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Australian Broomball Championships 2012

Nationals 2012 Update #2

Nationals website:
This is the one stop shop for all venue, schedule & statistical information for the tournament. The site renders reasonably well on mobile devices, but is not designed specifically for them.

Tournament Schedule:

Finalised Schedule is now available at the Nationals Website.

Online registration
An online registration form is on the website, whilst a tad quirky in layout it is very easy.
There is also a waiver form must be read in full before players register.

All players MUST complete their registration either:
- Online before attending the event (preferred)
- Using a paper registration form at the event
Or they will not be able to play.

Tips for using the online form:
Use the “Participant Registration Form” or “Online Registration” links

- You do not need to enter your date of birth if you are over 18.
- You do not need to sign the form if you are completing online (this is explained when you finally submit the form)

Using Melbourne Taxis:
Melbourne’s major taxi companies:
13CABS: 132 227
Silver Top Taxi Service: 131 008
Melbourne taxi availability is unpredictable and I gotta say they are not that keen on short haul fares, so if you need to get to the Icehouse via taxi – book early (particularly on Friday & Saturday night).

Presentation will be a Lunch event held on Sunday 12 March from 11:30am-1:30pm at the Icehouse in the bar area.

Entrée will be some Canape Platters.
Main meal choices: Lamb cutlets with mash; Fish and chips or Vegetable risotto
Main meals will be served out in bento or noodle style boxes as it is not possible for a formal style sit-down meal in the Icehouse bar area.

Cost is $30 per person, please advise Gerry on 0488 127407 asap if you are attending the presentation or otherwise.

SA Player Costs:
Mens & Womens Division(s) is $177 per player (8-10 games)
Mixed is $96 per player (5-6 games)
This works out to about $18 per game.

The final due date for Nationals payment is extended to Tuesday 1 May 2012. Ideally payment is wanted as soon as we can get it. If you want to make periodic payments until the due date you can do so – instructions for this will be issued within the next week.

Practical payment options for individual players who are stressed financially can be worked out too. Call Gerry direct on 0488 127407 if you want/need to.

Nationals 2012 Update

The Australian Broomball Championships will be held in Melbourne at the Medibank Icehouse in Docklands from Wednesday 7 to Sunday 11 March 2012. This is the first time the Nationals have been held in Melbourne and also hosted by the recently established Broomball Victoria. Broomball Victoria have secured Acacia Broomball as the Tournament Major Sponsor.

Leaders for each division

The BASA Leaders for each division are:
Men: Andrew Masson
Women: Kate Irvine
Mixed: Kim Shapley
Duties for the leaders include being the appointed the Elite team captains, sole team selectors and technical directors for their allotted division.
Intermediate captains will be assigned following Elite team selections.

Entered teams

SA have entered:
Elite men, women & Intermediate men teams.
Also Elite & intermediate teams in the mixed divisions.
The rules for mixed competition is varied for this tournament as follows: the minimum female requirement is for 2 women on ice at all times (the goal tender is considered "gender neutral" and is not included in the 2 women rule).
The BASA playing group will also include 3 Noarlunga men.

Tuesday Night Training sessions

Training is held after Game 3 every Tuesday, it now involves two rotation groups at each end of the ice.
The 2 rotation categories are:
o Tactical: Forecheck, breakout, on ice positioning - led by Andrew Masson
o Skills & Drills: Running, passing, shooting, 2 on 1's etc - led by Kim Shapley
Players are split into 2 groups on a night by night basis, 15 - 20 mins then swap ends.

Team Selection

Provisional elite/intermediate squads will be announced at training on Tuesday 21 Feb 2012


There is no formal SA team HQ hotel, but the current buzz amongst members is the Hotel Enterprize in Spencer St. It is about 3kms from the rink so you may need to rely on Taxis etc to the rink. Broomball Victoria have also nominated "host" accomodation in Docklands. Gerry can supply details upon request.

Final competition schedule

Final competition Schedule & other details will be announced when available. You can also keep an eye on
What is known is the following:
Mens & Womens competition will be run from Wednesday to Friday.
Mens & Womens Elite Grand Finals will be held on Saturday Night from 9pm.
Mixed competition is scheduled to commence on the Friday night - therefore the mixed competition will not be run concurrently with Mens & Womens.
Tournament Registration / Meet & Greet will on Tuesday night probably starting around 1830 or 1900 at the Icehouse.
Presentation will be held at lunchtime Sunday (venue and cost TBC). Please advise Gerry if you are or are not attending.
There is likely to be tournament Merch for sale (polo shirts are usually the thing)

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