Broomball Association of South Australia





1.       All matches shall be played in accordance with the authorised rules of the game of broomball, under the authority of the IFBA.


2.       If there is an inconsistency between an IFBA rule and a BASA by-law it is deemed that the BASA by-law is to be the operative clause.


3.       If one captain of the teams, together with both referees agrees that the ice is unfit to play, a match may be postponed and shall then be replayed, before the commencement of the finals.


a)      A game can only be deemed unfit for play BEFORE the scheduled game commences.


1.       Each game shall start at the scheduled time, except in the case of delay with the preceding game, in which case the game shall start immediately following this preceding game or in the case of unsafe ice conditions; refer Start Times Rule 3.


2.       Games will be 41 minutes duration with two 20 minute periods and a 1 minute half time.


3.       In the event of the ice surface being dangerously wet to start play the referees (at their discretion) may call for a maximum of 10 minutes freezing time.


4.       Any team that is not ready to play at their allotted time shall, at the discretion of the umpires forfeit the match.



1.       Contact in this competition is limited to incidental contact within the context of the game which is played under the IFBA Rules as governance.


2.       Each side must field at least one player of each gender on the ice at all times. Failure to do so will result in a team minor 2 minute penalty;

a.       Any player who receives a penalty through the course of a game will be deemed to still satisfy the requirement of one player from each gender on the ice at all times for the duration of their penalty. For example: a team which receives a penalty to a female player can field 4 male players for the duration of the penalty or a team which receives a penalty to a male player can field 4 female players for the duration of the penalty. Once the penalty is finished the requirement to field at least one player of each gender remains.

b.      If a team has only one player of either gender that receives a game misconduct penalty, they will be unable to replace this player on the ice for the rest of the game in accordance with the IFBA Rules.

c.       In a situation whereby a team has only one eligible player of either gender they are permitted to sub during the game but the team will not be able to replace the player on the ice for the time they are off the field.


3.       Before starting the major rounds each team must have at least 3 players of each gender qualified to play and at least one playing in each finals game. Each failure to have appropriate players qualified by finals will also result in a team penalized goal for the duration of the major rounds.



A.     A team that does not have any females/males qualified for finals play shall start 3-0 down.


B.      A team that only has one female/male qualified and playing shall start the game 2-0 down as they need a minimum of three qualified.


C.      A team that only has two females/males qualified and playing shall start the game 1-0 down as they need a minimum of three qualified.


D.     A team that has 3 qualified females/males is legal. Scores would be 0-0 at the start of the game.


4.       Under certain circumstances, a team which has endeavoured unsuccessfully to have qualified the required three players, may make a submission to the Referee in Chief seeking an exemption based on their individual situation. Grounds for an exemption could include, but not be limited to, the following if they result in it being unreasonable to expect the player to comply:


a.     A major, recorded injury restricting the person’s ability to play;


b.     An extended absence from the Greater Adelaide and nearby areas;


c.     A beginner starting late in the season.


Such an exemption would be applied on a pro-rata basis.


5.       In the situation where a Female players is a goaltender for one team and plays as a Field Player for another team they will qualify as one of the 3 required Female players for both of their nominated teams.



1.       Stop time shall only occur when:

·         The ball leaves the playing area

·         At every stoppage of play in the last 2 minutes of the second period or overtime

·         Whenever the referees signal to the time keepers to stop time


2.       In the event of the score differential being 5 goals or greater the clock will not stop.  Should the score differential subsequently be reduced to less than 5 goals the clock shall be stopped in accordance with Rule 1.


2.       A match may become abandoned upon agreement of the two captains and referees concerned. Matches can be abandoned for the following reasons, although this is not an exclusive list:

·         Power Failure

·         Inadequate lighting

·         Injury to a match official

·         Match official not arriving

·         Inadequate playing arena


3.       Match’s abandoned before half time shall be re-scheduled in accordance with RULES FOR MATCHES By-law 3


4.       Matches abandoned at any time during the second period shall have the score at the time of abandonment recorded as the final score.


5.       Time outs are only applicable to Major Round games only. Each team is allowed a one (1) minute time out which must be called by either a Captain or AC who is on the ice.


a.       A time out may only be called at a stoppage of play

b.      The clock will stop for all time outs.



1.       Two premiership points shall be awarded for a win and one point shall be awarded for a draw. No premiership points are awarded for a loss.


2.       The positions of teams with equal premiership points shall be decided by calculation of goal percentages.




 (goals for × 100)

(goals for + goals against)


3.       Overtime shall only occur when the scores are tied at the end of the second period of a Major Round Game.

a.       Overtime shall consist of one 5 minute period to determine the winner

b.      Timing regulations remain the same with the clock stopping in accordance with After Play has Commenced By-Law 1.

c.       Each team shall play with 4 field players as well as a goaltender

d.      Overtime periods are ‘Golden Goal’ whereby the first team to score wins regardless of any time remaining on the clock

e.      A penalty shoot-out will decide the winner should neither team score during the overtime period. This will be conducted in accordance with the IFBA rule book.


4.       The choosing of MVP’S, Best Defender and Best Goaltender votes are done by both referees at the conclusion of the game, to be filled out on the score sheet.




1.       A player cannot play for more than one team in each division, with the exception of goaltenders who may have a nominated goaltending side and a nominated field playing side.

a.       Goaltenders must play for their nominated goaltending team when they are playing against the nominated field playing team.


2.       To qualify for finals a player must have played a minimum of 1/3 of the season’s games for the team concerned. They also must be financial with BASA before the start of the finals or the NO PAY NO PLAY policy can be invoked.


NOTE: A 1/3 of the season’s games may fluctuate from season to season depending on how many minor rounds are played and the calculated game count shall be rounded down.


3.       Women are ineligible to play in men’s contact games including female goaltenders.


4.       Men are not permitted to play in all-female games whether they are contact or non-contact including goaltenders.


5.       Players must be 16 years or older to play in the Mixed competition and have adult permission/supervision until the age of 18.


6.       Players must be 18 years or older to play men’s or women’s contact games.


7.       To have counted as having played the match a player must be present for the duration of the game and made a genuine attempt at playing in the game. It is at the discretion of the Referees when signing the scoresheet whether or not to accept a player having played in the game. In the scenario where the Referees question whether a ‘genuine attempt’ at playing was made it is to be referred back to the Committee with a report for determination.




1.       Each team must have a Captain and at least one (but allowed up to three) assistant captains.


Note: Goaltenders cannot be Captains or Assistant Captains.


2.       A team will forfeit in the event that they field less than 3 players from their registered roster and an eligible goaltender.


3.       Teams which cannot field 5 players and a goaltender shall forfeit the match 10-0.


4.       When both teams are below regulation strength the decision to play or not rests with both senior captains. If decision not to play is made the game shall be regarded as abandoned and no points awarded.


5.       A team short of field players may get a substitute player from another team to fill in up to a total of 5 field players but will be penalized a team goal for each player they use.



A team that is short 1 player that gets a substitute from another team shall start the game 1-0 down; a team that gets 2 substitutes shall start 2-0 down.


6.       Teams may only get substitute players to complete their initial line up which is 5 Players and a goaltender. Teams taking more than they require shall forfeit the match 10-0.


7.       Substitute goaltenders are allowed so long as they are not registered as goaltender for another team. Should a team’s goaltender be unavailable one week they can field either a player from a different team who is not currently registered as a goaltender or place one of their own field players in as goaltender. A team who substitutes a goaltender that is registered with another team will start the game down 1-0.


8.       In the event of a player arriving late and their team has already borrowed a substitute player for that game the substitute player may continue to play the remainder of the game but the penalised goal shall remain. The late player may commence play at the first stoppage of play. This does not breach Rules for Teams By-Law 6, if a late player arrives and this results in 6 field players including the substitute this will not constitute a forfeit.

9.       Goaltenders who also have a nominated field playing side shall before the commencement of the season inform the competition co-ordinator of their two teams and what positions they play for each (which one they keep for and which one they play for). Per “Rules for Players 1.  a.” above,  in the event the two teams play against each other the player in question plays for their nominated goaltending team when they are playing against the nominated field playing team for the duration of the season.


10.   Teams shall be ineligible to play finals if they are un-financial with BASA and the game shall be recorded as a forfeit.



1.       All forfeits shall be recorded as 10-0 loss to the offending team and 2 premiership points awarded to the team who was forfeited against.


2.       A team intending to forfeit, where possible, before 12 noon on the day preceding the match, notify the opposing team, RIC, and competition coordinator.


3.       Both teams concerned with a forfeit shall have a score sheet written up to reflect the 10-0 loss to the forfeiting team and all rostered/registered players on the winning side shall be deemed as having played that game, therefore it can count as a qualifying game for the team that was forfeited against. The match sheet shall be signed by one referee and forwarded to the Competition coordinator or Website/statistics officer.


4.       If both teams forfeit neither shall be credited with points or scores


5.       Forfeiting teams will be required to cover the ice time costs for both teams. In the case of a team notifying the association before 12 noon the preceeding day, the BASA committee has the discretion to waive this cost only if the booking for ice time can be cancelled.



1.       A group of players wishing to enter a team in the premiership competition must fill out a team nomination form 2 weeks prior to the start of the season and forward it to the competition coordinator.


2.       Any existing teams wishing to withdraw from the competition must let the competition coordinator know at their earliest convenience.


3.       Entries or withdrawals of teams during a season shall be dealt with by the executive committee and may result in monetary fines.





1.       All players must register with BASA on an appropriate form and when completed must be submitted to a member of the executive committee prior to this player playing in their first game. The form MUST show which team he/she is to play for and whether they are a field player or goaltender.

a.       The appropriate registration form is available on the website and can be submitted in hard or soft copy at any time prior to a new players first game. Hard copy forms will also be kept with the score sheets in the score box.

b.      Teams will be granted until 12 Midnight of the day following the match to submit the required registration form for a new player.

c.       Teams who are found to have played a new player without filling out the appropriate registration form will forfeit the game 10-0.


2.       Any player wishing to transfer teams either during or at the end of a season must fill out a clearance form and obtain the appropriate signatures. Any disputes arising over players will be dealt with by the executive committee.


3.       Any player who is ineligible from playing broomball in another association shall be ineligible for registration with BASA. This also includes un-financial players who want to change associations.


4.       Any registered player with BASA who is un-financial will not be allowed to register for any tournament until he/she becomes financial. This includes tournaments such as:


·         Australian Nationals

·         Pacific Rim Tournament

·         World title tournament


5.       Any breach of rules regarding registration shall entail the loss of 2 premiership points per infringement.



1.       All team colours, details and alterations to uniforms shall be presented for approval to the executive committee.


2.       All players are to be in current uniform by the end of the first minor round of matches.


3.       Referees have the power to exclude or modify players' or teams' dress if not in correct uniform. BASA do not seek to exclude players from games on the basis of an incorrect uniform, all viable alternatives must be sought before a player is excluded from the game.


4.       In the case of a clash a captain may make a request to the referee for a player to change their playing top. It is at the discretion of the match referee whether this is to be followed through.


5.       All players are to wear numbers.


1.       Score sheets are an official document which must show at the conclusion of a game the result and all players which took part in the game. This shall be accompanied by the signatures of both referees and captains.


2.       Score sheets shall be the official document in which qualifying information is gathered for players and teams for the commencement of the finals.


3.       Captains or assistant captains must mark off all players for their team taking part in the game and at the conclusion of the game sign the score sheet.


4.       If a score sheet is not signed by the team a forfeit shall be awarded against the infringing team and counted as a 10-0 loss regardless of the final score.


5.       If in the event a score sheet is signed but players not marked off the final result shall stand but the team cannot count it as a qualifying game.


6.       A score sheet that only has players marked off and no captains or assistant captain’s signature also counts as a forfeit and non-qualifying game.


7.        Any person/player/captain that is found guilty of unlawfully marking off players of their team who has not taken part in the game will be subject to disciplinary action from the executive committee that may result in a loss of premiership points or suspension.


1.       The referees have the right to stop the game and report any association member on the sideline for bringing the game into disrepute. To be dealt with by the discretion of the executive committee.

2.       Any conduct deemed to be out of the spirit of the game shall result in a 5 minute major penalty. Examples of this include but are not limited to:

a.       ‘Deliberate fouls’

b.      Fighting

c.       Verbal abuse of a team mate/opponent/official

d.      Deliberate damage to the playing area (i.e. hitting the boards or goals with your stick)

3.       Major penalties in the final 2 minutes of a game result in an automatic 1 week suspension of the offending player.

4.       Any major penalty is subject to the review of the BASA committee to determine the appropriate course of action.

5.       Team captains may lodge official protests to the BASA committee within 24 hours of completing their match if they feel an incident was outside the appropriate standards for BASA members. In this situation a statement will be taken from the officials as well as the opposing captain within the subsequent 24 hours to determine any appropriate course of action.

6.       Suspensions apply across all teams a player may be involved with i.e. If a player is suspended playing on the field they will still be eligible to play goaltender for their second team on the same night. The penalty is to be served the following week and the player will be ineligible for both field and goal keeping teams as part of the suspension.