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Winter 2008 Teams
Mens Contact League

Select Team 1
Lee Spurling
Tim Lammings
Craig Barrett
Simon Dawson
Paul Neighbour
Andrew Causby
Tim Booth
Kim Shapley
Harry Einarson
Gerry McCaffery
Rod Nancarrow
Dave Pledge GK

Select Team 2
David Biddle
Glen Broad
Mat Irvine
Ian Potter
Darren Bain
Matt Pryor
Marty Wells
Andrew Waller
JP Faucher
Nigel Rolfe
Jay Dunbar GK /
Dave Pledge GK

Select Team 3
Matt Hogan
Adam Collins
Josh Reynolds
Rob Wheelright
Andrew Masson
Richard Schmidt
Alan Jabs
Phil Hancock
Warren Einarson
Tom Edmonds
Jay Dunbar GK

Any new players will be allocated to the teams

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