage the score board.

Therefore we ask that with each team duty that the maximum is limited to just the three or we may find ourselves without access to the room.

(note referees are allowed to enter above and beyond the limit)



All those playing Nationals need to attend, all other members are encouraged and welcomed to attend so we have another team to play against.
7.00pm Women's whiteboard training
7.30 - 9.00 pm Ice time (including some scratch matches)

Please bring red, white and blue (non-nationals players) jerseys.



There is NO Broomball Tuesday 12/3 due to rink maintenance. Round 1 will continue on Tuesday 19/3.



The 2019 Summer Broomball season is set to kick off from 7:15pm next Tuesday 22nd January.  The schedule is now available on the website - please check your teams game & duty times.

Remember the BASA no pay - no play policy is being enforced this season - make sure you have registered to your team via the members portal AND paid all your outstanding fees or made arrangements with the treasurer.

There are again 7 teams entered so there will be 3 games per week and teams will have byes.

The season is two rotations, with a large break between rotations to allow for some rink upgrades that are scheduled to occur and Men's/Women's Competition + Training in the lead up to the 2019 Australian Championships. Details to follow.

Remember to sign up to the BASA Sharks team online if you would like to go to Nationals this year. You will need your BASA login for this. More info on the event can be found here

Good luck to all teams and players this season!

See you on the ice!



It's that time of the season again - Finals Time!

Mixed Finals

The Camels are again this season's Mixed A Grade Minor Premiers, having not lost a game all season. Who will Stop the Camels? The B grade minor premiers are the Foreign Invaders. Well done to both teams! Can they carry this form into the Finals? We will begin to find out next Tuesday (4th Dec) from 7:15pm as the Mixed competition finals series kicks off from 7:15pm @ the IceArenA! Check the schedule to see what time you play!

Some notes for the finals series:

  • Alan Jabs will ref all games in the first round along side a ref supplied by the listed duty team.
  • Scorebox duties is as per the duty team - please ensure you provide people from your team to fill these duties or contact the RIC if there are any issues.
  • Games are 20 min halves with one minute at half time. Each team gets one time out available. (one minute from the time you call it).
  • A draw at full time sees 3 plus a goalie for five mins sudden death.
  • If still a draw then a shoot out consisting of three persons.
  • If still a draw the shoot out continues through the team roster.
  • 'Highest finishing team in the minor rounds' gets to choose if they shoot first or second and if they want to start with a male or female first. Players alternate gender based on that decision. (both teams follow the decision)
  • ** If a game is finished before the allotted time (doesn't take the full hour allotted) then after discussion with both captains to ensure all team members are present we may commence the next game early, so have you players ready to go before the posted time. (if we are running late then please complete a basic warm up off ice so we can get started and not run too late - a short on ice warm up will still be allowed, but be ready to go) 

Good luck to all Mixed teams competing in the finals! Commiserations to the Wolverines, who unfortunately miss out this season and get that big 'ol spoon thingo to stir the pot with and mix up a winning formula for next season!

Men's Contact Grand Final

The Men's contact Grand Final was fiercely contested on Tuesday night, with "Those Guys" facing off against "The Foreign Legion".  Those guys gained an early ascendancy and controlled much of the game, but due to the solid defence of the Foreign Legion, were unable to find the back of the net with the game seemingly destined for overtime.  That was until a piercing shot from Mark Crowther broke down the defences in the second half.  Late in the second period, the Foreign Legion managed to score a great goal from a breakaway through Kyle Matthews, levelling it up.  Those guys pounded the opposition defence as the Foreign Legion suffered a late penalty, but were unable to take advantage of it as the final hooter sounded.  This put the game into a four on four overtime period, with the Foreign Legion down to three due to the penalty.  The three Legionaries defended gallantly until an unfortunate mix up between the goal keeper and defence of the Foreign Legion saw Brad Mackintosh swoop in and steal the decider from under the goal keepers nose.  A disappointing end to what what a thrilling battle of the top two Men's sides. One can't but feel it is a little unfair for a team that couldn't be bothered to pick a team name to take out the crown, but their on ice performances throughout the season silenced these notions making them deserved winners.  

A great effort by all three teams this season and hopefully all involved enjoyed the experience and skills gained through this format and will be keen for another Men's Contact competition in the near future.

Women's Competition

The Women's competition has been completed for this season, with only two teams there is no need for a Grand Final to decide the winner.  The Champions this season are the Snow Maidens - Well done to the Maidens! Also well done to all the Beavers who battled hard against them all season. We hope all involved enjoyed the competition and gained valuable experience that can be taken into next year's National Championships where we are hoping to have multiple Women's teams.  We are also hopeful that you will be keen for another Women's competition in the future as we want to grow this area of our sport and encourage more female participation.

Good luck to all in the Mixed Finals!



After a couple of weeks break for the World Championships, the regular season resumes tonight from 7:15pm.



A Round Robin competition is being organised for the Worlds break (23rd Oct - 6th Nov).  More details will follow soon.



The 2017/18 Summer season Grand Finals were held last week to decide the A and B grade champions.  The final results were:

A Grade: Camels 4 def Beers 3
Bob Mac (Best on Ice): Jack McKay (Beers)

B Grade: Hammer 3 def Assassins 1

Congratulations to the Camels for taking out the A grade premiership again! Also congratulations to the Hammer for winning the B grade premiership.

Team registration is now open for the Winter 2018 season - Team managers, please register ASAP.

With the 2018 National Championships fast approaching, members are reminded that we are holding training in the lead up to the event in June.  All are welcome to attend and those that are going to nationals should be attending.  Please bring a light and dark jersey (sharks jersey if you have one).  The training schedule is as follows:

  • Tuesday 22nd 7.30-9.30pm
  • Sunday 27th 4.00-6.00pm
  • Tuesday 29th 7.30-9.30pm
  • Sunday 3rd 5.00-6.30pm

If you want to go to nationals and haven't signed up for the Sharks squad via the web yet, please do so ASAP - see the BASA members section.  Teams will be selected shortly so make your self known by registering.



A reminder that nationals training is on tonight 22/5 7:30 - 9:30 @ the IceArenA. All are welcome! Those going to Nationals need to attend. Cost is $5 which is excellent value!



Hi BASA Members, a reminder that the 2017/2018 summer season presentation night and AGM is to be held next Friday 11th May at the Ramsgate Hotel, Henley Beach from 6:30pm.

The AGM notice and nomination form can be found here. Nominations must be received by the 5:00pm on the 10th May.



We are finally at the end of the minor rounds for the Summer season!

Congratulations to the Camels who are once again the A grade minor premiers! Congratulations also to The Hammer, who are the B grade minor premiers.

Thanks for your patience with all the ice rink maintenance that has happened and interrupted our season. As a result the next 3 weeks will consist of the final series and then straight into Nationals training.

The Finals format will be the same as last season with the Top 4 teams in A-Grade and Bottom 4 into B-grade.  The first round of finals is as follows:

B grade:

  • 7th v 8th (B grade Elimination Final)
  • 5th v 6th (B grade Qualifying Final - winner goes straight to the B grade grand final)

A grade:

  • 1st v 2nd (A grade Qualifying Final - winner goes straight to the A grade grand final)
  • 3rd v 4th (A grade Elimination Final)

Overtime will consist of one 5 minute period, golden goal with 4 players per side (including goal tender). You must maintain the gender requirements during this period. 

If it is still tied at the end of the 5 minute period we move to a shootout. Shootouts will be 3 people from each team alternating genders. Then if it is still tied you continue shooting from the remainder of your roster continuing the alternating genders until a result is obtained.

The schedule is now available on the website. Good luck to all teams in the finals!



Hi Broomballers,

The 2018 Australian National Broomball Championships are fast approaching (6-10 June).  Those wishing to compete at this year's nationals are required to submit an SA Sharks Nomination form. Please complete this asap so that teams can be finalised. BASA encorages all members to consider going to nationals.  It is a great way to improve your skill and gain experience competing at a higher level.  You also get to meet other like-minded broomballers and represent your state at a national tournament!

The SA Sharks nomination form can be found via the BASA members area here or from the 2018 nationals information page in the Sharks area (requires login).  Please note that an upfront $60 registration fee is required to be paid on sign up.

Further information about nationals can be found on the nationals information page and the host ACTBA's website and event facebook page.



We've had confirmation that the ice repairs are complete and the rink is ready to go. Games will resume this Tuesday, 27th March with Round 17.



Bromballers, we have received confirmation that the Ice will not be ready for this Tuesday, 20th March. We will resume round 17 on March 27th.



BASA members, due to ice maintenance there will be no Broomball games next week, 13th March. This maintenance includes a total defrost where they will repair many pipes underneath and repaint the lines. This could potentially be a 2-week process, but they are hoping for only 1, so please keep an ear out regarding when we resume. 

We are looking at hosting the first of the referee course, hosted by Alan, during our usual time slot. If you are interested please contact the basa secretary by email. This is a good chance to start the process of becoming a BASA accredited referee.

There is a potential that we can hold some fast-four games on half of the large ice between 7.15-9.15. This would be at a cost of $20 each, and would need definite numbers by Friday 9th March so that it can be booked. This will only be booked if we have 15 people.



Hi all, a reminder that the regular season games have been postponed for a week due to an ice hockey tournament.  Instead, we are holding a Referee Night at 7.30pm at the IceArena which will run for about an hour. This is for current referees, as it will be an introduction to reffing and discussion and education revolving around some key areas we need to improve. There will also be an outline on what we are trying to do education wise for referees. Also, for those wanting to still play some Broomball we have hired the small ice from 7.30-9.30pm to play some Fast Four Broomball. Please bring $10 cash (pay to Christine on the night) and a dark and light jersey so we can make teams on the night.



Please note that due to the Tigers Ice Hockey Tournament being held at the IceArenA, our normal Broomball games scheduled for the 30th January have been postponed until the following week. At this stage we are hoping to have a fun night of Fast Fours Broomball on the small ice - more details to follow.



BASA is holding a pub crawl on Saturday 3rd February, starting at The Wheatsheaf Hotel at 4:30pm. The Wheaty's annual street party will be taking place the same day so there will be food trucks and plenty of entertainment to begin our evening.

We'll stay at the Wheaty for 2 hrs and then jump on the tram and head into the city. We will continue to update the Facebook event if you want to catch up with us later in the evening.

T-shirt sizes need be collected and finalised by mid this week (10th January). Men's and Women's sizes available. Please let Sally (Assassins) know, message us on the Facebook event or email the committee ASAP.



A reminder that Broomball returns tonight (9/1) from 7:15pm at the IceArenA with round 9 of the Mixed Broomball season. We hope you have had a relaxing and safe holiday period and are raring to go tonight!

See you on the ice!



Tonight (19/12) will be the last round of games before Christmas. Please join us at The Wheatsheaf after your game for some beer and pizza (donated by The Wheatsheaf - thanks to Simon for organising).

Games will resume with round 9 on the 9th January 2018.

We wish all our members an enjoyable, restful and safe holiday period and we will see you all on the ice in the new year!



Broomball resumes tonight (19/12) from 7:15pm with rink maintenance works completed. This week we play the postponed round 8 games. Please check the schedule for game times.

See you on the ice!



Due to ice maintenance, our games tonight have been postponed. More information will be provided as it becomes available. Stay tuned!



After a short maintenance break, the ice rink is back up and running this week, with last week's postponed games scheduled to be played from 7:15pm tomorrow (5/12) night. Please check the schedule for game & duty times.



Please be advised that tomorrow night's games (28/11) are postponed due to Ice Maintenance. At this stage the schedule will be pushed back 1 week and we expect this weeks games will be played on 5/12, pending further advice from rink management. We will keep you posted on any further developments.



There have been some necessary changes made to the Summer 2017/18 Mixed competition schedule, including this coming weeks' games. Please check the updated schedule on the website to find your game/duty times.



Latest in from Saxon:
Hi Guys,
Facebook is telling me that a year ago today I was heading off to Canada for the 2016 World Broomball Championships in Regina..  was such an awesome trip...  good times.. take me back...  but that was a year ago.. which means...  only 1 year until the 2018 World Broomball Championships in Minnesota, USA !!!
So it is time for me to start collecting interest:-
If you know you are definitely going then sign up 100%..  if you haven't been to a worlds before... it will be the trip of a lifetime... until your next one !!
If you are thinking of going then you should.. but let me know you are keen and what % likelihood, clearly i'm not going to hold you to it this far out, but will need a definite sign up by April 2018.
Please email me your interest -
What: 2018 World Broomball Championships
When: Tournament 29th Oct - 3rd Nov (Aussie team arrives 24th October - training/bonding)
Where: Blaine, Minnesota, USA
Teams: Men's, Women's, Mixed and Masters + (potentially 2nd men's or mixed)
COMMITMENT: If you commit to go you will definitely be playing. Unfortunately for logistically reasons we can not take conditional nominations. (eg. I'll go if I make the men's 1 team) . Your nomination and commitment is to the Aussie team. Selection is done much later and everything needs to be in place before then. If you nominate to go, you will be on a team and part of the Australian team. Obviously we will look at preferences and place where we can but again your commitment is to the Australian team (and that is all teams.)
The best way to stake your claim for the higher teams is to come to Nationals and perform well there. It is hard for the selection team to place you in a higher team if you aren't there.
Looking forward to your nomination (email me) to join me in the USA.
Costs (rough. based on previous years):
Airfares :- $1500-2500
Accommodation :- (10 Nights $60 to $80 per night twin share) - $600-$800
Registration (Including Banquet) :- $175
Training/Practice Games :- $75ish
Aussie Gear :-
Jerseys - 2 x $70 = $140 (probably want couple extra for swapping)
Pants - $80
Polo's - $45
Hoodie - $60
Souvenirs - $60 (pins, team gifts etc.)
That's the bare min to buy.. there are all sort of other things you can get .. alternate polo's, different hoodies, jackets, beanies, caps, bags, key rings, pens, coasters, track suit pants, aussie dingoes custom broomball stick etc..  it is all very cool stuff.
Payment Plan :- Seems like a fair load of cash, but payments are spread out. First up is airfares, anywhere up to a year out (or day of flight if you are Jeff Ferrara). An initial rego/gear payment will be due in April. Final gear payments June. Then just accommodation and spending money once there.


The schedule for the 2017/18 Summer Mixed Competition is now available. Games commence this Tuesday 17/10 from 7:15pm. We continue to have 8 teams in the competition, so there will be 4 games per night.

Please check the schedule to see what time your team plays and when your scorebox/ref duties are.



A reminder that tonight (Friday 29th September) is the Winter 2017 Presentation Night at 6:30pm for a 7:00pm start at The Hilton Hotel, 264 South Rd, corner of Sir Donald Bradman Drive, Hilton.

Dinner and drinks will be available for purchased from the venue at own cost.

The night will include the presentation of the following awards:
  • Medal ceremony for the A Grade and B Grade Grand Finals
  • Team MVP
  • Best Goal Tender
  • Best Defender
  • Male MVP
  • Female MVP
  • Highest Male Point Scorer
  • Highest Female Point Scorer
  • Golden Whistle
  • Best Rookie Male
  • Best Rookie Female

We hope to see you all there!



Starting this Tuesday (19/9) we are changing the competition up a little and running a 4 week Men's Contact & Women's Competions, aimed at better preparing our SA Sharks Teams for Nationals.

The following are the Team rosters for the four Men's teams (selected by BASA committee):
Morning WoodNo Glove No LoveSlippery ShaftsDump n Chase
Jack McKayHarry EinarsonAdam CommonJohann Einarson
Adam CollinsAndrew MasonMark CrowtherMatt Pryor
John ThomasCasper FertierTim BoothVince Manno
Ben ZiesingCraig BarrettKim ShapleyDennis Russell
Wayne RichieAlan JabsGraham ElixKim Thorpe
Michael WorkmanChris PinderRod NancarrowGerry McCaffery
Dean TerryTom MildrenTom StevensRob Wheelwright
Brad MackintoshMatt SmithBrayden GreensladeBen Finocchiano
Phil HancockNathan WeddingIan TonkinAndrew Snow
Glen BroadTobi StricklandJustin FarrellDamian Mortimer
Keith ThomasBen TansellHarry MacrisHarry Perks
Haydn LawsonStephen KennedyJackson Renshaw
Mat IrvineWarren Einarson
Malcolm Potter
Goal Keepers for both games to stay at one end: Steve Ballestrin and Volker Stroeher

The Women's Team rosters are:
Sweaty CoconutsIce Beavers
Sal NewenhamNat Stevens
Alessia MassonBronwen Mayo
Nuala O'NeillBrydie Wilkin
Lucy TonkinLydia Fay
Kris MackintoshSophie Common
Maureen BusuttilAlli Mildren
Shanni MullerTrish McHendrie
Christine FilsellHarmonie Wong
Kate MorleyAbi Mortimer
Arwen AndersonCourtney Aird
New Girl (Ian Tonkin)Volker'daughter
Matt LovellDylan Lovell
Goal Keepers to stay at one end: Rob Wheelwright and Tobi Strickland

There will be a briefing about the contact game & checking rules provided by Alan Jabs at 7:30pm this Tuesday 19th Sep before the first Men's Game. All players are encouraged to attend.

The schedule is now available so please check it for game & duty times.

Good luck to all, and above all -have FUN!



The Winter 2017 Mixed season has been run and won, with the Camels taking out the A Grade Grand Final, for the 13th season in a row (wow!), with victory over the Legion of Broom in a close, hard fought game.

The Winner of the Bob McElhinney Medal for Best on Ice was Maureen Busuttil - Congratulations!

The B Grade Grand Final was a very close affair, with a battle between the Arctic Assassins and the Beers that went into overtime. With the sides all tied up at the end of overtime, the game was forced into a shootout of epic proportions. Both sides struggled to score in the pressure cooker situation, but the The Arctic Assassins finally emerged victorious with a sudden death goal scored by Casper Fertier.

Congratulations to our Champions the Camels and Arctic Assassins, and well done to all teams for a fantastic season. A special thanks to all teams for managing to get all players registered before finals! Let's aim to get everyone registered before the start of the next season.

A big thanks also to all those that refereed and sat in the time box this season - the games wouldn't happen without you!

We've taken a week off, but Broomball will return this Tuesday, 19th September from 7:15pm with a change up format of Men's contact and Women's league games. More info has been emailed out and will be posted here and in the schedule shortly. If you would like to be a part of this and have not already put your name down, please contact the BASA secretary asap. Stay tuned for more info...



The winter season presentation night will be held on Friday, 29th September at the Hilton Hotel, 264 South Rd, Hilton at 6:30pm for a 7:00pm start.

Meals will be available for purchase on the night. It promises to be a great night!



The Winter season Grand Finals are on tomorrow night (5/9) from 7:15pm at the IceArenA. Please come along to support the teams as they do battle to see who will be crowned the champions! All are welcome.



The finals for the Winter 2017 Mixed season begin tonight, 22/8 from 7:15pm. Finals games will be 20 minute halves with overtime and a shoot-out if required.

A reminder that all players must be registered and paid BASA season fees before they can play in the finals.

Please check the schedule to see what time you play. The referee duties are also available on the schedule.

Committee members are asked to please help out with the scorebox.

Good luck to all teams in the finals!!!



Hi Broomballers, this season we have a change of format for the finals. Finals will run over 3 weeks with Semi-Finals, Preliminary Finals and Grand Finals rounds. Teams will be split into two grades: Top 4 - A Grade and bottom 4 - B grade.

Please check the match schedule for the format. After this weeks results, the schedule will be released.



After a short break due to rink maintenance, Broomball returns tonight (25/7) with round 11 of the Winter Mixed season.



*** URGENT *** - Please be advised that Broomball is CANCELLED again tonight 18/7 due to some technical issues with the rink.

Maintenance works will be carried out and at this stage we hope to be back on the ice next week.

We will keep you posted regarding the schedule for next week once we know more.

Please spread the word. Apologies for the late notice.



Hi BASA members, please be advised that Broomball is CANCELLED tomorrow night 11/7 due to some technical issues with the rink.

Maintenance works will be carried out and at this stage we will be back on the ice next week. The IceArena apologises for this unforseen interruption.

We will keep you posted regarding the schedule for next week once we know more.

Please spread the word.



A reminder that the 2017 Winter Mixed Competition begins tomorrow night (Tuesday 2/5) at 7:15pm. Please check the schedule to see what time your team plays and when your team duty is.

This season there are a few changes in place:

  1. All players must register and pay their season fees before they take to the ice to ensure they are covered by insurance. Fees are $50 for the season ($10 new players). The registration process contains payment details. Registration is via the BASA members portal:
  2. Referee & scorebox duties have changed: Each team will now only be required to supply one referee and one score box person per game as duties will be shared.
    • Game 1 teams have duty for Game 2;
    • Game 2 teams have duty for Game 1;
    • Game 3 teams have duty for Game 4;
    • Game 4 teams have duty for Game 3;
    This means teams will have duties each week but only need half the amount of people. Teams are able to work it out between themselves if they need help.
  3. Some minor changes have been made to the BASA By-Laws, including the introduction of a permit system for finals.

Note that we will be introducing 2 of each gender on the ice at all times from next season Summer 2017/18, so start recruiting now!

See you on the ice! Don't forget to register!



The 2017 Winter Mixed Broomball season begins next Tuesday 2nd May at 7:15pm. We still do not have all teams registered, so Team captains, please register your team ASAP via the online system (or let the committee know if you do not intend to enter your team this season).

A reminder that all players need to register to play/goal keep for their team and are required to pay their BASA season fees ($50 [$10 new players]) BEFORE their first game.

The schedule will be available on the website soon, so please check back to see what time your team plays and if you have team duty.

See you on the ice!



The SA Sharks Team lists are now available in the members section of the Nationals web portal. Login with your BASA login credentials to view it.

The schedule is also available on the Nationals portal.

Go Sharks!



Nationals training Tuesday 21st and 28th March 7pm till 9pm. All men's and women's teams.
Please bring a white and dark (can be sharks) jersey to play in.

Please also bring a good attitude to learn and practice. No matter your experience level everyone needs to train.

Payments for uniform are now due. Please make sure you are up to date.

See you on the ice!

Kate Irvine



The finals schedule for the Summer 2016/2017 Mixed Season has been released. Please check the schedule to see what time your team plays. The referee & score-box schedule will be released shortly.

Good luck to all teams in the finals!



Nationals training starts this week! All members attending 2017 Nationals are urged to attend training from 7pm until 8pm this coming Tuesday. Please bring a light and dark Jersey and any spare balls you may have.

People playing in the semi finals please feel free to use this as a warm up and do what you need to be ready for your game.

This training is the start of our campaign so please put in the effort to get yourself ready for the tournament. We need everyone to know the set plays and be the best they can be before the games begin!



Registration for next season, Winter 2017 Mixed Competition is now open.
Registration will close at COB, Wednesday 8th March 2017.
Please register your existing team or any new teams for next season as soon as possible via the online members portal
We will be accepting up to 8 team registrations this season.

Please contact the BASA Statistics & Information management Officer you encounter any issues with the registration process.




Dear BASA members,
the BASA committee would like to advise you of the upcoming annual general meeting (AGM) of the Broomball Association of South Australia (BASA). The details of this meeting are as follows:

Date: Friday, 17th March 2017
Time: 7.00pm
Place: Joiners Arms, 9 Manton St, Hindmarsh SA
Food will be available for purchase at the venue.

All Committee Positions are open for nomination as follows:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Public Officer
  • Chief Referee
  • Publicity & Promotions Officer
  • Statistics & Information Management Officer
  • Competition Coordinator
  • General Committee Member (up to two positions)

Please submit your nomination to the BASA secretary via email.

The 2016/17 Summer Season Presentation Night will also be held before the start of the AGM.

Teams are encouraged to submit an team article for the End of Season Newsletter. Please email this to the BASA secretary.

BASA Committee



Hi all, a reminder that this week Broomball moves back to the usual start time of 7:15pm.

This means game start times are as follows:

  • 7:15pm - Game 1
  • 8:00pm - Game 2
  • 8:45pm - Game 3
  • 9:30pm - Game 4

Please check the schedule for your game and duty time.




Dear BASA members,
the BASA committee would like to advise you of the upcoming annual general meeting (AGM) of the Broomball Association of South Australia (BASA). The details of this meeting are as follows:

Date: Friday, 17th March 2017
Time: TBA
Place: TBA

Tom Stevens
BASA Statistics & Information Management Officer



New Parking Arrangements at IceArena

We have been advised that the parking ticket machines at the IceArena can now issue a FREE 3 hour parking ticket for IceArena Patrons (including Broomballers!).

Please ensure you get a ticket when attending Broomball to avoid any fines. To obtain your free ticket, follow the instructions on the ticket machine.



Broomball Returns

Happy New Year!

BASA hopes everyone enjoyed the festive season and had a good break but it is time to work off that Christmas cheer because Broomball is back!

That's right, the Broomball Summer season resumes tomorrow night (10/1) at 6:45pm. Check the schedule to see what time your team plays and if you have duty.

See you on the ice!



Schedule Time Changes

Please note that as of this week (13TH DECEMBER) we go to a 6.45PM START all the way through to the 14TH FEBRUARY. The 21st FEBRUARY we go back to the normal 7.15pm time slot. This is due to Ice Hockey scheduled on the large ice directly after us.

Please check the schedule to ensure you are aware of what time your team plays.

We need to start on time each week, if you have referee duty for the first game please ensure that the teams are ready to go at 6.45pm sharp. The only exception to this is if the ice is unplayable.

For the teams that are playing the last game can we all pitch in and get the goals off the ice and put away in the correct location as quickly as possible.

Thank you for your understanding and co-operation.

BASA Committee



Summer Season Begins

Don't forget the 2016/2017 Summer Broomball season starts this Tuesday night (15/11). Check the schedule for game and duty times.



Winter Season Presentation Night

The 2016 Winter Season Presentation will be held on Friday 21st October at the Mile End Hotel in the beer garden.

Presentation will start at 7.00pm sharp.

Food is available at your cost.

Please pass the word around as it is important that we get as many people to attend as we can.

Please note that the previously scheduled AGM has been cancelled and will be held at the end of the 2016/2017 Summer Season.

See you there!



Finals Time!

It's that time of year again! Finals Time!

Congratulations to the Camels, who again are our 'A' grade minor premiers. Congratulations also to the Arctic Assassins who are our 'B' grade minor premiers.

The finals kick off next Tuesday 11th October @ 7:15pm with the minor premiers exhibition match. Please check the schedule to see what time your team plays.

The Grand final night will be the following week (18th) where we will crown our champions!

This season, we will be holding a Presentation Night at the Mile End Hotel on Friday 21st October - More details to follow.

Good luck to all finals teams!




Summer 2016/2017 Season Registration Open - Please Register Teams ASAP

Registrations for the 2016/2017 Summer Mixed Broomball competition are now open. BASA would appreciate if team registrations could please be completed by Wednesday 19th October so we can announce the schedule at the presentation night. The new season will start on the 15th November at the usual 7:15pm time slot.

This season we will once again use the online registration system. Team captains can register a team in the new season by logging into the Members Section (also see link above) (sign up if you have't already). A link is provided for existing team captains to register an existing team to a season. New teams (A new team is a team with a different name) can be created by following the create new team link. Follow the prompts to complete the short registration process.

Registrations will be considered and approved by the competition coordinator and committee. And you will receive a confirmation email once approved.

We will be accepting up to 8 team registrations for this season.

Once your team is registered and approved, team members can register to the team in the new season by following the player registration link in the members section. Player registrations will need to be approved by Team Captains. All players (including captains) must complete this player registration before their first game of the season.

Please contact the BASA webmaster/committee if you have any issues with the registration system and we will address them asap.

Thanks, BASA Committee



No Sunday Broomball This Week

Please note that there will be no Broomball for the next two Sundays (18/9 & 25/9) as the ice is booked out. Sunday Broomball will recommence on the 2nd October.



New Sunday Broomball Competition

Since the closure of the Noarlunga ice rink the Noarlunga players have been looking to establish a Sunday afternoon Broomball session at the Ice Arena at Thebarton. If you haven't played at Noarlunga before, essentially it is a mixed non-contact competition, the teams are made up on the night (dependant on numbers), the games are self-refereed and the format is very similar to the fast four competition which we all enjoyed playing earlier in the year while the large ice was being repaired.

BASA have now successfully secured a 4:15pm -6:15pm time slot on Sunday afternoons and are happy to announce that the Broomball Sunday sessions will be kicking off this Sunday 21st August.

It is a great format of the game for new players to try the sport for the first time, to spend more time on the ice and improve their skills in a fast moving game. For the more experienced players it’s a great opportunity to practice and hone the skills, especially in the lead up to events like the National and World Championships. If you liked the fast four competition you will love this! Once we know that this will be supported by all members we will formalise a structured competition, after Worlds.

Cost is likely to be $10 - $15 depending on numbers.

We'll look at any specific rule requirements and restrictions over the coming weeks for playability and safety and review along the journey as necessary.

BASA encourages all to attend this Sunday @ 4:15pm @ the IceArena.



Return to Main Ice: Winter Season Begins!

The 2016 Winter Mixed Broomball season begins this Tuesday night, 10th May at 7:15pm. As we have 7 teams again, the first bye goes to The Hammer. With the start of the new season, we see a return to the newly upgraded main ice sheet. We also welcome a new look team, the Wolverines, to the competition.

Please check the schedule to see what time your team plays and if you have any ref/scorebox duties.

Team captains, please ensure all your players have registered to your team before their first game.

Good luck to all Broomballers for the new season!

See you on the ice!



Winter 2016 Season Registration Open - Please Register Teams ASAP

Registrations for the 2016 Winter Mixed Broomball competition are now open. BASA would appreciate if team registrations could please be completed by Friday 6th May so we can get the schedule out for the start date on Tuesday 10th May. We apologise for the short time frame.

This season we have a much improved online registration & members portal system. Team captains can register a team in the new season by logging into the Members Section (also see link above) (sign up if you have't already). A link is provided for existing team captains to register an existing team to a season. New teams (A new team is a team with a different name) can be created by following the create new team link. Follow the prompts to complete the short registration process.

Registrations will be considered and approved by the competition coordinator and committee. And you will receive a confirmation email once approved.

We will be accepting 7 team registrations for this season, so there will be byes.

Once your team is registered and approved, team members can register to the team in the new season by following the player registration link in the members section. Player registrations will need to be approved by Team Captains. All players (including captains) must complete this player registration before their first game of the season.

Please contact the BASA webmaster/committee if you have any issues with the registration system and we will address them asap. BASA asks for your patience and understanding as we bring this new system online. Once fully operational, it will vastly improve the operation of our Broomball league.

Thanks, BASA Committee



Womens and Mens Matches on Small Ice This Week

The large ice will not be ready tonight so we will remain on the small ice this week.

The format for Tonight is as follows:

  • 8.15pm – Women's match
  • 8.45pm – Men's Match
  • 9.15pm – Women's Match
  • 9.45pm – Men's Match

Kate and Christine have the Women's teams sorted and they will organise this.

As far as the Men's go we will organise teams on the night so please bring out a assortment of playing tops.

To avoid any confusion we will run with the same FastFour playing rules as the previous small ice games for both Men's and Women's. We need some volunteers to ref and time keep.



2016 Broomball Nationals Update

The 2016 Broomball Nationals have been moved and rescheduled due to the unfortunate situation at the Adelaide ice rink. The following is the official announcement from Broomball Australia.

To all,

We have today announced that the 2016 Broomball Australia Nationals will be held at the Erina rink, Central Coast, NSW over the June Long Weekend. (Jun 10 - 13).

Knowing that the time is short I urge all to contact their respective local committees immediately if you are planning to attend so teams can be organised and you can fix travel and accommodation.

It has been unfortunate that we were not able to hold the event in Adelaide this year but as we are all well aware with no ice we have no broomball.

Over the last few weeks Saxon, Bryce and myself have been looking at alternate dates and locations and to Saxon and Bryce I offer my thanks for the huge efforts in getting this up and running. Now we need everyone to support this as if it was in Adelaide so it can be the success it deserves to be.

I know we shall get your support and I look forward to seeing all of you in Gosford over the June long weekend.

As I do not have everybody's email address please feel free to forward this on to those I have missed as well as posting on Facebook and website accounts to get the message out there to all...

Kind regards,

Alan Jabs
Broomball Australia

Please spread the word and contact a committee member if you are interested in attending Nationals.



BASA Fast4 Competition Begins!

The new Fast4 competition starts tomorrow night from 8:15pm on the small ice at the IceArena. Please check the schedule to see what time you play.

Modified rules have been developed and distributed to all team captains. They are also are available here. Please remember to play within the spirit of the rules and this new format while we continue to keep our local league going during this difficult time.

Good luck to all teams! See you on the ice!



Broomball Update and Scratch Matches Tonight!

Broomball Night

Tonight (Tuesday 15th March) starting at 8.15PM we have the opportunity to run a night of Broomball on the small ice, we have booked the ice for 2 hours and ask for those that want to play to bring a few different coloured tops. We will run the games with 4 per team + goal keeper. Time of games will depend on how many turn up. We would think that the team you are in would play at least twice on the night. The main reason for this is to see how a Broomball competition could work on the small ice.

Ice Rink

Two working groups have been formed as of last Tuesday night, one group is looking at opportunities to secure funding to get the large ice running again, the second group is looking at options for a temporary rink. We have another meeting with the SAISF on Tuesday night and will be updated on the two groups progress and we hope to have some positive news to share.

Broomball Summer Season

The committee have met and have discussed many options regarding the current summer season. The committee have decided that the summer season has been completed as of the last game that we played. There was only 1 more Tuesday night of games to go before finals started.

With no possibility playing a finals series the final ladder positions as they are will represent the end of the season standings.

The committee feel that this is the best result given the circumstances we find ourselves in. We understand that it is not ideal and that some member’s may not agree but we consider this our best option.

Broomball Presentation Night

We are aiming to hold a presentation night on the 22nd of March at the Wheatsheaf Hotel where we will present all trophies and enjoy pizza and drinks. Please note that this is to be confirmed.

Could I ask that all captains please do a team write up including your team MVP. Nat Olsen is putting together a great newsletter and we want ALL TEAMS to have a write up in the newsletter.

Broomball Competition

Starting on the 29th of March we will be starting a Broomball competition on the small ice. Fast Five Broomball will have modified rules due to the small ice and we will be running this competition until we can get back onto the large ice. Rules and a schedule will be sent out after this Tuesday night once we have assessed Tuesday nights games. The committee would hope that all existing teams take part in the Fast Five Broomball competition and we also would like to encourage new players to come out as this format may be better suited for the new inexperienced player. If your team feels that they can field 2 teams in this comp please do so. Registration will open soon.

The situation we find ourselves in has never been experienced before and therefore we do not have any history to look back on. The committee would like to highlight that it is important that we all continue to play and promote Broomball. I do know that we will get back to a full ice competition eventually and we do not want to loose any members during this period, We need to come back bigger and better.

The committee would also like to thank those that have expressed their support for the committee in these challenging time, it is a welcome change.

If you have any questions related to any of this news, please contact the committee.




Hi Broomballers,
Some sad news unfortunately. We have received communication from the rink regarding the large ice and the repairs that are taking place.

The repairs to the leaking pipes have been completed. Two pressure tests have occurred and both have failed! It is clear from these tests that there are more leaks under the main ice but their location, number and size cannot be determined. The significant age of the pipe system and the fact that the pipes are imbedded in concrete means that further attempts to find and fix leaks are not feasible.

This has massive implications for us!

  1. the pipes under the main ice surface are now deemed unfixable
  2. The Department of the Environment will not permit any refrigerant gas to be introduced into the main ice pipe system.
  3. We are therefore not able to create ice on the main surface.

The only way forward is to install a new refrigeration system for the main ice, so sadly we have to inform you that there will be no main ice for at least two months and possibly longer.

This impacts on all sports as well as the Broomball nationals.

We have contacted the other state broomball associations and they understand the situation. We have taken the step to put nationals on hold at this stage. We will be working with the other associations to try and resolve the issues associated with this postponement.

Our president will be meeting with the SAISF board early next week to discuss our options regarding the local league and Nationals. The committee will then meet directly after to discuss, and we will consult with teams via the team captains.

At this stage Broomball has been postponed indefinitely.

The committee will have a hectic couple of weeks and we ask for your support and confidence that we will be working hard to ensure that Broomball will be as strong as it is now when it returns.

The committee is aware of all the implications associated with this and we will be looking to continue playing in some form so we ask for your patience while we work through this. We will organise a presentation night and advise the timing shortly.

If you require any clarification on this matter please contact the committee via email.

BASA Committee




Hi Broomballers,
we have been advised that the large ice will be closed for another week. The repairs are going well but unfortunately they have discovered some further leaking pipes that need repair.

While undertaking this work, staff at the rink are taking the opportunity to repair some of the boards and repaint the rink.

At this stage they are looking to open the ice on Monday the 7th March. We will confirm this closer to the date.

We will push the season back a further week.

Please spread the word to all broomballers. We will keep you posted.

BASA Committee




Hello all, as you know the ice surface has not been great of late. This is a result of broken pipes under the ice surface.

Over the last few weeks the SAISF and the owner of the centre have been negotiating the repair of the pipes and the replacement of lost gas.

This has now been resolved and the repairs will be carried out immediately. This will mean that the rink will be closed for approx. 1 week and therefore Broomball for Tuesday 23rd Feb has been cancelled.

We will simply push the season back 1 week. We will advise if there are further delays.

Please spread the word to all broomballers. We will keep you posted.



Summer Season Continues

The Summer broomball season returns from the holiday break this Tuesday from 7:15pm. Check the schedule to see what time your team plays. See you on the ice!



Scratch Matches Tonight

Hi all, there will be some scratch matches played tonight at the IceArena starting at 7:30pm. Cost is $20. Please contact Graham Elix for more information.

Normal rounds will resume next week. Please check the schedule to see what time your team plays.



Happy Holidays! - No Broomball tonight

A reminder that there will be no broomball tonight. As it is the holiday season, we will be taking a short break from the summer broomball season.

There will be no regular season games until we return on the 12th January 2016, however there will be a scratch games night on the 5th January 2016. Please see the schedule for more details.

BASA wishes everyone a fun, safe and relaxing holiday period. See you on the ice in the new year!



Summer Season Begins!

The BASA Summer 2015/16 season starts tomorrow night at 7:15pm. We welcome a new Team "Beers" this season to make 7 teams. This means there will be byes. This first week, Beers have the bye so we will have to wait another week to see them in action.

The season schedule is now available on the website, so please check it to see what time your team plays.

See you on the ice!



Compolsory Team & Player Registration

Player and Team registration for the Summer 2015/16 Season is now open. Every captain must register their Team or it will not be included in the competition.

Registration closes on 25th October at 5pm.

Player registration must also be completed before the first game.

To register a team, the captain first needs to register here then log in and click on the team registration link. The competition coordinator will then approve the registration.

Players also need to use the above link to register.

The member portal can then be accessed by going to



Broomball Training Tuesaday

There will be 2 hours of Broomball Training this Tuesday at the IceArena starting at 7:15pm.

There are a few new players coming out for a try so if you have any spare equipment, please bring it out.

Please spread the word so we can get as many out as possible.



No Broomball Tonight

For those that have not heard, there is no Broomball tonight (13/10). There were plans for some training/scratch matches, however this has been cancelled.



BASA Winter Season Premiers 2015

The Grand Finals were fiercely contested last week.

In the B Grade we had the Assassins facing off with the Hammer. In a tough match neither team could find the back of the net. The game went to overtime ending in the same scoreline. It came down to a penalty shootout, with the Hammer managing to take out the B Grade Prize. Well done to the Hammer.

The A Grade saw the Invaders take on reigning premiers the Camels. In a fierce match, the Camels again proved too strong, finding the net on several occassions to score a convincing win and retain the A Grade Champions title. Congratulations Camels! Congratulations also to Johan Einarson for winning the Bob Mac medal for best on ice.

So with anothers season run and won, we take a ahort break before the Summer 2015/2016 Season commences on 27th October.

Compolsory Team and Player registrations will be open soon - more info to follow soon.

There may be a scratch match/training next week (20/10), so stay tuned.



BASA Winter Season Grand Finals

It's Grand Final day!

After two very close semi-finals matches last week, where both matches couldn't be decided in normal time, we have come down to 4 teams.

The Arctic Assassins will face off against the Hammer to decide the B Grade Champion, while the Camels face the Foreign Invaders to decide the A Grade's top prize.

A reminder also that the Presentation night and AGM will follow the conclusion of the A grade final at the Wheatsheaf Hotel.

So bring your friends and family out to see a top quality night of Broomball Finals at the IceArena from 7:15pm tonight.

Good luck to all finalists!



BASA Winter Season Presentation Night & AGM

A reminder that the Winter season presentation night & AGM will be held after the conclusion of the A grade grand final at 9:00pm on Tuesday 6th October at the Wheatsheaf Hotel Thebarton.

Nominations for committee positions can be forwarded to the BASA secretary, or will be taken from the floor on the night.



Finals Begin

The elimination finals round is on tomorrow night starting at 7:15pm with the A and B grade minor premiers facing off. Following this, we will have the two elimination finals - A grade: Foreign Invaders v Legion of Broom @ 8:00pm and B grade: Hammer v Sled Dogs @ 8:45pm. Good luck to all teams!

As usual, match fees can be paid either via direct deposit or to the treasurer on the night.

A reminder that player season fees need to be paid before the finals!



Winter Season Schedule Available

The first 3 rounds of the Winter 2015 schedule are now available on the website.

Please check the schedule to see what time your team plays and if you have duty.



Winter 2015 Season Begins!

Broomballers, the 2015 Winter Broomball season begins this Tuesday night 16 June with the first game at 7:15pm.

Please check the schedule to see what time your team plays and if you have scorebox/ref duty.

See you on the ice.



Finals Time

That's right folks, it's finals time! The elimination finals round is on tonight starting at 7:15pm with a slight change to the schedule: The first game will now be played as a scratch match due to lack of players for the scheduled Camels v Invaders match - All are welcome to play.

Following this, we will have the two elimination finals - A grade: Slipstreamers v Hammer @ 8:00pm and B grade: Assassins v Sled Dogs. Good luck to all teams!

Match fees can be paid either via direct deposit or to the treasurer on the night ($135 per team).

A reminder that player season fees need to be paid before the finals!



Nationals Update

An update regarding accommodation deals for the 2015 nationals can be found here

Training times have also been released here



BASA Player Conduct at Ice Arena - Use Change Rooms!

Hi Broomballers, a reminder to all that the common areas at the Ice Arena are NOT CHANGE ROOMS. There continue to be incidents where players are getting changed in these common areas. Players are reminded to use the change rooms (particularly the new change room behind the main rink) or bathroom areas for changing.

Thank you,
BASA Committee>


Nationals 2015

For those interested in attending Broomball Nationals this year, please vist
this page to register.
There is a webform to register your interest and some information about the event.
If you would like more information, please see our BASA president Craig Barrett at Broomball.


It appears that the (new) owners of the Ice Arena Building, may have initiated Paid Parking at the rink.
I believe that the Rink is in urgent discussion with the owner, but this was initiated by the OWNER with no notice or discussion and is entirely outside of our control.
I’m not entirely sure (as details are still sketchy) if and when this will take effect from (it may have already). >


Broomball returns!

Season's Greetings!

That's right Broomballers it's time to burn off some of that Christmas cheer! The winter Broomball season returns from the holiday break next Tuesday 13th January.

Please check the schedule to see what time your team plays!



Full Schedule Now Available

Hi Broomballers, the full season schedule is now available for the current Winter 2014 Season. Please take a look to see when your upcoming games are and the arrangements around end of season / World Broomball Championships.

Also note that the Presentation Night will be held on the 14th October at 8:00pm at The Wheatsheaf Hotel (The Wheetie). Details TBA.



Schedule Updated!

Hi Broomballers, the schedule for the next 5 rounds is now available. Please have a look and see what time your team plays. Note that games are on this week. Apologies for the late notice for this week's games!



Change up round this week

All players please note this week we have a change up round scheduled.
Game 1: Mixed game
Game 2: Men's Contact game
Game 3: Men vs Masters game

Team Lists

The teams are as follows:

Mixed 1 Mixed 2 Team Red Team Blue Team Black Masters
Anthony Worrell Matt Hallworth Andrew Masson Adam Collins Johann Einarson Rod Nancarrow
Daniel Cutting Harry Macris Lucca Obbiettivo Harry Perks Jackson Renshaw Warren Eirnason
Madie Riley Chris Cronin John Thomas Casper Fertier Craig Barrett Ben Zeising
Ali Mildren Nat Olsen Jacob Tim Booth Josh Reynold Gerry Mccaffery
Jane Wells Jae Jay Tom Stevens Dom Nocera Simon Dawson Graham Elix
Trish Mchendrie Shanni Muller Chris OConner Marty Wells Lachlan Schmidt Kym Thorpe
Amanda Olsen Michela Dunmall Matt Hornsby Matt Irvine Matt Pryor Wayne Ritchie
Alessia Masson Ashley Taylor Harry Einason Anthony Farrel Robbie Wheelright Mark Zeising
Bronwen Mayo Summer Virgo Luke Golding Kim Shapley Tom Nancarrow Keith Thomas
Michael Workman (GK) Christine Filsel (GK) Arnie (GK) Michael Workman (GK) Steve Ballestrin (GK) Alan Jabs
          Matt Lovell
          Phil Hancock
          Arnie (GK)

Change Up round Rules

  2. PLAYING TIME IS 18 MINUTES WITH 4 MINUTES HALF TIME BREAK (Gives teams a chance to talk at half time)

Game times are as normal from 7:15pm. Please check the schedule to see what time you play. Also note the ref/score box duties on the schedule.



BASA 2014 Winter Season starts this week!

Please be aware that the winter broomball season starts this Tuesday 29th April with the first game at 7:15pm.

Please check the schedule to see what time your team plays.

See you all on the ice!



2014 Australian Broomball National Championships - UPDATE

Tournament schedule is now posted at:

ACT Rink location is at: Phillip Swimming & Ice Skating Centre, Irving St, PHILLIP ACT.

SA player fees due will be emailed to you directly.



BASA AGM & Referees Clinic

The Broomball Association of South Australia AGM will now be held in the "new room" in the NW corner of the Ice Rink on Tuesday 22 April 2014 at 7:00pm. The evening will also have a Referees Clinic/Information session commencing immediately after the AGM.

There are no games scheduled for this night, the new season will commence on Tuesday 29 April 2014.



Finals Winners

Congratulations Camels for winning the A grade grand final against the Foreign Invaders 2-1
Goal Scorers - Camels: J.Einarson, T.Nancarrow. Foreign Invader: H.Perks
Bob Mac Award: Luca Obbiettivo

B Grade Hammer Defeated Slipstreamers 5-3
Goal Scorers - Hammer: J.Thomas 3, W.Ritchie, L.Golding

The next two weeks there will be nationals training from 7:30-9pm. This is an open invitation for anyone wanting to come and give some support and competition to the group travelling to Canberra. IF YOU WANT TO PRACTICE YOUR GAME, THIS IS THE BEST TIME TO DO IT..

Dont Forget about Presentation Night

BASA 2013-14 Summer Season Presentation Night

The end of season presentation night is fast approaching.
    When: Friday 11th April, 2014 at 7pm
    Where: The Gilbert Hotel, Gilbert St, Adelaide.

Drinks and food will be available for purchase on the night at own expense.
See you all there!>

Amendment for previous message. First game will start at 7:15pm. Second game 8:30pm PLEASE TELL YOUR TEAM GAMES WILL START ON TIME>

This weeks grand finals times are as follows, Slipstreamers vs Hammer.. Game starts 7:30 Ref/duties TBA Camels vs Invaders.. Game Starts 8:30 The usual schedule will be rectified shortly>


Season Fees Due

Reminder - with finals approaching season fees are also coming due.

To be eligible to play please arrange for your fees to be paid to BASA via the following EFT details:
    BSB: 085-005
    Acct No: 20-500-7396
    Account name: Broomball Assoc Of South Australia

$45 for one season or $75 for two seasons.

Please put your name in the transfer information.



Finals Time!

Finals start this week!
Finals matches will consist of 2 x 20 minute halves with the last 2 minutes of the final half being stop clock. Each match will have a 2 minute half time break.
Teams are allowed 1 Time out for the duration of the match.
In the event of scores being level at full time there shall be an Overtime period of 5 minutes STOP CLOCK.
The Overtime period will consist of a 4 v 4 PLUS GOAL KEEPER, in which at least 1 of those players MUST be a girl.
If the scores are still level there will be a Penalty Shootout. At the start of the shootout, a list of 5 players in order will be given to the referee. There are two options for taking the shot.

  • 1st, a stationary shot from a point to be allocated by referee.
  • 2nd, moving shot where the ball must start at the half way line.
Please note the change to the scheduled times - all games have been allocated a 1 hour time slot.
Good luck to all teams in the finals!


We have received complaints against Broomball from the rink on two fronts:

Firstly, when putting the Goals away, please be PARTICULARLY careful to NOT slide the goals over any cable or hose lying on the ground. They May Be electrically LIVE! (Yes they should protected, covered or whatever, but there are no guarantees). This was done a couple of weeks ago (using our goals), and bared the wires, fortunately there were no injuries, but it could have been more serious. Be aware!

Secondly, please ensure that if you HAVE to change in the common area, that you do so in an appropriate manner. Basically any exposure of underwear is verboten. Use the change rooms if you have to strip down. This applies to both male and female players. Any nudity may see you expelled from the rink. You should all be aware by now of this policy and the fact that there are often young children present. We as a club risk being banned or forced to ALL utilise the change rooms if this policy is not adhered to. Just be sensible about it.>


2014 Australian Broomball National Championships

The 2014 Australian Broomball Championships will be held in Canberra ACT from Thursday 17 April to Sunday 20 April (incl).

Schedule format is Mens & Womens divisions from Thursday to Saturday, then Mixed divisions on Sunday. Presentation Dinner will be on the Sunday night.

More tournament info will be posted by the ACT crew at:

Team fees will be posted soon.

If you haven't already advised us & you want to compete for the SA Sharks get in touch with Craig Barrett pronto or post a message at

SA Sharks jerseys are $75 - if you need one see Gerry McCaffery before 28 Feb to get your order in.



2014 Australian Broomball National Championships

The 2014 Australian Broomball Championships will be held in Canberra ACT from Thursday 17 April to Sunday 20 April (incl).

Schedule format is Mens & Womens divisions from Thursday to Saturday, then Mixed divisions on Sunday. Presentation Dinner will be on the Sunday night.

More tournament info will be posted by the ACT crew at:

Team fees will be posted soon.

If you haven't already advised us & you want to compete for the SA Sharks get in touch with Craig Barrett pronto or post a message at

SA Sharks jerseys are $75 - if you need one see Gerry McCaffery before 28 Feb to get your order in.


2014 Australian Broomball National Championships

The 2014 Australian Broomball Championships will be held in Canberra ACT from Thursday 17 April to Sunday 20 April (incl).

Schedule format is Mens & Womens divisions from Thursday to Saturday, then Mixed divisions on Sunday. Presentation Dinner will be on the Sunday night.

More tournament info will be posted by the ACT crew at:

Team fees will be posted soon.

If you haven't already advised us & you want to compete for the SA Sharks get in touch with Craig Barrett pronto or post a message at

SA Sharks jerseys are $75 - if you need one see Gerry McCaffery before 28 Feb to get your order in.


Amendments to the Constitution: May be made at an Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting, provided that the proposed amendments have been distributed in writing to all financial members thirty (30) days in advance of the meeting. Amendments shall only be adopted by a 2/3 majority of financial members present. All amendments shall satisfy the requirements of the "Associations Incorporation Act: 1956-65" in the State of South Australia.
To that end, I Kim Shapley, have attached a copy of a Proposed Constitution, to replace our existing one. This contitution, is based upon the Model State Sporting Association Constitution Developed by the South Australian Government Office for Recreation and Sport - July 2013
BASA_2014_Proposed_Constitution.doc. I propose to raise this, as a change to our existing Consitiution at the next Annual General Meeting.>

ATTENTION MASTERS OF BASA, this week (18/2) you will get the chance to showcase your skills against Craig's men's team.

The game will be played in the men's time slot under the same conditions. Masters PLEASE wear RED SA Sharks nationals tops!!!

If anyone is interested in playing in either team please don't hesitate to come out and play THE MORE PLAYERS THE BETTER! >

Well the BASA Site is backup. No thanks to the Hosting provider who decided to suspend the account as a Backup file wasn't deleted in their time frame (despite them advising me they would delete it!). Needless to say I am Pissed, and am escalating this as it's exceptionally poor customer service. Usually very reliable and customer focussed, but they dropped the ball on this one big time.>

Hi all, below is a link to the expression of interest for the 2014 World Broomball Championships. To be held in Tomakomai, Hokkaido, Japan. So if you are interested in attending, please take the time to complete the form. THis will be passed to the Australian organisers (Saxon Hooper) and will be used to identify those wishing to attend. So if you are interested, then you need to complete the online form.
2014 Worlds Expression of Interest Australian Team
The event will be held from November 3rd 2014 to November 7th. With a couple of days ahead of the event for training. The event will feature Men's, Women's, Mixed and Masters. Australia is planning to send a team in each division (probably two in the Mens). I can recommend the event and the competition guaranteed a fun time and definately worth the experience. If you want further information, please see (Kim Shapley, Alan Jabs, Gerry McCaffery) and or vist the IFBA website >

PLEASE BE AWARE THAT AS OF NEXT ROUND 3rd DECEMBER THERE WILL BE A CHANGE OF SCHEDULE DUE TO THE INTRODUCTION OF THE NEW MEN'S COMPETITION. There is no dramatic change to who plays who, just the referee/time box duties have changed and every 2nd week will see a men's game played in the second time slot. Please make sure ALL of your team is aware of the change. Also if anybody is still interested in playing Men's, please see Tim Booth or Craig Barrett. EVERYBODY IS WELCOME TO PLAY>

In the up and coming week we will be welcoming back the Men's competition. At this stage we will be running two teams every second week. Everybody has been asking to get a men's competition going, now here it is. For this to work we need everybody to support this. Games will be run in the second time slot and will be run in 2x15 minute periods (running clock). Costs will depend on how many numbers come out, the more people the less cost! If you are interested in playing please speak to Craig Barrett and Tim Booth as these two will be the people organising each team.>

Due to some critical maintenance on the Ice Rink Condenser that was scheduled for today, the Ice rink has identified a leak. This will require further work to fix and this unfortunately means that the ice will not be in a suitable state for us and we have no choice but to cancel Broomball tonight - 5/11/2013.

Can you please make sure that your players are all aware of the cancellation.

This round will be rescheduled to a later date. >

PacRim training will be held Sunday night at 8:30pm at the ice rink. There will be a 1 hour session followed by a quick debrief of the tournament rules and event admin. Please bring your Sharks jersey and an alternate jersey.

Kate will be handing out ID cards for PacRim that you will need for entry to the Melbourne ice rink during the tournament.

We have received some info about the social events of the tournament:

Finally, the latest version we have of the tournament schedule and rules can be found here. Please check the schedule to see what time you are playing. There is also a website for the tournament at

Good luck to everyone who is attending the PacRim tournament!>

PacRim training will be held Sunday night at 8:30pm at the ice rink. There will be a 1 hour session followed by a quick debrief of the tournament rules and event admin. Please bring your Sharks jersey and an alternate jersey.

Kate will be handing out ID cards for PacRim that you will need for entry to the Melbourne ice rink during the tournament.

We have received some info about the social events of the tournament:

Finally, the latest version we have of the tournament schedule and rules can be found here. Please check the schedule to see what time you are playing. There is also a website for the tournament at

Good luck to everyone who is attending the PacRim tournament!>

PacRim training will be held Sunday night at 8:30pm at the ice rink. There will be a 1 hour session followed by a quick debrief of the tournament rules and event admin. Please bring your Sharks jersey and an alternate jersey.

Kate will be handing out ID cards for PacRim that you will need for entry to the Melbourne ice rink during the tournament.

We have received some info about the social events of the tournament:

Finally, the latest version we have of the tournament schedule can be found here. Please check the schedule to see what time you are playing. There is also a website for the tournament at

Good luck to everyone who is attending the PacRim tournament!>

Pacrim training will be available after tonight's 3rd match for those attending the tournament. See Kate/Kim/Simon.>

A reminder that the new broomball season starts tonight 24th September at 7:15pm. The season roster has been available on the website
here since last week.

Please check to see what time your team plays!

Good luck to all teams this season!>

The finals of the 2013 BASA Winter Broomball season have been run and won. Congratulations to the Camels who are our A-Grade Champions! Congratulations also to the Slipstreamers, winning the B-Grade grand final.

With finals over, it's on to the new season, which commences Tuesday week on the 24th September at 7:15pm. The schedule will be up on the website shortly so stay tuned to find out when your team plays.

Also, don't forget the BASA Winter Presentation Night next Friday 20th September at the
Royal Hotel Henley Beach Rdstarting at 6:30pm. See you all there!>

ATTENTION**** Please be advised that due to unforseen circumstances we have had to move the presentation which was scheduled for this Friday to the following Friday. 20TH OF SEPTEMBER at the Hotel Royal on Henley Beach road is still the location, and it starts from 6:30pm with trophy presentation starting at 8pm. PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD THAT THE PRESENTATION HAS BEEN MOVED TO THE 20TH OF SEPTEMBER>

ATTENTION ALL**** The presentation that was scheduled for this Friday has unfortunately been moved to the following Friday, which will be the 20TH OF SEPTEMBER!!! All other details remain the same with the venue staying the HOTEL ROYAL on Henley Beach road, and starting from 6:30pm with trophy presentations to commence at 8pm. PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD >

The date has been set and the venue has been located. Friday the 13th of September at the Royal Hotel on Henley Beach Road. Starts at 7pm, Trophies Presentation will commence at 8pm. Tim Booth and Maddy from the Hammer will be the points of call for this event, and they will be asking around on Tuesday to get rough numbers. THESE EVENTS ARE IMPORTANT TO ATTEND, SUPPORT BASA SO BASA CAN SUPPORT YOU>


A slight change of the scheduled Start time for tonights game. Start time is 7:30pm.
On this, I am not sure what the age of some of the competitors might be but can we try our best to NOT get changed in the normal area. I don't think parents would like to see broomballs dropping their dacks if their child is only a short distance away. If the grandstand is free I propose that broomballers take equipment up there. That way we should have someone keeping a watchful eye on our kits. Simon. >

Hi all, there has been a slight change to the schedule to accommodate some ice time needed by the Junior Ice Hockey National Championships on the night of 16th July.
The Women's and Men's games scheduled for the 23rd July round are to be swapped to the 16th July starting at 7:15pm and the Mixed games will now be played the following week (23rd July) at the usual times.

Please check the
schedule to confirm your game/duty times.>

All. Please note that the Small Ice is not available to us for warming up, training, practice or any other activity. This is being monitored by the rink management and any breaches may incur a cost (to hire the small ice), which WILL be passed on to you.

And a reminder, the Score Box is ONLY for time keepers, scorer and referee's. Again this is something the Ice Rink Management is monitoring and continued breaches may lose us access to the scorebox. So please don't take offence when you get kicked out. If you have a question of someone in the scorebox, please use the side window.
I know it's warm and a good spot, and very social, but this is being driven by the rink management and is something we need to comply with. So, you will be asked to leave, if you are not meant to be there. If you have any issues please take it up with the committee, or myself (Shaps) and we can feed it back to the Rink Management.>

The Winter 2013 Season, start this Tuesday - 7th May 2013. Please check the schedule for your teams match time. Welcome to the new look Destroyers - The Hammer!>

Congratulations to the Mixed Intermediate Champions, the SA Sharks. Taking on the NSW #1 Mixed Intermediate squad in a close and tight final. Goal scorer Michela Dunmall. Well done Guys and Gals.>

Big Congratulations to the SA Womens squad, taking the National flag in a tense,exciting Grand Final against the ACT Women. ACT Scored early on in the First (Olivia Boyd)half and held SA Out right through the game until the last minute, when SA Scored on a Breakaway (Ceitlyn Walker). Overtime saw SA play with one player down due to a penalty late in the second half with only 8 seconds left on the clock. SA Held on through the penalty and put pressure back on ACT after the penalty was over. But 1 all at the end of full time saw the game move into a penalty shootout. A great goal by Alana Bracken for SA sealed it. Great Back to Back Win Girls!

CUDOS also to the Mens Intermediate squad SA Red taking out the Intermediate category as well, with a three to two win over the NSW 1 team. SA score early with two quick goals by Mat Irvine and Gerry McCaffery, but NSW pulled it back with goals by Zac Law and Tim Roffey. But final goal late in the second half saw SA Red hold it out for a great win with a goal by Tom Stevens. Coingrats to SA Red Men's Intermediate Squad.>

BASA Summer 2012 Presentation and AGM
This seasons Presentation, AGM and Nationals Jersey Presentation will be held at the Wheatsheaf Hotel, from 7:30pm on. All players are urged to attend.

Tuesday 23rd April - 7:30pm - Wheatsheaf Hotel (the Wheatie).>

The 2013 Nationals teams will be posted up tonight on the score box window. Please take the time to review the team lists. If you are unhappy with your placement, please talk to Shaps, Kate or Massey and we will do our best to resove any issues.>

Well, after this weeks disaster, the Finals rounds have been rescheduled.
For those that werent there, after yours truly attempted to wrench the (and succeeded) door off its hinges and utilise it as a blocker. The two finals matches had unfortunately to be abandonded as the door could not be safely reattached. (Snapped hinge).
So the matches have all been pushed back by 1 week, and are rescheduled as previously. Check the website for details, and please ensure your team members are aware (especially those that we not present this week). >

New Start Time - 7:15pm - THIS WEEK - 19th March.
After several years of protracted negotiations, we have managed to negotiate with the Ice Arena management some new start times that will be in effect all year round, starting (actually two weeks ago) this coming week (19th March), broomball will commence year round at 7:15pm. So please ensure that your team is aware of the new start times.
This will give Broomball some scope, for expansion into the future (long term) and would allow us to run up to 5 or even 6 games a night (assuming we get the teams/players). Our strongest season is traditionally winter, which is where we struggle most to procure the extra ice time, so we hope to have this change give us some future opportunities.>

Good afternoon,
We would like to inform you that the Totally Wild story Broomball will be going to air on Wednesday 27th February 2013 at 4:00pm on Network Ten.
Unfortunately, we are unable to supply copies of our show, so we encourage you to make your own arrangements regarding viewing this episode.
If you could please pass this message onto anyone who may have also been involved in the segment, it would be greatly appreciated.
You can also check out our episodes online at and click on the video tab.
Thank you again for your assistance in the development of this story - we hope you enjoy it!
Best wishes,
Selina & the TOTALLY WILD team!

OK, just making sure someone can record this (A copy would be appreciated if possible as well).>

A Nationals training session will be held in the game 4 slot on Tuesday night, All those intenting to play at Nationals should be looking to attend.>

Wishing you all a Very Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year.>

Congratulations to the Fly Strikes for taking out the Inagural Sheep Stations Cup in the Grand Final.

In a game that was a lot closer than the score suggested, the Wooly Jumpers had a few chances, but couldnt find the net. The Fly Strikes made the most of their opporunities and took out the match 3-0. Well Done!
Below is a photo of the winning team with the highly sought after Sheep Stations Cup Trophy! Sheep Stations Cup Champions
Congratulations also go to the Shearer's Clippers who took out the 3rd place playoff, defeating the Jumping Jumbucks 6-0.

Thank you to all that took part in the competition, and special mention to those that helped out with umpiring, scoring and collecting fees - you helped to make the competition a success! Thanks!

So thats all for the Sheep Stations Cup until next time!

The normal season games start again this coming Tuesday - check the schedule to see what time your team is playing.>

A reminder that the finals of the Sheep Stations Cup are on at 7:00pm this Tuesday. There will also be a short presentation AFTER the 7:45pm Grand Final, so stay around for that! Good luck to all the teams!>

All, after a hotly contested round robin competition, the finals of the Sheep Stations Cup will be held next Tuesday 13th November at 7pm. Kicking off with the Shearer's Clippers VS the Jumping Jumbucks in the Wooden Spoon playoff, followed by the Grand Final Playoff between the Woolly Jumpers and the Fly Strikes.

We need ALL players to come along and support their teams, even if you haven't played any games yet.
Who will take out the Sheep Stations Cup?>


The IceArena is hosting an Aussie Skate Family Fun Day for all that are interested on the 3rd November. See attached flyer:



Below are the teams for the Sheep Stations Cup. Games start 7pm THIS TUESDAY.

Shearer's Clippers The Woolly Jumpers The Fly Strikes The Jumping Jumbucks
Alli Mildren Andrew Masson Adam Collins Alessia Obbiettivo
Andrew Snow Harry Einarson Adam Rees Brendon Newcombe
Callum Casher Harry Perks Ashley Taylor Jackson Renshaw
Casper Fertier Luke Golding Ceitlin Walker Matt Hornsby
Lachlan Schmidt Maddy Riley Daniel Cutting Matt Irvine
Luca Obbiettivo Matt Pryor Harry Macris Phil Hancock
Matt Lovell Michael Workman Josh Hartman Shanni Muller
Natalie Olsen Michaela Dunmall Josh Reynolds Thomas Stevens
Trish McHendrie Tom Nancarrow Wayne Ritchie

Contact your team captain or email if you want to be involved and your name is not on the list.


The Inaugural

Winner Takes ALL...
23rd - 13th November (While the World's Players are away)
4 team round-robin comp & finals play-off
Who will you be playing for?
The Wooly Jumpers

The Fly Strikes
The Jumping Jumbucks
Winners will receive the astonishing Sheep Stations Cup Trophy and a slab o' beer
(Thanks Prez!)
There is a twist! Lets keep it celan: 1 Beer off whenever you're mean!

Its not like we're playing for Sheep Stations...
Begins next week! Teams will be announced tonight. Contact your team captain or email If you want to be involved and haven't put your name down yet.>

ALL, the New Season commences this Tuesday 18th September 2012 at 7pm. Please check the schedule and ensure your team members are aware of the starting time for your match. Catch you on the ice!>

Early Start - Just a reminder that the Finals series starts at 7PM so please ensure that your team is aware of the earlier start.

BASA end of season bash and 30th anniversary celebration!
What: Come join us for the end of winter season awards night and also celebrate BASA’s 30th birthday.
When: 7pm Friday 21st September 2012.
Where: Upstairs Function Room, The Royal Hotel, Henley Beach Road.
Past and present Broomballers. Partners are also encouraged to attend.
How much: $20pp. This will include many delicious platters of hot tasty food and a special 30th birthday cake. Drinks will be pay as you go.>

A Happy 60th Birthday to one of our original Broomballers, man of the cloth, player, state and international rep and former President. Bob McElhinney. Happy Birthday to the very Reverand RobBob!!>

The first of hopefully 2 delegates meeting per year is approaching.
The delegates meeting requires a minimum of 2 members per team to attend a short meeting where myself and other members of the executive committee will relay important updates, and go through significant rule interpretations. This is also an opportunity for you to ask questions of the exec committee and RIC regarding rules and their interpretations.
This meeting is important to ensure consistency across all teams in regards to playing behaviour and refereeing.
During this meeting I hope to cover the interpretations and legal rulings of 4 of the most common penalties and what goal keepers can and cant do in regards to ball handling.
Please ensure that you have at least 2 members of your team attending this meeting. It is vital to relay correct information and manage your team.


THe Full season schedule has now been uploaded.>

Sorry about the delay, busy weekend. The Schedule (Partial at this stage0 is now up. Note that there are 6 teams in the competition this season (with the demise of the Coyotes). THe remainder of the schedule will be posted once the details for the season length and Worlds haitus are finalised.>

Congratulations to the Camels with back to back Finals wins. Defeating the Foreign Invaders in a Penalty shootout 4 to 3. The match a very tight, clean and fast game with no quarter given on either side. 1 all at full time, overtime continued the trend with no further score. A penalty shootout decided the match. Goal Scorers: CAmels: Johann Einarson, Assists: Harry Einarson Foreign Invaders: Luca Obbietivo; Bob McElhinney Trophy BOI: Mat Irvine.
In the B Final, the Arctic Assassins took on the Slipstreamers. The Arctic Assassins ran out convincing winners with three unanswered goals. Goal Scorers: Arctic Assassins: Kate Irvine (3), Assists: Gerry McCaffery, Casper Fertier.>


The Grand Final for the 2011/12 Summer Season is this coming Tuesday. A: Foreign Invaders v Camels. B: Arctic Assassins v Slipstreamers. There will be a scratch match prior to the commencement of the Finals series, so come and play and support the club and bring a new player along and give them a run.

The Presentation Dinner & AGM will be held at the Hotel Royal, Henley Beach Road, Torrensville, from 7pm. Meal in the dining room & then presentation/AGM in a Private Room upstairs. Great venue & menu. Please advise Gerry or Alan if you will be attending.


Harboured a secret desire to go to play broomball at the worlds, then NOW is the time to put your hand up and do it! The 2012 Worlds preparations are now underway. So get in now and join those attending. This year being held in Ottawa, Canada, from October 29 - November 23, 2012. You wont regret it, its always a great trip and a huge amount of fun, so signup now. Website:
IFBA and 2012 World Broomball Site. To register and further details, contact Saxon Hooper.>

Due to some Health and Safety issues, broomball will be cancelled for this week. We regret this decision is necessary. Games will be rescheduled.>

Congrats to the SA Women on bringing home the trophy for the 2012 Australian Broomball Championships. Defeating NSW, 1 nil in regular time. >

There is a new update for the
2012 Nationals.>

Without directing this at any one player or team. You are ALL reminded that, we DO have a code of conduct at Broomball. Sledging, abuse, abuse of officials, deliberate attempts to injure or intimidation is not to be tolerated. We are (alas) an amateur sport, where all Officials, committee members and players perform their duties, not because they have to or are paid to, but simply because they love our sport. To abuse officials for performing their designated duty is just stupid, and degrading, not only to the player, the official, but to the sport as well. Sledging or abuse during matches is not a right or a priviledge, its demeaning and can border on slander. Would you want that said to you? As for intimidation or deliberate attempts to injure, REALLY! Need I say more! Lets clean it up. The player next to you is a friend, so lets keep it Friendly!>

For Sale - Two(2) Gold Pass Clipsal tickets for the hairpin stand ,great seats, in the shade all day, big screen. last years price $240 ea. Comes with bonus lanyard, if interested contact
Ian Potter. Or see him at broomball.>

Details regarding SAs participation at the
Australian Broomball Championships is now available from this link Nationals 2012. A reminder that training will continue after the end of game three each week. Provisional elite/intermediate squads will be announced at training on Tuesday 21 Feb 2012.>

A Nationals Training session will be held at Game 4 each Tuesday night as a lead up to the Nationals. All players attending the Nationals are STRONGLY encouraged to attend. Other players are also more than welcome.>

Broomball is all set for the New Year. Starting up on January 10th 2012 at 7.00pm. See you there...>

Congrats to the Polar Bears defeating the Iron Sheiks in overtime for the Mens, Summer 2011 Final. >

The schedule for next Tuesday 20th December:
Game 1 Scratch Match, 7:00pm - 7:45pm, Cost $5.00 each. Bring a new player and you both play for free.

Game 2 Women v Rookies 7:45pm - 8:15pm

Game 3 Mens Grand Final - Iron Sheiks v Polar Bears - 8:15pm Start

Game 4 Christmas Drinks at the Wheatie.

Please note that we return on the 10th January 2012. Have a Merry Christmas & a Great New Year!>

As the Camels have forfeited the First match Tuesday night, a Scratch Match/Training session will be run. All Players welcome. So this is scheduled for the 7pm-7.45pm time slot. After which the regular competition will resume.>

The Schedule for
Summer 2011 is now available.

1991 Worlds
It has been 20 years since the first World Broomball Championship kicked off in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada in November 1991. There were plenty of SA reps on the Squad in both the Mixed and the Mens squads.

Mixed: Grant Booker, Trish Booker, Jo Cannon, David (Lionel) Cooper, Bruce Creed, Ray Grose, John Hadges, Phil Hancock, Cathy Hancock (nee Pointon), Kym Serafini, Keith Thomas, greg Ward, Rob Winkenweder

Mens: Bob McElhinney, Mike Petrovs, Kim Shapley, Bill Vis.

The World Champions that year... Embrun Plumbing (Ottawa, Canada). >

The Winter 2011 Presentation evening will be held at the Franklin Hotel, Franklin st, City from 7pm onwards on Friday 21st October 2011. See you there.

APOLOGIES I had the dates wrong. The correct ones are below. There is no scheduled broomball this Tuesday (18th October). The new season starts 25th October. The schedule will be posted up shortly. >

Next seasons match fees are now due. You will be approached by the Treasurer (Casper) for next seasons fees. If you have any queries please send them to >

Ladies. This Tuesday night is your night. We have a Womens Match scheduled so please make the effort to attend either before you match or after. If you have a bye come along anyway (Coyotes) and have a game. The Match is scheduled for the 2nd Game (7:45pm - 8:15pm). We need full numbers to make this viable into the future, so please make the effort.>

Just a reminder that we return to the early start times this coming Tuesday (6th September 2011). So a 7pm start.>

Just a reminder that each team has a responsibility to fulfill their rostered team duties correctly. Outlined below are the requirements and procedures to adhere to.

1) Each team that is rostered on for a duty must provide a timekeeper, scorer and two referees.
2) Referees must consist of at least 1 senior referee.
3) If a team cannot supply a senior referee they must source one from another team.
4) If in the event teams cannot fulfill their umpiring commitments the Referee in Chief (Kate) or a committee member must be contacted PRIOR to the match.

Please take note that the roster for team duties is on the website and mobile versions. The duties are also recorded on each score sheet in the box. You should know well in advance if your team has a duty to fulfill.>

Just a reminder to all that there is a Scheduled Womens match in the Game 2 slot. Lets get on board girls.>

The Ice Sports rink crew have once again made some spots available between breaks of Adelaide Adrenaline home games for some Broomball Demo games. One of the objectives of the Ice Sports crew is to promote and highlight the different Ice Sports that operate in the IceArenA.

Next spot is up on Saturday 23 July when Adelaide play their arch nemesis the Newcastle North Stars (2nd on the table) from 4:30pm

We need 2 mens teams to compete in a demo game between period 1 and 2 after ice resurface – 7 min exhibition game. Then between period 2 and 3 we need test pilots for another Broomball activity - maybe another shoot out or hardest shot comp or something else. Again, the participating Broomball players get free admission.If you are curious about Australian Ice Hockey this is a great opportunity to have a look see, I highly recommend you get on down there. The hockey, noise & atmosphere is all pretty damn good.You can get more info on the Australian Ice Hockey League (AIHL) at:

We will be running a table with some video and flyers. So if you can make it THIS SATURDAY at 4.30pm please let me know, so I can add your name to the Free entry list. Please bring your SA Sharks Nationals Playing top. Please meet at the Ice Arena by 4pm.
Also, on the selected exhibition nights Broomball partners or kids can get in on a Special $10 Discount admission rate. And if we provide the rink with a members list then any S.A. Broomball registered members get the “Special $10 Discount” admission rate. >

The Ice Sports/rink crew have once again made some spots available between breaks of Adelaide Adrenaline home games for some Broomball Demo games. First spot is up THIS SUNDAY 03 July when Adelaide play top of the table Melbourne Ice from 4:30pm.

We need 2 mixed teams to compete in a demo game between period 1 and 2 (after ice resurface) in a 7 min exhibition game.
Then between period 2 and 3 we need many test pilots for a Broomball penalty shoot-out. The participating Broomball players get free admission - usually $17.

Next spot is on Saturday 23 July when Adelaide play the Newcastle North Stars (2nd on the table) from 4:30pm

We need 2 mens teams to compete in a demo game between period 1 and 2 after ice resurface – 7 min exhibition game. Then between period 2 and 3 we need test pilots for another Broomball activity - maybe another shoot out or hardest shot comp or something else. Again, the participating Broomball players get free admission.
We will also set up a information table in coffee shop area with info & video etc.>

Ironman All-Night Mixed Tournament October 14, 2011 - Mixed tournament for players from all around Australia. Register a team or as an individual to join a team. Games will run from late on the night of Friday 14 October until the morning hours of Saturday. This is a fun and social tournament and the cafe and bar will be kept open, so register today for what is sure to be a great experience on the fantastic ice of the Medibank Icehouse. If you are interested in going, please see Craig Barrett to sign up and for further details.>

If you want watch Game 5 of the Stanley Cup final on a BIG screen (3m x 2m) this Saturday morning call or txt Gerry on 0488 127407 if you are interested in attending.

Date: Saturday 11 June
Time: 10:00am
Highway Hotel (formerly the Highway Inn)
290 Anzac Hwy
Plympton SA 5038

The BASA AGM & Presentation Evening has been rescheduled to
Date: 27th May 2011
Time: 7.30pm.
Venue: Saracens Hotel>

A reminder to all that the Mens competition kicks off this week, With the Reds vs Polar Bears. If you are interested in playing Mens Checking and have not as yet been assigned to a team, PLEASE see Gerry, Massey or Robby.>

Broomball will be taking a break this week. The new season is due to commence on Tuesday 10th May 2011. Schedule details will be available shortly.

The Presentation & AGM previously scheduled for this Friday, 6th May, will unfortunately need to be deferred due to the unavailability of the venue and Trophies. Once the new date/time/venue is known, details will be posted. >

Congrats to the Mens Intermediate Squad taking out their Division in a tense match, into overtime. running out winners 2 - 1 NSW2. Cudos to the other SA teams, all of whom made their respectrive finals. Mens Elite 0 - 2 NSW. Womens Elite 0 - 1 NSW. A great performance by SA once again. >

If you are not going to Nationals and are prepared to loan out your Nationals Playing top, please bring it along to the Grand Final this Tuesday.

This Tuesday only. 9pm. Foreign Invaders vs Camels in the A Final, followed up by the Slipstreamers vs Arctic Assassins in the B Final at 10pm. A scratch match open to all players will precede the finals at 8pm. >

The scratch match for Tuesday night has been dropped and replaced with a Foreign Invaders v Slipstreamers match, to enable these two teams to maintain their momentum into the Grand Final. Please ensure that your team members are aware of the change. Scheduled for the 8pm time slot. >

Nationals is pretty close. Can we all make sure we hang around after game 3 for a quickie practice. Even if you are not going to Nationals it will be a big help to those that are. Please pass this message onto others, we really need a good turnout. Cheers, Tarz...>

We have had a communication from the rink that they are experiencing a major problem with the Zamboni. A specialist has been called in but may not have the fault rectified until tomorrow at the earliest.
However, in discussing the issue with the rink managerement the plan is to have the hockey finish a bit early and do a hand scrape then flood with a hose to at least remove the major divets from the ice surface. As a result we may need to wait a bit for the ice to freeze and it will not be a perfect (normal) surface.
The decision has been reached where we will play tonight and will monitor the surface to make sure it is as safe as possible for our members, and we ask that you make your team aware of the issues. >

All those going to Nationals are encouraged to play at the Noarlunga Arena on Thursday nights. From 7.30pm - 9.30pm. We run a pickup league, so all players (male/female) are welcome. Some Nationals training will also take place after the pickup games. See Rob Wheelwright or Kim Shapley for further details. >

Nationals Update (From Saxon Hooper) Here are the FINAL session times for nationals. Please pass on to your members so they can arrange flights etc.. These are locked in and there is no scope for change. There is a massive shortage of ice time in Sydney and Im lucky to get this much time (cancelled hockey games, public & school sessions and ice dancing sessions for me).

Thursday 28th 6:00am -> 12:00pm
Thursday 28th 3:00pm -> Midnight (maybe more if we need, hopefully not)
Friday 29th 6:00am -> 7:30pm
Saturday 30th 5:00pm -> Midnight (maybe more if we need, hopefully not)
Sunday 1st May 7:30am - 10:30am (Finals)

Which means a lunch time presentation starting at 11.30am I guess (kick on at Panthers after for those hanging around).

So far confirmed teams as follows:

NSW - 1 Mens Elite, 2 Mens Intermediate, 2 Womens
SA - 1 Mens Elite, 1 Mens Intermediate, 1 Womens
ACT - 1 Mens Elite, 1 Womens, Working on 1 Mens Intermediate
QLD - 1 Womens, 1 Mens Elite or Mens Intermediate (working on both) >

The astute amongst you may have already noticed the release of the BASA Web App for the mobile phone. Simply point your smartphone browser to This will load the new pages. You can also save it to your desktop, where it will act as an App (no browser screen). Should work with iPhones, Android Phones, Windows 7 mobile and probably the Blackberry devices. If you find any faults, please let me know. It will be progressively enhanced with some of the content from the main website and a few functions only available via the WebApp. >

As the new hockey season is starting early this year due to additional teams in the AIHL, we are obliged to also change our start time. So as of Tuesday 8th March, we will move back to the Winter start times, this will be 8pm. The
schedule has been updated (and the printable will be shortly) to reflect the new times.

Tuesday, 8th March 2011, 8pm start time

for the 1st match. Please pass this onto your team mates so that all players are aware (and those that have a bye this week). >

We have received a run down of the time slots that will be used for this years (2011) Nationals being held at the Penrith rink west of Sydney NSW.
They run as follows:

Thursday 28th April - 6am to whenever (midnight)
Friday 29th April - 6am - 7.30pm
Saturday 30th April - 5-Midnight
Sunday 1st May - 3-7pm Dinner after.

For those that need to plan flights or time from work note the dates and times and include the Monday (2nd. May) for travel as the presentation dinner will be held after the finals Sunday afternoon. >

Just a reminder that match fees are still due from Mens & Womens matches. I am also still yet to catch up with few of you for the IronBroomballer fees. Can you please see me tonight to organise payment.(Kim).>

Despite rumours as to it's demise. the Mens Checking league will continue this Tuesday. All players interested in participating are encouraged to attend. See you at Game 4 on Tuesday.

Want a sneak peak at the
new Mobile phone client (type to get it on your phone). Only some links are (sort of) working, so don't expect too much, but this will give you and idea of what's around the corner.>

Our hearts, thoughts and best wishes go out to our Townsville and North Qld friends tonight, facing the onslaught of TC Yasi. If you would like to donate the the Qld
Premiers Disaster Relief Appeal, please head here.>

Congrats to the Fosters is Crap, taking out the 2nd Iron Broomballer, 1 goal to Nil in the Final against the Sandy Cracks.

Ladies, you are reminded that the Womens Match is scheduled for this Tuesday. Please make yourselves available for this.>

Teams and Schedule for the 2nd Iron Broomballer have been posted. They are still in draft as there may be a few changes between now and then as we pickup an extra player ot two, but are pretty close. If you have any issue, know of someone that wants to play, please let me know - Kim Shapley.
Please be at the ring by 7:15pm on Tuesday 25th so we can distribute Jerseys and finalise teams. Games start at 8pm. Team Colours are:
Red - Sandy Cracks
Yellow - Budgie Smugglers
Blue - Fosters is Crap
Black - Terry Towlers
Green - Drop Bears
White - Thongs arent Undies

Teams and the schedule for the 2nd Iron Broomballer have been drafted up. They will be posted up in the next day or two. Please be available from 7.15pm on the 25th, to be assigned Teams/Jerseys/rules and matches will commence at 8pm. Final Cost will be $60/player and will run through to approx 5am. This year will also feature a Human Foosball match. If you have a red (Sharks) yellow, Green, Blue, Black or White top and are prepared to loan it out. Please bring it along. >

It is with sad feelings that we announce that
Ralph Cummings passed away.
Ralph was a great supported of Broomball playing when ever he could, mostly at the southern rink at Noarlunga in net. On several occasions he also played at Thebarton mostly for the Isotopes, but filled in also for other teams when asked. Most remarkably he played with a pacemaker and warnings from his medical staff not to over do it.
Always wearing a cheerful disposition and keen with advice he supported SA Broomball even turning up just to watch when he couldn't play.
He will be missed - Ralph was 51.>

The Nationals location has been finalised, along with the dates, to Sydney (Penrith) 28th April - 1st May. More details will follow as they come to hand.

The Contact league will resume in the new year (11th January), as the last game on a Tuesday night (alleviates the need to redo the schedule). Further details will be posted on the Website shortly. All those interested should make themselves available.

The Iron Broomball is scheduled for the 25th/26th January, if you havent put your name down, please see Kim Shapley. We have some external interest with 4 from Noarlunga and a half dozen from NSW at this stage. A deposit of $20 will be required on 11th January, with the balance on the night. Final $$ TBA.

Ill take this opportunity to wish you all a Very Merry Xmas & a safe & Happy New Year >

Did anyone see or pick up a pair of broomball shoes that were left behind after last week's game (7-Dec)? A pair of size 10, orange D-Gel shoes, they are only a season old, so they look quite new. They would have been left near one of the benches where we get ready etc after 8pm. If you know anything about them please contact

The 2nd Annual Iron Broomballer Tournament is scheduled for the Tuesday/Wednesday 25th, 26th January 2011 (7pm - 10am). If you are interested, please see Kim Shapley (or
email me). The format will be similar to last year with dedicated goalies, and hand picked teams. A registration form will be available on Tuesday night. Cost will depend upon final numbers.>

Effective immediately, is the cessation of the Contact League on Sunday afternoons, due to lack of support for this format. We will need to review and find other avenues and options to grow the sport. Consequently there will be no further Sunday sessions at present. Thanks to those that did make the effort to attend.>

We're back... again this week. With the resumption of the Season.
Don't forget the resumption of the Men's Contact league as well this Sunday at 4.15pm. >

Good luck to all those attending the 2010 World Broomball Championships in Austria. Have a Safe Journey & play hard!

During the break in the regular season a Round Robin Tournament will be run. All players are encouraged to join in.>

There may be a short Server outage, whilst our site is moved to a New File Server by the host. The website may be unresponsive for that period (hopefully short). This is likely to be Saturday 16th Oct afternoon/early evening. We have outgrown our current server and are being migrated to one with a larger capacity (mainly due to Disk Space usage for the BASA/Broomball TV).>

Just a reminder to all that the New Season starts Tonight - 7pm. Also please note that those involved in the Contact League have their First Match, this Sunday 17th October -
4.15pm - Polar Bears v Chicks
5.00pm - Coyotes v Reds
Please be on time for your game as we have no leeway for any game slippage.>

Presentation Dinner: Tapp Inn (Private function room) Kent Town
Time : 7.30 for 8.00pm
Date: Friday 08/10/2010 >

A reminder that there is a scratch match (all players welcome) prior to the Mens League Grand Final tonight.
Also note that there will be scracth matches scheduled for the week of the 5th October. With all comers taking on members attending the Worlds.
the new Season Starts 12th October.
Finally, Matt Hogan has secured ice time for the weeks in October/November where there are no scheduled matches due to the Worlds. There will be a broomball mini comp in round robin format. He can be contacted via email: Please advise all your teams that this time is available and communicate with Matt for more information.>

A Grade Final: Congratulations to the Foreign Invaders, defeating the Destroyers (3 nil) in a fast paced game. Congrats to Ceitlin Walker the winner of the Rob McElhinney BOI trophy.
B Grade Final: Congrats must also go to the Coyotes after defeating the Arctic Assassins 3 to 1.>

On behalf of the SAISF (a not for profit voluntary group), you and your friends are invited to the 3rd Ice Factor Spectacular which includes the Raise Me Up Fashion Parade on 6th November 2010 at the Hilton Adelaide Ballroom. Our at risk and disadvantaged teenagers from 12 participating high schools in the Ice Factor Program, will showcase their talent on the catwalk in an exciting night of fashion and entertainment. Further information is available here:
Ice Factor Spectacular.
The Ice Factor program is also looking for auction items for the upcoming Ice Factor Spectacular. Should you either have an item or be aware of someone or some organisation that is willing to offer an item please use the Ice Factor Auction form.>

7pm Start Time All Players are reminded that the 7pm Start time commences again this week. Please ensure all your players/team mates know about the early starts.
Also please not that the Mixed Grand Final night Schedule has altered. So that in order: Scratch Game, A Grand Final, Followed by the B Grand Final. Check the

There will be a short Server Outage on Sunday 19th September between 2.30pm and 5.30pm. The server will be undergoing some maintenance and will be unavailable. You will receive and error when attempting to access the website.>

Congratulations to the Sharks squad for their stirling performance at the Melbourne Madness Tournament. Runners up after 10 1/2 hours of broomball, going down to the ACT 2 Nil. Extra cudos to Meagan McPhee, Maddy Riley and Shanni Muller for playing every minute of every game (no subs! - 7 matches). Well done Sharks.>

UPDATED: A Training Session will be held at the ice Arena, this Sunday at 4.30pm - 15th August 2010. All (new and old alike) players are welcome and encouraged to attend. For those wanting to view some Training videos.
Timeout and 2nd Timeout.>

Some confusion. But the Sunday Training session this week is in fact at 7pm - 18th July 2010. The Adrenaline are playing before our session so come early and stay for the hockey.Any and all players are welcome to attend the session.>

For those wanting the Noarlunga broomball, you can view it from here -
#1, #2.1, #2.2, #2.3.>

A Training session will be run this Sunday 11th July 7pm - 8pm (small ice) for anyone that is interested. There is an Adrenaline Hockey game on before our session (4.30pm), so come early & then stick around for the training.

Melbourne Tournament: If you have not yet put your name down for the Melbourne Tournament, or are still thinking about coming, PLEASE let (email me)
Kim Shapley know so ASAP, we are still looking for players that want to go.>

Melbourne Tournament update: The comp will be run at the new Melbourne ice rink, which is located in the Docklands. It will be run as a Mixed Competition only, with a minimum of 2 Female players on the ice (Goal Tenders will be exempted). Goal tenders will run similarly to our Ironman where they will be allocated a team/end at game time. The Comp will run from the evening of Friday 27th August (11.30pm) through to the (10:30am) morning of Saturday 28th August 2010. The Finals will be held in the afternoon of Saturday 28th (Still to be confirmed). No accommodation will be required for the night of the 27th as we will be playing all night. If you want to extend your stay either earlier or later, there is plent of accomodation nearby (if more expensive in the docklands). Cost should around $50/player ($400/team). Teams are not limited to a minimum/maximum number of players. We will require a 50% deposit up front ($25), to confirm your attendence which will be payable by the 1st Tuesday in August (3rd August). At present we have 1 Vic, 2 SA, 3 NSW, 1-2 ACT Teams. Round robin format (1 round). See
Kim Shapley for further details, or expression of interest.

The mobile portal should now be working again for those that use it.>

Please note the Melbourne Torunament on 27th - 29th August. Details below. All Welcome. Please contact Kim Shapley if you are interested in Attending.>

Congratulations to Every SA Team Making their respective Finals. Men's Elite, Women's Elite, Mixed Elite, Men's Intermediate and Mixed Intermediate. A Great performance by SA. >

2009-10 Summer edition newsletter is now available for those that haven't seen a copy (also include the stats, which are also up on the website). Also please note that there is no Nationals Training this Sunday due to the Publisc Holiday.>

Don't forget the Presentation tonight at the Hackney Hotel, commencing at 6.30pm. Includes the AGM, 2010 Ironman and 2009/10 Summer Season presentations.

The schedule for the
2010 Winter season has been posted up.

The Southern League is running again, with weekly results being posted here.

Nationals Training will run again this Sunday: Women 4:30pm -5:30pm. Men 5:30pm -6:30pm. All welcome, Nationals attendees are particularly encouraged to attend.>

BROOMBALL CANCELLED TONIGHT (6/4/2010) Apologies to all, but we have just been advised by the Ice Rink management that there is a major fault with one of the Chilllers. It may/may not be fixed by this evening (still at this point getting the thing looked at). As such its unlikely that the ice will be suitable for us tonight and as such we have made the decision to Cancel Broomball this week. That will mean that the season will not Start this week but be delayed by a week. There will be no scratch matches tonight either. PLEASE advise your team ASAP to ensure people will not be making an unnecessary trip.>

Our Summer 09/10 presentation night will be held on Saturday April 10th at the Hackney Hotel from 6.30pm. Come along and enjoy a few drinks and dinner with some of your fellow team mates and friends. A table has been booked for each team. We will also be holding our AGM in conjunction with the presentations.

When a team is short on players (and would otherwise forfeit) the following changes have been made to the pickup rule: - Teams can only pick up players from other teams to make up to 4 on the ice plus the goal keeper.
- Pick up player cannot score (goals will be disallowed).
- Goal penalty for each pick up player>

Just a reminder that the NEW season starts this Tuesday (6th April), the new Schedule will be posted up shortly.>

In a game that probably had more contact than the entire preceeding Men's Contact season (now! you start to get the hang of it!!), the Polar Bears managed to run out winners in Overtime. The Reds scored first with a goal by Casper Fertier, which was very quickly followed up by a one on one match up with Andrew Masson doing a nice (and VERY quick) little layout to squeeze it past the pressuring goalie. Overtime saw a goal by Adam Collins seal the fate of the Reds. Congratulations to the Polar Bears, Mens Checking League 2009/10 Summer Season Champions.

Nationals Training will run again this Sunday: Women 4:30pm -5:30pm. Men 5:30pm -6:30pm. All welcome, Nationals attendees are particularly encouraged to attend. There will also be some video training session run in the hour before the respective sessiosn - from 3:30pm - 4:30pm for the Women and from 4:30pm - 5.30pm for the Men.

Congratulations to the Destroyers, defeating the Slipstreamers, in a commanding display. Never really threatened and in control for the entire match, the Destroyers ran out victors, 2 nil.

Found: one helmet (white) with cage, gloves and some padding. The helmet in question was left behind at the rink on March 9th. To claim the helmet and associated items contact Alan Jabs by either using the email link off the BASA site or personally speaking to me next Tuesday night.

Nationals Training will run again this Sunday: Women 4:30pm -5:30pm. Men 5:30pm -6:30pm. All welcome, Nationals attendees are particularly encouraged to attend. There will also be some video training session run in the hour before the respective sessiosn - from 3:30pm - 4:30pm for the Women and from 4:30pm - 5.30pm for the Men.>

Just a reminder that the MEN's Semi Finals Series commence tonight 1 v 2 (Polar bears v Reds) & 3 v 4 (Coyotes v Sharks). Also the B Grade Mixed final between the Slipstreamers and the Destroyers.>

We have secured a Nationals Training Session for this Sunday 7th March at the Ice Arena (small ice).
Women: 4.30pm- 5.30pm
Men: 5.30pm - 6.30pm
All players are welcome and encouraged to attend. Particularly if you are planning to attend Nationals this year. >

Winners for the Clipsal 500 Raffle 2010: Clipsal 500 Tickets: M.Obbiettivo - #166. Woolworths $100 Gift Card: Lorna #601. Shaw and Smith Wine Tasting & Wine: Ria Pickstock - #98. Prizes will be posted or delivered via BASA players.>

Just a reminder to all Clipsal 500 Raffle Ticket holders to return them tonight.>

All those attending the Iron Broomballer are asked to bring anyone or more of the following: Aussie Tops - Green/yellow (or Destroyers). Old Nationals and or Current Nationals tops, White and or Black jersey. Please be prepared to load them out. See you at the Wheatsheaf. 8pm Monday night. Tournament starts at 10.30pm.(
Iron Broomballer 2010).>

Teams and Schedules are now available for the
Iron Broomballer Tournament.>

We are now nearing the end of the season and as Competition Coordinator I need to look at the schedule for the up coming winter season.
Can you please confirm with your Team Captain ASAP whether you will be playing next season. This is most important also for those in the contact division, as I need to put the next schedule together.
Alan Jabs.>

Just a reminder that the season recommences on 5th January 2010. See you all there (or at least those that can make it).>

Please note that the BASA Exec has approved an alteration to the schedule for early in 2010 to facilitate the inclusion of the Iron Man Comp being held January 25/26th.

Thus the season will recommence one week early now, on January 5th with all games scheduled for Jan 12th now on Jan 5th, all games on Jan 19th now on Jan 12th and all games on Jan 26th now on Jan 19th respectively. >

Teams are reminded that it is their responsibility to ensure there is a time keeper available for your rostered time slot. It is NOT up to other teams to fill in for you unless you have otherwise arranged for this. The roster is posted on the web so there are no excuses, they are also displayed on the match sheets each week. If this continues, the committee may be forced to apply sanctions to the miscreant teams.>

As most of you know we have moved the refs meeting to this coming Tuesday (27th). Due to the ice arena having their ice hockey tournament I thought it would be best we move our meeting to Shannons Insurance at 863-865 South Road, Clarence Gardens. The meeting will be at 7:30pm and hopefully only run for an hour to an hour and half. It is to discuss next seasons approach to reffing, house keeping issues, some rule interpretations and referee behaviours. This is an important meeting to get broomball in SA to the best possible level. This is also an opportunity for you guys to have your say in how we do things at BASA!! So please make an effort to come along.>

The new season commences on November 3rd. With the start of the new season there will be a few changes. Firstly we will be moving to the summer commencement time of 7:00pm. Secondly we have scheduled four mixed games per night as well as the contact league. With five games per night we ask that all teams be ready to commence their game at the posted time. If the small ice is vacant then it can be used for warm ups but as per rink policy hitting balls is not an option. Times for games will vary slightly each week as the contact game has been programmed to rotate through.We also welcome a new Mens Contact Team - the Reds. Finally there will be a break over Christmas of several weeks. A schedule has been finalised and will be posted up on the BASA web site shortly.

For those that were unable to attend the Presentation, the
end of season newsletter is now available, it's located here (2009 Winter). Additionally the last BASA Bulletin is also available.>

With the Strong Australian Dollar, now is the time to buy some
online BASA Gear
If you are a BASA member and have a business, why not put it up on the BASA Members affiliates page
I'm looking for a copy of the Winter 2003 Newsletter, if anyone has a copy I would appreciate borrowing it for a week so I can make an electronic copy. See Kim Shapley. >

The BASA Presentation Dinner is for this coming Saturday (17th October 2009) 7-7.30pm, at the Royal Hotel, 2 North Tce, Kent Town. Presentation begins at 9pm. Be there...>

The Winter 2009 Grand Final approaches, between the Destroyers, this seasons minor Premiers and the Camels this seasons quiet achievers. Good luck to both teams. Post game celebrations/commiserations will kick of at the Wheatsheaf after the final for a drink and pizza!!!
Can those wishing to play the scratch match prior to the final PLEASE ensure you are ready to go on the ice at 8pm.>

The Polar Bears took out the Mens final against the Coyotes 5 to 1. Although the score line was one sided the match was far from it, with the Coyotes pressuring the Bears all game. Goal scorers: Polar Bears: Andrew Waller, Andrew Masson, Josh Reynolds, Matt Irvine 2. Coyotes: Brad Ginman. In the B Grade final the Foreign Invaders out played and out scored the Polar Bears to take the final. Two off the post for the Bears shows how close this could have been. Goal Scorers: Brett Atkinson, Luca Obviettivo and a Penalty Goal.>

Tuesday night sees two Finals. First up is a scratch match, all comers welcome. Followed by the Mens Final between the Coyotes and the Polar Bears. Finally the B Final between last years B final winners the Foreign Invaders and last seasons A Grade winners the Polar Bears.>

The 2009 Pac Rim has been done and dusted. With the NSW Blues taking out the Gold in the final against the more favoured NSW Orange 3 nil. Whilst the Bronze playoff went to ACT against the SA/QLD Ravens 2 nil. In the Womens division the Gold went to the Silver Snipers over the Crimson Furries 1 nil. Whilst the Bronze went the way of the Hockey Roos over the Femmes again 1 nil. A great tournament played in a fine spirit and enjoyed by all attending.>

Due to the minimal number of players going to the Pacific Rim tournament, the schedule has been altered to bring forward the matches scheduled for 15th September and beyond, ahead one week'to the 8th September (there was a bye for the Pac Rim on 8th September).
NOTE: Its still not too late to sign up (Men or Women) for the Pac Rim. See Kim Shapley or Ceitlin Walker for details. The SA Mens team will be forming a combined squad with Queensland and the Internationals. Whilst the Women will be picked in teams for the Tournament.>

Reminder: If you have not yet paid your Nationals playing Fees or for your Nationals jersey, payments are due by August 25th 2009. Please see Ceitlin or Craig if you are unsure of what you owe. Failure to pay by this date may result in you being ineligible to play until fess are payed. Please see Ceitlin or Craig for payment plans if desired. >

Players are needed for some filming of a segment on Broomball for the Channel 10 - Totally Wild program here in Adelaide. This Thursday - August 13th 1.30pm - 4.30pm. Please bring your Nationals Playing top. Please advise Us if you are able to make the session -

If you have not yet paid your Nationals playing Fees or for your Nationals jersey, payments are due by August 25th 2009. Please see Ceitlin or Craig if you are unsure of what you owe. Failure to pay by this date may result in you being ineligible to play until fess are payed. Please see Ceitlin or Craig for payment plans if desired. >

Last call for the Pac Rim event in September (10th - 12th). If you are interested and you can give me a definate yes on Tuesday night, please come and see me. Kim Shapley. As it stands the Mens squad will be merging with the Queensland team.>

Please note that there has been a fix to the Season Schedule with changes to August 18th (Game 1) and September 22nd (Game 2).

As always please consult the schedule for the latest updates. >

Please note that due to the junior development session booked for July 7th the schedule has been altered slightly with game one and two swapped around. This is to allow for several on the Assassins who are bringing school children, time to participate and assist with the development session.>

We have booked the small rink for the 7th July (Tuesday) from 8.15pm to 9.15pm to run our first junior development session. This is open to any one between the ages of 12 to 15. This is during school holidays.

For those who have already had their photo taken, you can now see the results under your link on the
All Time stats player page.>

SA is the New National Mixed Elite Champions, taking the Final 3 to 1 against NSW. SA was also a contender in the the other two Elite divisions, Womens and Mens. Going down in both divisions to NSW. In other divisions, Queensland defeated NSW in the Mixed Intermediate and the Mens Intermediate. Thanks to all for attending and congratulations to the Winners.>

The referees meeting scheduled for this Sunday has been cancelled.>

Please be aware that from this coming Tuesday there are no league games right through until the 16th of June. With June 2nd set aside for Nationals training and June 9th with no games scheduled we come back June 16th with four games per night. Each week the contact game rotates through the schedule at different times so be aware of your start time every week.>

The latest
BASA Nationals Newsletter 2009 #2 (May) is now available.
The next Nationals Training night is on Sunday 23rd May 8:30pm at the rink. Al players are strongly encouraged to attend.>

Nationals training will be run again this Sunday, 9.00pm-10.30pm 3rd May 2009 at the Ice Arena. All players are encouraged to attend.

Players are also reminded of the
Ice Arena Rules for Players & Officials 2009 Please ensure you keep the rink tidy and comply, PARTICULARLY, only time keeper and scorer are allowed in the scorebox.>

The BASA 2009 Winter season commences this coming Tuesday night (28th April 2009). The Exec committee has decided that due to the later commencement time there will be three mixed games and one contact game per night. This will mean that two mixed teams per week will receive a bye.

Further the contact league will not commence until after the 2009 Nationals and the 30 minute time slot will be utilised for training purposes. The 2009 schedule will be posted ASAP.

Teams are asked to be ready before their game and to take to the ice as soon as any previous game has concluded so each night schedule can be completed at a reasonable hour. Take note also of any time box duties as well as those who are scheduled to referee games. Check the web often for possible changes.

Game times will be as follows:
Game 1 8:00pm 8:45pm
Game 2 8:45pm 9:30pm
Game 3 9:30pm 10:15pm
Game 4 - 10:15pm 10:45pm contact (time slot used for nationals training)

The Nationals Committee along with the Nationals Selection Committee have asked that all who are playing in the 2009 Nationals make themselves available for the 10:15pm training time slot.>

Another double by the Polar Bears. This time in the Mems A Checking league. The Bears headed the BB Coyotes in a one sided match saw the final score 4 to 1. Goal scorers: Polar Bears: Dave Biddle (1), Andrew Masson (1), Matt Irvine (1), Andrew Waller (1). BB Coyotes: Gerry McCaffery (1).>

Just a reminder: The Presentation Night for this season will be this Friday (17th April) at the Saracens Head Tavern. They will have $12 schnitzels on the night, as well as the normal menu.

7pm start for the meal 8:30 for presentations

Please note that the AGM will be held on a different night. It will be held on Tuesday 21st April at the Wheatsheaf. Nomination forms for positions on the BASA Committee are available from the latest newsletter. >

Due to the Change in Start time (8pm) for next season, the Mens Final has also been adjusted. So First up at 8pm is a Scratch Match, followed by the Mens Final at 8.45pm and then a Womens Match vs Whomever is interested.>

Congratulations to the Foreign Invaders taking out the B final in their first ever finals appearance. The final score 2 to 1 over the Arctic Assassins. It was a clean tight match with good well paced end to end broomball. Well played both teams. Goal Scorers, Invaders: Brett Atkinson, Matt Irvine. Assassins: Kate Irvine.B Premiers - Foreign Invaders

There will be a Nationals Training session on the large ice on Sunday 5th April at 6pm for 90 minutes. All those wishing to play in the Nationals are encouraged to attend.
The latest
BASA newsletter #8 is now available, note that the Nomination form for the BASA committee positions is in this Newsletter.>

The Presentation Night for this season will be on Friday 17th April at the Saracens Head Tavern.
They will have $12 schnitzels on the night, as well as the normal menu.

7pm start for the meal 8:30 for presentations

Please note that the AGM will be held on a different night. It will be held on Tuesday 21st April at the Wheatsheaf.
Nomination forms for positions on the BASA Committee will be distributed next week. >

Nationals Newsletter #1 is now available, along with a Nationals Page which will be updated with information to hand.>

The winner of the 2009 Clipsal Gold Pass is David Matini from BL Shipway.>

Andrew Masson will be running a Fitness training session this Sunday at 10am at the tennis courts on the corner or West Terrace and Port Road (opposite the old Jail) all players welcome.

The Men's Final has been rescheduled & run to accommodate the missing round. So next week will be the Mens Preliminary Final (NOT the GF), between the BB Coyotes and the Sharks. The Mens Grand Final (against the Polar Bears) will be played on the 14th April (week after the Mixed Grand Final).>

As there was an imbalance in the number of rounds for the Contact league (due to the Worlds), we have scheduled the extra match for the POLAR BEARS v CHICKS this week, which aligns the rest of the season. We will reschedule the Contact League prelim and Grand Final (stay tuned).

Also please ensure that you return all the tickets for the Lipsal (solad and unsold one) back to Ceitlin. This week is the DEADLINE.>

Players are reminded that the Clipsal raffle tickets are now due. Please return them as soon as possible. NEXT week is the drop dead deadline.>

Please consider a donation to help victims of the Victorian Bushfires via the Australian Red Cross Victorian Bushfire Appeal.Click to donate to the Red Cross Victorian Bushfire Appeal

For those interested. The Bruno Axemen took out the 39th Annual Gold Broom tournament, defeating the Lethbridge Broncos 4 nil in the GF. In the Ladies, the Saskatoon Flyers defeated the Regina Ice Devils 2 to 1. The annual tournament, the worlds longest running Broomball tournament was held over the weekend in Saskatoon, Canada, included 21 tams (11 mens and 10 Womens).>

Welcome back. The season continues Tuesday night with the Men's Competition 1st up. I hope you all had a safe and enjoyable break. Catch you on the ice.>

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Safe and Happy New Year. See you all in January for the remainder of the season. Have a safe one.>

Captains, please be advised that now the Worlds have finished and most, if not all players will be back, the Female rule will resume this week. This means each team will need to ensure that they have one female player on the ice this week coming (Dec 2nd). Also the Mens Competition (Game 5) resumes this week as well. >

The Christmas 2008 BASA Family BBQ will be held on Sunday 7th December at 1pm, Bonython Park. BBQ provided BYO Meat, salad, and drinks. Families welcome. See you there... >

Due to the Worlds and as most of you are probably already aware, the Men's competition is on hold. So this Tuesday for anyone interested we'll run a training session. $5 head, any and all skill levels welcome.

For those interested the results of the Worlds are available at:
World Championship Results or Finals Results.>

Wishing all the Canada trippers the very best. Good luck and play hard. I KNOW you'll all have a great time, so make sure we at least win all the parties. These feet, these hands...beneath the Southern Cross I stand...>

Urgently seeking some Broomballers to assist with an Out of School Hours Care spot program, running a Broomball session for some southern Primary Schools. We need people who have a Police Clearance and can do either Monday or Friday 4pm 5pm and are interested in teaching a bunch of enthusiastic kids how to play. It's not necessary to do every Monday or Friday we can share the load amongst volunteers. Please contact Kim Thorpe Application forms are available here Broomball_@_Braeview_PS.pdf & Broomball_@_St_Martin_de_Porres.pdf. >

OK the Season is set to commence this Tuesday (14th October 2008). There are now 5 matches/night, including the contact rounds (which also includes a Womens team this season.)


The schedule is being organised for posting and will be available shortly. The First weeks round is:
7:00PM Coyotes v Foreign invaders
7:45PM Destroyers v Polar Bears
8:30PM Ice-otopes v Arctic Assassins
9:15PM Ice Dragons v Camels
10:00PM Polar Bears v Chicks

The presentation night for this season will be held on Saturday evening the 4th October at the Saracens Head Tavern.
We have reserved a table for each team, for a 7pm meal. They have a meal special for that night Pint and Parmy for $12. Or order anything from their menu.
Presentations of trophies and awards will begin at 8:30, and everyone is invited.
2008 Winter Season Newsletter. >

What a night of finals! Great to see that the competition is so close between the teams. With two out of the 3 finals going into overtime, including one into TRIPLE Penalty Shootout! The Polar Bears took out the prelim finals over the Ice-otopes, deep into Overtime after a high quality match, highlights of which was the Keeping at both ends. The Prelim between the Coyotes and the Foreign Invaders, saw 1 all at full time, and no change to the score after Overtime. Moving to Penalty shootouts, it took 16 penalty shot rounds to separate the two teams. Finally the Mens Grand Final between the Sharks and the BB Coyotes saw a good, hard hitting match, with three goals in the second half. the Sharks scored with under two minutes to take the lead and held it out.2008 Winter Mens Premiers - SHARKS

A scratch match is organised for the fist game Tuesday night, please be prompt, all are welcome. The Mens Grand Final is being played this Tuesday night which follows the A & B Division Prelim finals.>

For those that missed out on the
BASA News Bulletin published last Tuesday, here it is.>

Due the old Pub now no longer interested in our patronage and taking steps to close early. We have moved Tuesday Post/Pre Broomball activity to the WheatSheaf Hotel which is WEST of the rink, at the Corner of George St & Albert St. (One street North and two streets West of the rink).

1988 Team.Time marches on it seems. This year is the 20th Anniversary of Australias first foray into International Broomball. The 1988 Canadian tour was well attended by South Australian players, having 50% of players on the team. The three week tour travelled to Simcoe, Mt Laurier, Toronto, Montreal, Charlo, Halifax, Vancouver, Victoria. Playing 21 matches in 27 days. From civic receptions to tournaments, provincial championships and watching some incredible broomball. See some of the video action in Charlo.

All members are reminded that the BASA Membership fees are due by 1st August. If you wish to discuss a payment plan, please see the Treasurer (Ceitlin Walker).>

Seems a combination of factors conspired to take us off air for a day or two. Staring with the Domain host losing connection and an International outage and in the middle of all that the domain expired. Anyway we are all back on air again.>

A reminder to all players that all monies owing from the previous season and nationals must be paid to Treasurer before they are able to play in any game after June 30, which is next week!!>

Another Broomball DVD Evening will be run Sunday @ 6pm, 15th June at Shannons Ins, 863-865 South Rd, Clarence Gardens. DVDs featuring past National & Worlds matches. BYO Drinks or soft drinks available. Gold Coin Entry to BASA>

Images from the Nationals taken by
SportingImages are available for viewing/purchase. Note also that you can view/purchase images from the BASA Photo gallery (at minimal cost).>

A beginners session will run this Tuesday at 8pm, open to all players who have been playing less than about a year. Please be ready to go at the allotted time.
Stats have been corrected since our mysterious hacker played with them... thank you. >

A Broomball DVD Evening will be run this Sunday @ 6pm, (25th May) at Shannons Ins, 863-865 South Rd, Clarence Gardens. DVDs featuring past National and Worlds matches. Come and see how it can really be played and see if all those stories are really true. All welcome. BYO Drinks or soft drinks available. Gold Coin Entry to BASA.>

OK the Player Stats have been posted (Finally) for Summer and Winter 2007 (Mens and Mixed).>

R.I.P. Redbacks. Welcome back Ice Dragons...>

Schedule for the Winter 2008 season is now up. Additionally the teams for the Men's Contact league have also been posted.
You may already be aware that the Mens Contact teams will be juggled for first 1/2 of the season to assist in the development of players, with teams reverting in the second half of the season back to their nominal teams.>

For those that didnt get a copy of the BASA Newsletter for May, you can download it

Just a reminder that the new season starts this Tuesday, 6th May 2008). The complete roster is not yet up, but will be as soon as possible.>

For those that didn't make the presentation, here's the end of
season newsletter (Summer 2007/8)>

As requested. Here's Bidds getting hammered...Sorry Bidds...but...
Apologies for the audio quality. Thanks to Lewis for the video.
For those that can't find the Firefox plugin
this one
Bidds gets hammered>

CONGRATULATIONS to the SA Women who won the title of Australian Broomball Champions this weekend. In a very tight match. The game went to OT and then to a Penalty shoot-out duly won by SA. The Mens Intermediate also went into OT and then into Double Penalty shoot out which was finally won by NSW. The Mixed Elite had a great match against NSW finally succumbing 4 nil.

A scratch match will be scheduled for Tuesday night, with the season start 6th May (Schedule will be posted shortly).>

SA has done well this year with 3 out of the 4 teams making the Grand Final (On Saturday). Womens Elite, Mixed Elite, Mens Intermediate. The Mens Elite also did well taking it to ACT oin both their matches (2 - 1 down in both).>

Final Nationals Draw is now available. And the final State team is also still available.>

The Final Training Session is on this Sunday 20th April on the small ice from 6.00pm - 7.00pm (Confirmed time).>

DRAFT schedule for the 2008 Nationals is now available (as soon as I have the Final one I'll post it up). As is the team lists for the Nationals Squads (Final).>

There will be finger food available at the Southwark Hotel after the Grand Final, all welcome.
Can those that have chocolate money please return it to Ceitlin ASAP.
The scratch match is open to all players, bring along some new friends!!>

Congratulations to the Polar Bears taking out the Men's Contact league 2007/8 Summer Grand Final tonight. In a skilled final, played in good spirits, the Bears held out the Sharks despite some serious pressure in the dying minutes.

Note: Training is on again this Sunday, please be ready to go on the ice at 6pm. Nationals players are urged to attend.>

The presentation night for this season will be held on Saturday evening the 19th April at the Saracens Head Tavern. We have reserved a table for each team, for a 7pm meal. They have a meal special for that night Pint and Parmy for $12 Or order anything from their menu. The presentation night for this season will be held on Saturday evening the 19th April at the Saracens Head Tavern. The evening will also include the Annual General Meeting, and the election of the committee for the next 12 months. Dinner specials will be available from 7pm, and hopefully each team will take 1 table. Presentations of trophies and awards will begin at 8:30, and everyone is invited.>

If you missed the
BASA Newsletter #6 from Tuesday, you can download it here.
Training will again be on this Sunday (small ice), so please be ready to go at 6pm.>

Lee & Deanna welcomed Aleisha Mae Spurling this morning at 4.30am weighing 6lbs 1oz . Mum and bubs are doing well, Dad is still in one piece too!>

Sunday Training is back on again this Sunday. Please be ready to go on the ice at 6pm.
Sunday 30th March - 6.00pm
Training is open to all players. National reps are strongly "encouraged" to attend.>

Until end of April 2008, you can purchase photo printing of any BASA photos from the photo gallery at WHOLESALE prices. Visit the
BASA Photo Gallery, just add your photos to the cart and print via Digibug. Use the Code BASA01 when purchasing items.>

Chat me. The
BASA chat rooms are now open for business. >

If you missed getting a copy of the
BASA Newsletters #5 on Tuesday, you can download a copy here>

2008 Australian Broomball Championships gear is now available online. Note that it can take about 10 days for delivery so order ASAP.>

The training sessions will continue this week again:

WHEN - Sunday 16th March
TIME - Hit the ice at 6.00pm sharp. Please be ready to hit the ice at 6.00pm

This session is open to all players, regardless of your interest in attending Nationals. Please encourage all of your team to attend.>

The training sessions will continue this week again: Hit the ice at 6.00pm sharp. Please be ready to hit the ice at 6.00pm

This session is open to all players, regardless of your interest in attending Nationals. Please encourage all of your team to attend.>

The training sessions will continue this week again: Hit the ice at 6.00pm sharp. Please be ready to hit the ice at 6.00pm

This session is open to all players, regardless of your interest in attending Nationals. Please encourage all of your team to attend.>

The will be NO training this Sunday due to the Clipsal V8 SuperCar races. Training will however resume next Sunday.
The winner of the BASA Clipsal V8 SuperCar Gold Passes Raffle is Kim Shapley (yes it was drawn independently :)>

Players are reminded to return the raffle tickets and monies this week. Please return them to Kim Thorpe the draw is Tuesday.>

The training sessions will continue this week again:

WHEN - Sunday 17th February
TIME - Hit the ice at 6.00pm sharp. Please be ready to hit the ice at 6.00pm

This session is open to all players, regardless of your interest in attending Nationals. Please encourage all of your team to attend.>

Players are reminded to return their raffle tickets and monies this week. Please return them to Ceitlin ASAP.>

The training sessions will continue this week again: This session is open to all players, regardless of your interest in attending Nationals. Please encourage all of your team to attend.>

For those that are still unable to print the match schedule (Summer 2007) with al columns, there is a
PDF file (A4) available which you should be able successfully print out.>

The last training session was well attended thanks, so we'll continue this Sunday with another training session. This session is open to all players, regardless of your interest in attending Nationals. If this session is supported well we can book more ice time for the following weeks. Please encourage all of your team to attend. >

Notes from the
BASA Delegates Meeting are available for download.>

Thank you to all members for completing the survey on training sessions. The result of the survey shows that the Sunday time slot suits the majority of people.>

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas. We hope that you have a great day, and a safe and Happy New Year. Merry Christmas everyone...>

schedule for the season has been posted. Please note it may change due to some maintenance at the rink, but we'll advise that when it happens. Also note that there are now 7 Teams this season with the Polar Cubs joining the association (welcome). The Hackers have also morphed into the Destroyers. This means that each team will receive 1 bye per round. Finally the Mens comp has again resumed, this season with three teams. Finally several thousand photos have been loaded up on the site with more to come. Not much captioning or culling as yet.>

OK, we'ved moved across to a new ISP. So please bear with us as we get everything working again. There will be some things that won't work initially, so please be patient. THE NEW SEASON will be commencing on Tuesday 30th October, Details will follow very soon.>

A scratch match starting at 8pm on Tuesday 23rd October is scheduled. Please bring a dark, light, or red top. The new season will start the following Tuesday (30th October 2007 - The Schedule will follow shortly). Don't forget the BASA 25th Year Celebration this Saturday night. If you are coming and have not registered as yet
please register here.>

Congratulations to the Sharks, defeating the Polar Bears 2 to 1 in Overtime, in the inaugural Men's competition Grand Final. Goal Scorers, Polar Bears: Josh Reynolds. Sharks: Alan Jabs, Marty Wells (OT). In the Mixed comp, the Polar Bears again make a finals appearance, this time against the Arctic Assassins who had an upset win over the in form Ice-otopes in the Prelim final last night. A reminder that the Grand Final will be preceded by a scratch match, all players are welcome.>

Please note that there have been a couple of changes to the Match Schedule for the Finals Series , with the Addition of two scratch matches. One on the 9th October and the other on the Grand Final night of the 16th October, this scratch will defer the commencement of the Grand Final (and give the ice a chance to freeze properly). Finally Teams playing the Men's contact game on 2nd October are requested to be available for the commencement of their match after the completion of the semi finals. Please double check the

If you missed your copy of the
BASA News #4 last Tuesday, it's now available online here. This newsletter is particularly relvent to the upcoming finals series.>

At the Beach, skiing the slopes, want to find out when your next match is? BASA is now available on your mobile phone. Simply point your phones browser to the internet : Results, Schedules, Premiership tables, News and contact details can be accessed from here. Screen size is defaulted to suit most modern phones. The experience may vary on some phones.>

The Pacific Rim Tournament run in Sydney last week has been won by the NSW Sliders, with the ACT Flames in second place and the Ottawa Icemen with the Bronze. It was a very competitive tournament with all teams playing some fast paced broomball action and close matches. Adelaide finished in the minor rounds in 4th place ahead of the Icemen, but lost out in the playoffs for the bronze medal. Adelaide managed a couple of wins against the more experienced Ottawa Icemen and was the only team to beat them in both minor rounds. >

On 20 October at 8.30pm Broomball will be taking over the Saracen's Head Tavern in Carrington Street to celebrate 25 years of competition in SA. All past & present players are invited, and the night will include the trophy presentations for the current Winter season. It is a great opportunity to catch up with all your current & former team-mates, and celebrate the spirit & friendship that all of us have enjoyed over the last 25 years. All you need to do is log in to the website ( ) and complete the registration page, in order for the organisers to plan for the expected number of people. PLEASE make sure that you forward the details of this night to anyone you know who has previously played, so that everyone gets the opportunity to come along and join in the revelry. It will be a fantastic night not to be missed!>

For those that missed the BASA Bulletin last night, here is
issue number 3.>

Kate Irvine is organising a demonstration game for about 10 or fifteen minutes this Thursday (19th) at the Snowdome. Its during the middle of the day while there is a mass public session. This would be a great opportunity to show off our sport. It will be on the large ice but only half so people can skate and watch at the same time. It will probably run at about 12 or 1230 maybe earlier. Please see Kate, Tuesday if you are available. >

Don't forget, Tuesday night, BASA vs the Adelaide Avalanche Ice Hockey Team. Game commences at 8pm. Check the schedule for your match times. Rostered players, please be ready to go on the ice at 8pm. If you have a spare set of old shoes, please bring them along to lend to the Avalanche.>

If you have any photos from past Nationals, BASA matches, events, International, players, functions or other events, could you please pass these onto Kim Shapley (Burn them to a CD). I'd like to put a bit more content/photos up on the web (other than just my shots). >

Those of you who made it to broomball, should have already received a
Bulletin which lists the latest changes to the match Schedule (commencing 10th July). If you didn't, please check your schedule for changes. The current version is v3.>

Please note the change in schedule for rounds 5 and 6 (10th and 17th July). The change is due to the reschedule of the BASA v Adelaide Avalanche match because of ice skating commitments on that night (meaning the Avalanche won't be at the rink). A
new schedule is available here.>

BASA News Bulletin News & info for the season commencement. A copy will be distributed on Tuesday night.>

The Match schedule for the
Winter 2007 season is now available. A printable version is also available. The round 1 matches are : Game1: Polar Bears v Hackers, Game 2: Redbacks v Arctic Assassins, Game 3: BB Coyotes v Ice-otopes. The Men's Contact competition is scheduled to commence on the 19th June. (BB Coyotes v Arctic Assasins). If you are interested in playing in the men's contact league. Please contact Kim Shapley.>

The stats for this season are now up (Summer 2006). Player stats, Team stats, and all time stats. Note also that the website will be unavailable from 10pm Tuesday 5th May through to 8am Wednesday 6th May due to some system maintenance by the Hosting SP.>

A mixed scratch match will be run on Tuesday night from 8-9pm. You are encouraged to bring out new players. Following which a Contact Challenge game between the BB Coyotes & the Polar Bears will be run with the Interface Consultants Slab up for grabs.>

A scratch match will be run on Tuesday night, followed by a contact game for those interested. If you have any new players, this is the opportunity to bring them out. Starting at 8pm. The same format will apply for both weeks.>

Congratulations to the Polar Bears, taking out the Summer 2006/7 season Premiership against the Ice-otopes (3 to 2) in a tight, skilful, clean and fast paced match.


The BASA Summer 2006/7 Grand Final is to be run Tuesday night between the Minor premiers, the Ice-otopes and the minor premier runners up, the Polar Bears. Best of luck to both teams. Kick off will be at around 8pm. The presentation and the AGM will follow at the Southwark Hotel on Port Road.>

Please be advised that the 2006/2007 BASA AGM will be held next week immediately after the presentation of the trophies at the Southwark Hotel on Port Road. The following positions will be declared vacant and up for election. Executive Positions - President, Vice President, Secretary, Referee In Chief, Treasurer. Statistician (including maintenance of web site). Non Executive Position/s - Equipment Officer x 2, Note: The delegates to Broomball Australia will be decided after the new committee has been elected. Finger food will be provided and there will be a newsletter available on the night.>

The Assassins/Coyotes match has been rescheduled to the first game on Tuesday. The scratch match will be run after the Hackers/Ice-otopes final (Time permitting).>

Australian Broomball Championships have been run and won. SA finished 4th in the Men's, Third in the Women's, and 4th in the Mixed divisions. NSW won all divisions with the exception of the Men's Elite which was duly won by the ACT in overtime. Alana Bracken made the Women's All Star team. Congratulations to all the SA team and the visiting Canadians (thanks, Chris, Les & Colin for all your assistance) for a great run, hopefully all those injuries will heal quickly.>

The South Australian Ice Sports Federation AGM is scheduled for May 9th, upstairs at the thebarton rink at 7.00pm. The AGM is open to all BASA members to attend.>

Southern Broomball is starting up the next season on Thursday, 3rd May 2007 at Noarlunga Ice Rink, play begins at 8pm. If you would like to enter a team contact the Noarlunga ice rink for further details or email the
Southern Broomball League. Teams now must only be a minimum of 4 players, including a goalie..>

For those interested, I'll run a training session on the small ice during Game 2 & if there is sufficient interest, during game 3. Tonight, forecheck blocking, face offs. Kim Shapley.>

The Noarlinga Grand Final has be played and won. In a terrific match played between Pink Canoes and Default 2.0 won by Default 2.0. Final score Default 2.0 -5 def Pink Canoes - 4. The highest goal scorer award for each side these going to Josh Barber for Default 2.0 with 4 goals and Andrew Sinclair for the Pink Canoes with 3 goals, the MVP award for the grand final was Rob Wheelwright, Pink Canoes.
Southern League Premiers 2007 - Default 2.0 >

BASA now has an
online shop populated with a wide range of gear. If you want Nationals gear then I suggest you order ASAP as it will take approx 10-15 days to arrive.>

The Chocolate Fundraiser are due for return this Tuesday. Please bring the unsold items & the $$$ for return to Ceitlin.>

The Southern League Grand Final will be run this Thursday (8th March - 7.30pm on). Between the Default 2.0 & the Pink Canoes. (Noarlunga Ice)>

The BASA Clipsal V8 Race Raffle Tickets was drawn this evening. The lucky winner of the two gold passes to the Clipsal V8 Race is: Dave Biddle (Bids) from Polar Bears. Congratulations Bids, you will able to pick up the tickets on Tuesday night.>

At the request of a number of players, the committee has again altered the schedule for the remainder of the season. Two matches will continue over the National Training period each night (plus the Nationals Training), for the three week period. With each team playing two matches over the three weeks. The final round will occur the last week after the Nationals, shortening the whole season by two weeks (the total number of rounds remains unchanged). Team Captains will need to ensure that their players are aware of the schedule changes (they are not normal rotations) and need ensure that borderline players meet the playing qualification requirements (7 matches).View
Match Schedule. To Print Schedule>

PLEASE return your raffle booklets tonight if possible. Next week is the ABSOLUTE deadline.If you have not completed the Personal details sheet, see the paragraph below for a link to email it to Alan, or hand a completed copy to him tonight. This must be completed by all players. Finally, teams, please ensure you are ready an ontime for your games. >

If you have not yet completed your
Personal Details form for Alan, you can download an electronic version & email it to him, from here. Email This must be completed by ALL players ASAP (insurance).>

Don't forget to bring along all of your raffle booklets. Please return these to Alan Jabs. The closing date is fast approaching. In addition please return the league contact sheet to Alan. (If you don't remember getting these please check the envelope Alan gave you).>

The reworked schedule is now posted.
Adelaide League Schedule. To print the schedule, choose Print Adelaide League Schedule.>

Well we are all green for this Tuesday nights matches. The schedule will be revamped shortly so check it from
here in the next few days. Basically matches will continue as per the current schedule, however a break prior to the nationals will be scheduled for training, and the normal rotation will then continue after the Nationals, with the missed rounds being picked up. See you all Tuesday 16th January 2007.>

A Free 1 hour scratch match will be run on Tuesday Night 9th January for all those interested. Starting at 8pm - 9pm. All welcome. PLease let us know if you are able to make it: Mail to:
Committee. The rink has now been fixed and has now refrozen earlier than expected.>

Note. See above for latest news on the rink.
Unfortunately the rink is unlikely to be ready for our 9th January Match. Work has been continuing intensively for the last couple of weeks and the problem appears to be resolved, however the high temperatures and forcasted temperatures have and will continue to slow the refreezing of the ice. The rink is expected to reopen for public skating on Friday or Saturday (5-6th Jan 2007) but for partial ice only. Unfortunately this will mean again that there will be no Broomball for Tuesday 9th January 2007 (See above for Breaking News). We do expect to be back on the 16th January. We'll keep you posted as soon as we know.(PS: Join the
BASA mailing list).>

Merry Christmas to you all, and all the best for the New Year. We'll see you all ready & willing for the season reopening on January 9th 2007.>

Due to continuing problems with freezing the ice, the Rink management has determined that a full thaw, further maintenance and refreeze is required. This unfortunately will mean the ice arena will be unavailable until after our final 2006 match is scheduled. Consequently we have no option but to cancel broomball for the remainder of the year. There will therefore be no broomball scheduled on Tuesday 12th December or Tuesday 19th December. Broomball will resume as scheduled on Tuesday 9th January 2007. With that we wish you all a Merry Xmas and a Great new Year.>

I have received another call from John at the rink. He has informed me that they are still having a problem with the plant at the rink and it needs more repairs than first thought. As a result the earliest the rink can be ready will be Wednesday. This means NO BROOMBALL this coming week. Please advise as many as possible that we are not playing the 5th December. >

Broomball is cancelled for tonights match (Tuesday 28/11/06) due to a failure in the Chillers at the rink. The ice will not be refrozen in time. Updates on when this round will be resheduled will be advised shortly.>

The Noarlunga Ice rink is playing host to a new Broomball Competition, The Southern Broomball League. The League is open to all interested players, a new club is presently being formed and all players old, young, new or veterans, left footed or right are all welcome to join this new competition. The Southern Broomball club is all about having fun, learning and developing skills. The competition consists of 3 teams at present and all play each other twice a night. Competition begins at 7.45pm every Thursday night at the Noarlunga Ice rink and each game goes for a period of 15 minutes with modified rules to accomodate for the smaller rink and minimal stops to result in a faster paced game. Anyone interested can come along and join in or form a team, a team must consist of 1 goalie and minimum of 4 players. Any further queries you can contact the Noarlunga Ice Rink on 8186 1588. Or via email to
Southern Broomball League>

A news video article about the World Championships is available from the following link. It features the Aussie teams heavily.
KARE11 News.>

For those wishing to keep up to date with the Worlds, the Special Events Blog under the Media Tab, will be updated as often as I can with results from each of the teams. Schedule & Team Lists are available from links on the Special Events Page.>

Stats are up (some extra stuff will go up shortly).>

Don't forget the New season starts 17th October. (Schedule is up) and that there is a scratch match and contact match on Tuesday Night (10th October). Sorry about the website failure. A glitch in the ISP's renewal process put us off air a for a couple of days.>

Congratulations to the Hackers, defeating the Polar Bears 2 - 1 in Overtime to win this seasons Premiership. (Winter 2006)


Next week (3rd October) is the Grand Final. There will only be the one game on the night followed by the presentation of trophies at the Southwark Hotel, Port Road at 9:00pm. Please attend and give your support on the night. The following week (Oct 10th) we will be running firstly a scratch match where any new players are more than welcome to have a go. This will be followed by a full contact game. Each session will run for 60 minutes. The cost for the night will be $15 per person regardless of which session they play in (or both sessions). The regular season will again commence on October 17th . >

Thursday 7th September - Hilton Adelaide Ballroom 7pm “A fashion parade to help young people” Adelaide's at risk disavantaged youth invite you to the Ice Factor Spectacular, a proud production by generous professionals and volunteers who believe in us. See the
Covering Letter and Flyer for futher details.>

Streaming Videos (means you don't need to download the full file) of the 2000 Worlds is now up on the Media (other Media) page. More will be added as it's transcoded. An ADSL/Cable/Broadband connection is required to maintain the speed. A minimum of Windows Media Player 9 is also required.>

Full Contact Match For those interested, there is Ice time booked for Sun 6 August 8:30- 9:30pm for a full contact match.
See the flyer for further details or see Andrew Waller for registration/questions. All players welcome.>

There is now a
Broomball Tournament Calendar that has a few upcoming Tournaments available which may be of interest to those going to the Worlds later this year (and next). This calendar will be updated hopefully as various tournaments are announced. You can add any known Broomball tournaments to the page, but to eliminate spam they will be validated. Doesn't yet have the BASA feel to it, but we're working on it.>

Broomball Australia has launched it's new site with news, results and information from across Australia & Internationally. It can be found at:>

You can now subscribe to 3 email lists, which duplicate the RSS Feeds. Match Results, which are results of the previous round. Match Schedule, which is the schedule for the upcoming match and the News list, which has news articles & web sites from various locations around the world. These email will be sent automatically (weekly for the first two and adhoc for the News list) and you are able to subscribe/unsubscribe at will just by visiting the link -
Subscription Page.>

URGENT Due to an unscheduled Ice Sports meeting the scheduled matches for June 6th (now updated) has changed by swapping the First & Last Games around, as nominees for this meetings would otherwise be unable to attend.>

Lots of changes to the website over the weekend, some subtle, and others not so, with the addition of some extra pages.>

A new table, International Reps has been added to the Statistics views. If I have missed anyone, PLEASE let me know!>

BASA now sports an RSS Feed. Initially populated with (Broomball related) news articles and Websites pruned from around the world. If it shows some promise I may add an additional feed for Match information such as Game results, weekly schedules & match reminders.>

2006 Australian National Broomball Championships. NSW scoops the tournament. Wins in the Mens, Womens and Mixed Elite, and the Intermediate Men's & Mixed divisions. The complete results will be posted on the Nationals page.


Names on State Jerseys (Optional). If players wish to add names on the back of their state tops they can take them to Sportscentre, Sports Wear, 142 Port Road, Hindmarsh and have them added for approximately $12. You should ask for lettering to be 6cm high, Machine font in white. Names should be placed on the back of the shoulders on the red bar equi-distance between the collar and yellow strip. Offensive names will not be accepted and players will be refused from participating until it is satisfactorily rectified.>

Schedule for the weeks leading up to and after the 2006 Nationals.
Games commence at 8pm SHARP for 1.5 hours of ice time.
$15 p.p., new players free
Games organised in Nationals teams, any spare or new players will be slotted into separate teams.
Any queries see Craig Barrett or Alan Jabs.>

Congratulations to the Polar Bears on winning their first broomball championship defeating the Redbacks 4 to 1. (Summer 2005)

click image to enlarge (source Ray Penny). >

New Game Times As of 7th Feb all game times will start later, so games 1,2 and 3 will now start at 8:00pm, 8:45pm and 9:30pm respectively. >

Statistics Now Online Limited statistics are now online. Feel free to provide missing statistics (with hard copy proof).>

Pre-Xmas WORKING BEE @ IceArenA
Wednesday 23rd November, 2005
4.00pm — 9.00 pm

Job Wish List:

  • Painting
  • Handyman work
  • Tidy/trim gardens
  • Clean car park
  • Extra cleaning & general tidy
What to Bring:
  • Yourself
  • Old work clothes
  • Gloves
  • Paint brushes/rollers (if available)
Any amount of volunteer time is appreciated.
Ice ArenA Management


New Website Under Construction<
Over the next few weeks the BASA website will be revamped, including the addition of stats for all players for the last 24 years.
If there is anything I miss while moving everything across, or you would like to see something added, send an email with your request to>

Congratulations to the new Winter 2005 Central League Champions, in a hard fought final with many chances had by both sides, Hackers held out to defeat Redbacks 5-4.>

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