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BASA 25 Year Celebration

Canberra Nationals 1985 - Bill Vis, David (Lionel) Cooper, Matt Kiley, Warren Einarson, Rod Nancarrow, Mark Ziesing, Mike Hampton (hidden), Kim Shapley, Bob McElhinney
Canberra Nationals 1985
Saracen's Head Tavern
82 Carrington Street, Adelaide
Saturday 20 October 2007, 8.30pm

Meals: Finger food provided during the night - drinks on a 'buy them yourself' basis.

Highlights: Presentation night for the Winter 2007 season and selection of the 'Team of the Quarter-Century'. Performance by the Travelling Broomballers.

Those past and present players who will be attending the BASA 25th Celebration are encouraged to enter their details here. Note that Personal Details such as address, phone, email etc will NOT be displayed below (as you can see). These details will be made available to the organisers however. Please use the form below to register.
Click here to ask the organisers a question.

Registration is now closed. It was a great night. Thank you to all those who were able to attend, and to the organisers. Photos will be posted to the site shortly.

25th Year Celebration - (72 coming)
2007-10-19Phil & Cathie Hancock2Phil & Cathie / Will be there with bells on!
2007-10-19Ian McGlen2Ian / Wendy /
2007-10-18Bryan Kendall3Bryan, Alison & Bec /
2007-10-17Chris Bagley1me / I look forward to catching up with some old friends
2007-10-16Richard Smit1Richie /
2007-10-16Andrew Snow2Andrew, Tony Healy /
2007-10-16Marty Wells1Marty /
2007-10-16HARRY MACRIS1ME /
2007-10-15Wayne Ritchie2Wayne/Ngaire /
2007-10-09Team Massey2Masson & Alessia / I cannot answer this question for religious reasons
2007-10-08ralph cummings1ralphie boy /
2007-10-08Louise McNamara1Louise /
2007-10-06Alan Jabs2Alan & Carol and maybe Luke if not working / Plans have been altered which now allows me to attend, see you on the night. Alan...
2007-10-01Rob Winkenweder1Rob / ..provided I'm not carting hay that night I should be able to make it!
2007-09-26Paul Neighbour1Paul /
2007-09-26Matt Prior1Matt /
2007-09-26Nigel Rolfe1Nigel /
2007-09-26Bill Vis2Bill & Cherylee /
2007-09-26Dave Pledge1Dave /
2007-09-19Rob McElhiney1Rob (bob) / Have prior committment in Roxby on Saturday but will try to make it on the night in Adelaide
2007-09-18Andrew Sinclair3Andrew, Rob, Teresa /
2007-09-18Carl Sarelius1Carl /
2007-09-18Ceitlin Walker1Ceitlin /
2007-09-18Ricky O'Connell1Ricky /
2007-09-18Kate Irvine & Nush Highet2Kate & Nush /
2007-09-18Antony Habets2Anthony & Danielle /
2007-09-18Matt & Tim Hogan2Matt & Tim /
2007-09-18Mike Zitzen1Mike /
2007-09-18Andrew Causby1Andrew /
2007-09-18Lee & Dee Spurling2Lee & Dee /
2007-09-18Scott Matters2Scott & Mal Longbotham /
2007-09-18Darren Bain1Darren /
2007-09-18Sam Plush2Sam P & Josh Ballantine /
2007-09-18Pete Sinclair1Pete /
2007-09-16Mat Irvine2Hmm dunno /
2007-09-14Alan Jabs0unfortunately none at this stage / As one of the 'oldies' in this sport I urge all to get behind this great function and be there on the night. It is my 25th wedding anniversary around the same date so I may not make it myself, but will try. Alan
2007-09-12JP Faucher1JP Faucher / did someone say party?
2007-09-04Rod Nancarrow2Rod and Lisa / Top photo couldn't be Bendigo as I did not play there and I don't think Bill Vis did either. I would suggest Canberra in the mid 80's
2007-09-03Grant and Trish Booker2Grant and Trish / Can't believe it was 16 years ago.......
2007-09-03Warren Einarson4Warren, Anne, Harry, Lewis /
2007-09-03Craig Barrett1Craig /
2007-09-02Kym Serafini2Bruce Creed and Kym Serafini / Remember us??
2007-08-28Gerry McCaffery1Tarz /
2007-08-24Graham Elix1me /
2007-08-19meagan mcphee1me / Sounds like it will be a wicked night.
2007-08-13Ben Ziesing1Ben / See you all there!
2007-08-13Kim Thorpe1Kim. / Looking forward to seeing some "old" faces!
2007-08-07Kim Shapley2Kim, Bryony. / Looking forward to catching up with you all.

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2007 Nationals Squad
Nationals Squad, Canberra, 2007

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